A Firefighter's Baby

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Chapter Nine

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Submitted: August 26, 2012



Chapter Nine

“I’m nervous.” I whisper to Kellan clutching his hand as we wait in the elevator for the labor and delivery floor.

“I know, Sweetheart, so am I.” He lifted my hand to kiss it. The door opened and we walked in me clutching Kellan for dear life.

“Miss Stone?” A nurse asked looking at the two of us.

“Yes?” She smiled at me pointing to an empty room.

“This way please. You’ll need to put this gown on and lay on the bed.” I nodded as Kellan put my bag down on the floor.

“You want help?” He asked me as I took off my hoodie and my hat.

“No, I think I can get it.” I undressed in the bathroom and slipped on the gown without needing any help. I sat down on the bed as a nurse came in to put my IV in.

“Long time, no see.” Dr. Holden laughed walking into the room. I smiled weakly at him as Kellan rubbed at my sore back. “I’m going to give you some drugs that will help induce your labor.” I nodded at him put my hand onto Kellan’s knee and clutching it. “When you get to the point Sweetheart, we’ll give you your epidural. This is going to go smoothly.” He smiled hooking up the drug to my arm. “Any questions?” I shook my head.

“No Sir.” He patted my hand.

“Get comfortable.” He smiled at me. “Call if you need anything.” I nodded lying back in the bed. Kellan looked at me as I pulled the covers over me.

“Just think in a couple hours, our baby will be here.” He smiled leaning his head on the bed to star at me. I sighed.

“I wish it was quicker.” I said wrinkling my nose at him making him raise an eyebrow. “I just hope this isn’t going to be a really long birth.” I looked over as Dr. Holden walked back in.

“Don’t worry Sweetheart; we’d C-section you before that.” Kellan looked over at him shocked. “Her body couldn’t handle a long labor. Speaking of which, we’re going to have to check your iron levels every so often to make sure this isn’t taking too much of a toll on your body.”

“To make sure she doesn’t get hurt, right?” Kellan asked taking my hand and kissing it.

“Exactly. We want both Mommy and Baby good and healthy at the end of this.” He patted my leg. “I promise you both will be fine after this.” I nodded at him taking a deep breath. “Now relax, watch some TV. Tell a nurse if you’re hungry and they’ll get you something. We want you to be comfortable.” He handed me the remote. “Try to get some rest as well.” I nodded as he left the room.

“Try to get some sleep, Char.” He pulled the blankets up to my chin and kissed my head. “I’ll be back soon. I’m going to get a soda. Do you want anything?” I yawned turning onto my side.

“An iced tea please.” I mumbled closing my eyes.

“I love you.” He whispered before walking out of the room quietly as I fell into a light sleep….

…. “Ow, holy crap, ow.” I whimpered waking up from my nap. “Oh man, ow.” I opened my eyes gripping my stomach in pain.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay.” I looked at Kellan as the tears formed in my eyes.

“Ow.” I clutched his hand tightly in mine. “How long have I been out?” I asked rubbing my eyes as the contraction died down.

“A couple hours.” He moved the hair out of my eyes. I looked out the window blinking fast. “A little frazzled?” I nodded at him lying back on the bed. “Let me tell the Doc you’re up.” I nodded picking up the ice tea he tapped before leaving. I put it down picking up my phone to text Ella. I picked up Kellan’s phone and pressed his Netflix app and started to go through the TV shows to watch.

“How you feeling Charlotte?” Dr. Holden asked smiling at me.

“Like I have a baby wanting out of me fast.” I sighed moving at I felt another contraction and clenched my jaw.

“Let me check you over. See how far along you are.” I clutched Kellan’s hand as the doctor checked me as I bit my lip in pain. “You’re almost there Charlotte.” He pulled his hand from under the blanket and pulled his glove off. “You still want that epidural?” I nodded at him sharply.

“Please.” I whimpered as the contraction passes making me sweaty and weak feeling. The doctor nodded his face showing no emotion as I wiped my forehead on a towel a nurse handed me who I didn’t know was there. Kellan kissed my forehead stroking my hair. “I’ll see him right in.”

“I’m not feeling too well, Kellan.” I muttered as he picked up his phone as it vibrated.

“I know Sweetheart.” He moved closer to me laying his head on my chest. “I know.” I closed my eyes exhausted already.

“I don’t think I can do this Kellan.” I muttered to him fighting to keep my eyes open. “I can’t do it. I’m too weak.” I put my hand to his cheek. “I’m sorry.” He cupped my face.

“Hush, let me get the doctor.” He stood up walking out calling out to the doctor. I felt the pressure on my bladder making me sigh knowing I had to pee badly. I pulled the covers away from my body and put my feet on the floor. I made my way to the bathroom when one of my dizzy spells hit me like a train. I put my hands out to steady myself as the world started to spin. I felt the sting of the chair as I hit it with my leg before I fell to the ground slamming my head on the hard floor. I remember hearing footsteps before I passed out…..

“Charlotte, Charlotte I need you to wake up.” I groaned clenching my eyes tighter not wanting to open my eyes. “Charlotte wake up.” I felt a tap on my cheek.

“No,” I groaned shaking my head.

“Come on Baby. It’s time to have a baby.” Kellan’s soft voice said as I opened my eyes to look around the dark room I was in.

“What happened?” I groaned trying to rub at my forehead only for my hands to not move. “What…?” Kellan pulled his mask off to kiss my head.

“Everything is okay, Sweetheart. You just fell and hit your head on the floor.” He stroked my head smiling at me weakly. “When they got you up and hooked onto everything the baby’s heartbeat dropped.” I stared at him in horror as he looked behind the sheet in front of me.

“Glad to see you awake Charlotte.” The doctor smiled at me as everyone hustled around me. “We’re going to get your baby out, alright? I need you to tell me if you can feel this.” I stared at him before shaking my head.

“Is she okay? Did I hurt her?” Kellan wiped the tears before they fell.

“I don’t think so. But we’re getting her out now. You’re going to feel a lot of pressure.” I clutched Kellan’s hand in mine.

“It’s going to be okay.” Kellan whispered pressing his lips to my head.

“Alright Charlotte, we are going to pull her out now. You are going to feel the pressure now.” I clutched my eyes closed. I bit my lip as I felt the tugging and pulling in my stomach.

“They have her.” Kellan told me squeezing my hand. I gasped as I felt a pop as they pulled her out. I started to cry harder as I heard the high pitch screaming of my daughter for the first time.

“The cord was wrapped around her neck but she’s perfectly fine.” The doctor smiled showing me my screaming daughter in his hands. “Want to cut the cord Kellan?” Kellan got up cutting the cord.

“Give her a kiss Mommy before I clean her up.” The nurse smiled holding her down for me to kiss her. I watched as a nurse took her away to clean her up.

“She’s beautiful Charlotte.” He kissed me. “So beautiful.” He wiped his eyes as the nurse brought her back and laid her on my chest. I stared at her as she stopped crying and stared back at me.

“Hi Baby.” I whispered moving my arm to cradle her to me. “I’m so happy to finally meet you.” I kissed her head as Kellan took her so I can be moved back onto my bed to go back to the room.

“Hi Beautiful.” He smiled down at her walking behind us as I was rolled back into the room. I don’t remember get stitched up or cleaned but just holding my new baby. The doctor hooked me up to the IV and put a bag onto it.

“A little pain meds for when you’re epidural runs out and for your head.” I put my hand to the tender skin wincing. “A cut there too. No stitches just some glue and butterfly stitches. It’ll heal quickly.” He patted my hand as Kellan put the baby back in my arms. “Congratulations Charlotte. I’ll check on you in an hour.” I looked down at my daughter stroking the soft brown hair on her head.

“Welcome to the world, Jamie.” I kissed her head as she opened her mouth to yawn. “Welcome.” I smiled at my new little family. Kellan, Me, and our little Jamie.


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