Don't Forget To Remeber Me

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Chapter 27 (v.1) - Your Blondie

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Submitted: December 27, 2010



It got to half time for the football game with the boys winning 14 – 6. It was getting pretty heated as the other team got another touchdown right before the half time whistle. I finished off my food and was talking to Grace and Jenna as the cheerleaders danced around acting like they always do. I pulled a face at them before turning to look at Jenna again. “Can we get them a pole and start charging more?” I asked causing everyone to start laughing.

“Oh Bailey if we gave them a pole to perfect that dance we would get arrested for public nudity.” One of the other girls we were sitting with laughed high fiving me.

“Come on it isn’t that bad.” One of the guy said watching them.

“Oh yeah? Then look away from them and look at me.” I said folding my arms looking at him. He turned his head not taking his eyes off the bouncing girls.

“See I’m looking at you.” He said turning back. His girlfriend smacked him.
“Would you stop it Mark, it’s really annoying. Why don’t you look at me like that?” She asked snapping at him.
“I do look at you that why when your half naked, going down on me ready to-” He stopped short as his girlfriend took her elbow and slammed it right between his legs making all of us look away from him as he doubled up in pain.
“What the hell Lucy? What was that for?” He groaned at her looking at her for the first time since the show started.
“Because you are a complete douche bag.” She snapped getting up and storming off, away from him. I looked at Mark and pulled a face at him.
“Trouble in paradise?” He glared at me.
“Bailey I think she just crushed my balls okay, not in the mood to deal with your damn jokes.” He snapped.
“Whoa there Nelly, I was just asking.” He closed his eyes groaning again in pain. I put my hand on his back and rubbed it as he rocked back and forth trying to make the pain go away. “Want me to call you an ambulance?” I asked trying not to laugh.
“No, no, I’m good.” He sighed looking at me.
“What did you do to piss her off so much?” I asked taking a drink from my second soda that Jenna got me when she went to go get something to eat since she got hungry.
“I’m not really sure but maybe it wasn’t a good idea to look at those damn cheerleaders.” He huffed out a breath.
“You had to have done something.” I said tilting my head to the side.
“That’s it. I don’t remember doing anything!” He said putting his head in his hands.
“Then go talk to her and see what you can do to make it better, and if all fails, go buy her some flowers and diamonds.” He gave a short laugh before standing up painfully and walking away the way she ran away. I looked at Jenna and we both shrugged and looked back at the game as it started to come to a close. We won, 50 – 20. Mark never came back with his girlfriend so I just said they must have made up already. I said good bye to everyone and made my way to my truck as the locker room door opened and Jayden came out. He watched me as I got in my truck.
“Bailey, please.” He called. I looked over at him. “Please talk to me. You don’t know how sorry I am.” He shouted running over to my pick-up, still in his jersey. “Please.”
“I’m sorry Jay. Not now.” I whispered hopping in my tuck, driving away from the school, away from him……
I got to the house as it was silent since it was so late. I had been just driving around not knowing where to go since I didn’t want to go home yet. I pulled in behind Wyatt’s car and went into the house, into my room not looking around to see if anyone was up. I closed my bedroom door, locking it before switching the light on grabbing my notepad and opening to a blank page.
It’s been about 3 days seen you have been gone. I can’t believe I miss you. I have only known you a total of what? 6 days? But I miss you, like I miss my marines when there away. I miss them, I miss you. I never had a marine make e feel like this. Sure my cousins leave, as well as they come home, but I never felt like this. I never felt like my heart was in half, but strangely you are making me feel this way.
I was sitting in my room the other day just looking at my TV when Harley jumped on my bed with his toy you gave him. He still loves that stuffed dog. Don’t ask me why, he just does. I always wondered why dogs loved stuffed animals so much till Max tried to steal Harley’s stuffed dog and Harley nearly ripped Max a new one, if you know what I mean. I have never seen him so mad before, but it put Max back in his place so that was a good thing.
I was thinking. Maybe when you get back we could go down to Florida so I can show you what I was talking about that night. Remember? When you thought I was crazy when I said I think Disney World is better than Disneyland. When I still think that, even if you think I’m crazy. We can go down and go to SeaWorld too. It would be so much fun don’t you think?
Man Taylor, My Hollywood, I miss you. I wish you were here, watching a movie with me like you did for those couple of days. I wish you were here, safe with me and Harley. Not in a warzone, where I don’t know if I’ll ever see you again. Hollywood please don’t do anything stupid. I mean it Hollywood, stay safe. I promise you I will be waiting here for when you get back, ready to take back the life you left on that parade ground only a shy, 2 days ago.
Well I guess that’s all I got Holly. I want you to know I’m at the other end of the telephone if you ever want to take. It’s always on. You know my number. I made you memorize it. I swear I will beat you when I get back if you forgot it Tay. It’s getting late here. I should be getting to sleep. Tell Skylar I wish him well too. Bye Hollywood, My Hollywood, My Marine.
Your Blondie
I pulled the page out and folded it in half slipping it into an envelope licking the flap so I could shut it. I put the envelope next to my alarm clock before I shut the lights. I crawled into bed next to Harley and fell asleep right as my head hit my pillows……..

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