Don't Forget To Remeber Me

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - I'm A Guy

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Submitted: December 13, 2010



“Okay Bailey I’m going to take you to your scan while your Uncle makes some phone calls. You ready to go sweetheart?” I nodded gently. Taylor looked at me from where we sat next to me again.

“I’m ready.” I whimpered. Taylor held my hand as Aunt Kelsey rolled my bed out the door to get the CT scan done. When we got to the door Aunt Kelsey looked at Taylor.
“You’re going to have to wait here okay?” Taylor looked at me but nodded.
“I’ll be just out here okay?” I nodded as Aunt Kelsey rolled me in closing the door behind her.
“Where did you meet him?” She asked smiling at me.
“He was at the dinner with his brother.” I said closing my eyes. Aunt Kelsey tapped my arm.
“Eyes open sweetheart.” I opened my eyes to look at her. “Keep talking with me Bails. He seems like a nice guy.” She helped me get onto the table that was connected to the machine.
“He is. He can play pool too.” I said looking at her. She smiled. She fixed the pillow under my head.
“You need someone who can kick ass as well as you can.” She chuckled. “Don’t move your head okay.” I looked at her as she gave the person behind the glass thumbs up.
“Okay Auntie.” I looked up as the ring started to circle my head as I went through the machine. “But we aren’t together.” Auntie Kelsey looked at me.
“Really? You two seem together.”
“Yeah well seeming together and together are two totally different things.” I sighed. Auntie Kelsey walked over and helped me back onto the hospital bed.
“Aw Bails what’s wrong?” She said stroking my hair.
“Jayden was being a ass hole to day and it is just playing on my mind.”
“You and Jayden fighting? That isn’t normal.” She rolled me out of the room. Taylor was leaning on the wall opposite from the door and smiled at me when our eyes met. He walked over to us.
“How was it?” He asked taking my hand. I linked our fingers together and looked at him.
“It wasn’t too bad.” I nodded. Aunt Kelsey rolled me back to the room and hooked my bed back into the wall.
“Well I will go see your Uncle before I go see if the results are in. Marine make sure she does not fall asleep yet.” Taylor nodded.
“Yes Ma’am.” She looked at me.
“We will be finishing our little conversation later.” She said pointing. I nodded at her reaching for the remote to the TV. Taylor looked as I changed the channel to the kids’ movie channel. Toy Story 3 was on. I cuddled in my blankets. I looked at Taylor as he watched me.
“What?” I asked him. He smiled shaking his head.
“Nothing.” He said looking at the screen to start watching the movie……
About half way through I started to fall asleep again making Taylor gently shake my shoulders. “Bailey you have to stay awake.” He said as I opened my eyes.
“I don’t want too.” I mumbled at him closing my eyes again.
“Come on. Let’s talk. Tell me about yourself. Let’s keep you awake that way.” I nodded.
“How about you tell me something about you and I will tell you something about me.” I said rubbing my tired eyes.
“Okay, um let’s see, I have a twin brother named Skylar.” He nodded. I gave a little laugh.
“Speaking of Skylar where is he?” I asked looking over at him.
“He probably went back to the beach or maybe he went home. I’m not really sure.” He shrugged. “But now you have to tell me something about you since I told you something about me.” He smirked laying his arms down on the metal bars of the bed.
“Okay I have a twin brother named Wyatt.” Taylor nodded.
“Cool. What’s your favorite color?”
“Camo.” I said automatically.
“That’s not a color.” He laughed.
“Yes it is.” I huffed crossing my arms. “What’s yours?” He put his hand to his chin and tapped it.
“Well I don’t really have one but I could have to say camo, or a real color which would be blue.” He leaned back on the bars putting his chin on his arms.“Okay what is your favorite flower?”
“Easy a pink carnation.” He raised his eye brow. “I like it because it is beautiful. Also for what it means.” I said huffing at him. He cocked his head to the side.
“What does a carnation mean?”
“Well it matters what color you have. I like the pink one the best.” I shrugged.
“What’s the pink one mean?”
“Never Forget.”
“So if I was to give you a pink carnation what would it mean?”
“It would mean if you gave it to me ‘I’ll never forget you’.” He gave me a thoughtful nod. “What’s your favorite flower?”
“Come on I’m a guy I don’t have a favorite flower.” He scoffed. I pouted at him. “Next question.” He smirked.
“How many siblings do you have?”
“Well there is me and Skylar, my older brother Elijah, my other older sister Lilly, and my little sister Maria, but we all caller her Ria.”
“How old are all of you?”
“Hey you skipped yourself. You suppose to tell me your siblings.”
“There is me and Wyatt, than my little brother Dillon, and lastly my little brother Bentley.” I smiled. “Now answer my question.”
“Okay Miss Bossy Blondie. Lilly is 25, Eli is 23, Skylar and I are 21, and Ria is 15.” He nodded. “What about you guys?”
“Wyatt and I are 18, Dillon is 8, and Bentley is only 2.” He nodded. “You saw Bentley when you where at the dinner.”
“Yeah I remember. He is a cutie.” He chuckled.
“So you’re a marine?” I asked nodding at his t-shirt.
“Yeah, guess you couldn’t tell with I first met you could you?” He said rubbing his newly shaved head.
“I usually can but I guess you where different.” I shrugged.
“It’s not like I knew you were military either.” He said smiling at me.
“Well my Dad’s a Gunny so I guess we were both off.” I grinned at him.
“Sure what ever.” He laughed at me as the door opened and Uncle Rodger came in holding the results of my CT scan in his hands………

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