Don't Forget To Remeber Me

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Chapter 25 (v.1) - Chemotherapy

Submitted: December 21, 2010

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Submitted: December 21, 2010



I looked away from Jayden to look back at Grace. “So what has the doctor said?” She looked at me.

“Well so far that I was smart to go back to him when I couldn’t figure out why I had that bruise. That since I only had a small fever thanks to the cancer. But he caught it early and that will be in my favor.” She looked down.
“Is it the same from 4 years ago?” She nodded a tear rolling down her face.
“Yeah, Acute lymphoblastic leukemia.” I hugged her.
“I’m sorry Gracie.” I sighed stroking her hair as she started to cry again. “How did Ollie take it?”
“Almost as bad as I was. He broke down crying. It broke my heart because I felt like it was all my fault.” She took a deep breath trying to calm herself so no one would look at her like she was crazy since we were sitting on the bleachers at a high school football match. Jenna looked over and patted Gracie on the leg.
“I’m sorry Grace; I wish I could do something to make it better.” Grace nodded.
“I know Jenna, that’s that counts.” She smiled.
“What are they going to do for it this time? Are they going to give you chemotherapy again?” Jenna asked quietly. Gracie shook her head.
“Right now the doctor put me on this new drug called Dexamethasone. He said that it is going to kill off the leukemia cells and leave my normal not leukemia cells alone.” She said wiping her noses on a tissue.
“That’s good! It means you won’t have to lose your hair again.” I pointed out she nodded.
“He did say that if it didn’t work he would try a different drug so I don’t have to worry about the chemo or radiation because he doesn’t want to give it to me.” I nodded understanding.
“I’m sorry but may I ask why he doesn’t want to give it to you? Isn’t that what they always use when you have it?” Jenna asked pulling a face.
“No not always. It matters what you have and when they catch it. If they catch it late, they put you on high doses of chemo or radiation sometimes even both.” Jenna pulled a face. “I know trust me. But if they catch it early you might not have to go on it. Sometimes they have drugs that kill off the cancer cells, sometime surgery can get it.”
“Like for Bailey her liver if they didn’t think chemo was necessary they could go in surgically and take the tumor out and spare her the chemo.” Jenna looked at me with her eye brows down.
“Then didn’t they do that when she had the, what was it called again?” She looked at me.
“Hepatoblastoma the first time and Hepatocellular carcinoma the second and third time.” I nodded.
“Whatever she just said.” Jenna said looking at Grace.
“It could have just not been an opinion.” She shrugged. Both Jenna and Grace looked at me. “You know I don’t know the whole story about what happened to you with your cancer.”
“Me either. So maybe if you want to talk about it and tell us, if you want.” Jenna nodded.
“But you don’t have to if you don’t want to. We understand.” I laughed at the two of them finishing each other’s sentences.
“Don’t worry about it. Where to start…” I mumbled to myself. “Okay so when me and Wyatt were born we were both early, not by much actually. We were full term for twins. Mom said she had us at 36 weeks.”
“That’s pretty good for twin. I give props to your mom.” Jenna smiled. I nodded shushing her with my hand. “Well.” She said sarcastically making us all laugh.
“Okay as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted.” I smirked at Jenna as she shrugged innocently. “My dad was deployed when we were only 2 months old and didn’t plan to come back till we were about 9 months old, I think, and my parents planned to get married. So Mom was planning a wedding, going to school to be a teacher for kids, as well as working, and taking care of toddler twins. You know being a good marine girlfriend. So when I was about 8 months old I got sick, really sick for an 8 month old. I was throwing up constantly, sleeping more than any baby should be, as I wasn’t growing up as fast as a baby should, well as well as Wyatt was. I had a fever of a think 103 my mom said.”
“That’s high for a baby.” Grace whispered putting her hand over her mouth. I nodded hugging my hoodie close to me.
“So mom called my Grandma Patty to see what she should do since she was still a new mom, and only 18 to that, and Grandma said to rush me to the Emergency room, so Grandpa watched Wyatt as Mom took me there where Grandma had one of her friends take me right in and get me in a bed. Mom sat with me all night as I slept rocking me quietly whispering that she was there for me. They took so many tests from me, blood, urine, whatever you can think of they took.
“So the next morning the results came back. Now remember my Mom was alone since Grandpa took Wyatt to my Aunt Emilia’s apartment as he had to get on duty and there house was crazy at the moment, and Aunt Emilia had Asher, my cousin who was 2 at the time, and was ready for Lucas to come so a crib was already set up for Wyatt to sleep in.”
“So what happened?” Jenna asked cocking her head to the side to look at me.
“They told my mom I had liver cancer. That Wyatt would have it too since we were twins and that I needed to get chemotherapy right away before the cancer spread to the rest of my body.” They two of them gasped. “So my called my Uncle since we was a doctor, and he delivered Wyatt and I and he came rushing over to help.” I sighed looking down at my cold hands.
“What did they do?” Grace asked.
“They started me that day on IV chemotherapy to get rid of my tumor.” I nodded sadly.
“What did your family do after that?” Jenna asked as the two of them looked over at me wanting to hear the rest of my life story………

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