Don't Forget To Remeber Me

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Chapter 26 (v.1) - California

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Submitted: December 23, 2010



“Well My Grandpa got a call to my Dad so he could come home since he only had about a week left on his deployment. He came home and wouldn’t leave my side. No me being me, even as a baby, I loved it. I had my Daddy by my side nonstop when he wasn’t away.” I laughed at myself closing my eyes remember when mom told me all of this.

“When did your parents get married?” Jenna asked wide eyed listening to me talk as the football game went on around us.
“I’m getting to it, hold on.” I laughed at her. “Okay as I was saying my mom had been planning her and my dad’s wedding since he proposed to her when she was pregnant with us. So it was really all done, ready to go, all it needed was a date so they planned the date as close as they could because Mom wanted to move onto base with Dad so they could be closer to the base hospital if something happened with me. Mom found a cancer specialist that could take me in whenever they got to him. It was a good thing, he was only 5 minutes off base, and he took Dad’s insurance. There was that one little problem though.” I said looking up at the sky.
“What was the ‘little problem’? He was only 5 minutes off base and could see you?” Jenna asked raising her eye brow.
“He was 5 minutes away from base, he was 7 states away.” I laughed.
“California?” I nodded.
“Mom told Dad that she thinks it would be good idea if we moved to California so I could get my treatment from this doctor. My Uncle knew him and he was one of the best in Liver cancer. My Dad thought it was best if we did go, as a family. Mom, Dad, Wyatt and me. So they went to the Commander to see if he could help with anything. He could get my Dad a couple of passions he could take in California and Mom said some caught his eyes very quickly.”
“What was it?” Grace asked.
“A Drill instructor at Camp Pendleton. The Doctor was only 5 minutes outside of Camp Pendleton; Dad wouldn’t have to worry about being deployed again while I was sick or anything. Of course my mom being my Mom, Great Grandpa Jerry knew the Commander of Lejeune at the time and got Dad the interview in Cali, which he got because well he’s my Dad so it means he’s awesome.” I laughed at myself.
“What happened after that?” Gracie asked taking a sip of her coke.
“Well we moved to Cali and I got better, Dad loved his job, Mom got a nice job, we were pretty good at that time. But when I was about 6 I started to get sick again. Same as the first time. I was throwing up, I was sleeping most of the time, and I was losing weight again. My mom took me to the doctor and sure enough my cancer was back. The doctor told my mom that I wasn’t out of the woods yet since the chemo gives me a high risk of getting my cancer again for the first 10 years.” I took a sip of my hot chocolate.
“That’s what my doctor told me too. That I could get my cancer again in 10 years, if not I could be safe. But I guess I’m not safe.” She looked down at her sleeved arm.
“What did your Mom do?” Jenna asked me.
“She did what any mom could do. She made me comfortable while I got radiation, in case I didn’t survive this one. Wyatt spent the most time he would with me, just in case.” I felt the tears stinging my eyes. “I remember being scared as I laid in bed not wanting to move because I might get sick again. Cancer took away my childhood. My mom always told me that it wasn’t my fault, or Dad’s, or Wyatt’s that I was made to be a tough girl so when I got older I would be able to do anything I wanted to do. I spent two years like that. I remember lying with my Dad, watching a movie, trying to eat something so Mom didn’t have to take me to the hospital any more than I already had to go. I would try to play with Wyatt but would get too tired to or I would get sick again. I felt horrible. Not because I was sick cancer, because I felt like my brother was suffering more than I was. I remember when I put my foot down and made Dad take Wyatt to the zoo so they could have fun together. Dad I was crazy, I love the zoo, and it was a nice zoo. So Dad took Wyatt all day they were gone. I watched some of my favorite movies with Mom as we cuddle on the couch till they got home.
“I remember Wyatt came running into the house and sat with me for hours telling me what he and dad did. We showed all the pictures they took so it was like I was there with them. He even got me a stuffed tiger from the gift shop so I didn’t left out.” I smiled through the tears that were now rolling down my face. “I love my brother so much. He was and still is my best friend. I don’t know how I would have got through my cancer without him. He’s my rock.” I wiped my eyes and looked at Jenna and Grace.
“What happened after that? I know when I met you in the doctor’s office you had cancer.” I nodded my head.
“Your right. I did have it. When I was 10 the doctor said it was safe to move home. That I would fine, and living with family, would be good for me. So we did. Dad got his old Gunny position.  Mom got a job at the elementary school on base and taught little kids. Wyatt and I started middle school where we met Colt, and I saw Jayden again.” Jenna looked at me.
“Wait how did you and Jayden meet?” She asked.
“That’s another story I will get to at another time. Now let me finish Missy.” She held her hands up in surrender. “I’m almost done. Alright so we met that thing called Colt, and Middle school we made fun of his name. Of course he is a horse. But All is all. Dillon came into the world about 4 months later. I told Mom I wanted a little brother. Not a sister cause than I would have to share my Daddy with her and that would not be fun for me. Now Dillon was 2 years old when I got sick again. I was jealous beyond belief at him.”
“Why?” Jenna asked.
“Why you ask? Because he was healthy and I wasn’t. The doctor found out that none of my brothers was going to get sick because my cancer wasn’t genetic. I was just unlucky. They test both Wyatt and Dillon to this day to see if they do have any traces of cancer in them but so far none and I’m happy for that. Because if they did, they couldn’t become Marines. I wouldn’t want to crush their dreams, because I didn’t want to be sick. I love my brothers so much more than I love myself. I want them to be happy, even if it meant I would sick for awhile.” Jenna hugged me as I closed my eyes not wanting to think of any of my brothers being as sick as I was for all those years………..

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