Don't Forget To Remeber Me

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Chapter 29 (v.1) - Closed

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Submitted: December 31, 2010



“I’m what?” I asked the coach wide eyed.

“You and I are both stuck here so far for the night.” I put my head down and sighed.
“Great…” I groaned at him. He came over and put a hand on my shoulder.
“I know kid. We are both screwed.” I gave a short laugh.
“Why do we have to stay here with them?” I said looking as all the guys were sitting around laughing at each other.
“Well you see the storm is supposed to be really bad so the commander shut down all the roads. Unless you want to take the chance to walk all the way back home now without your truck with the chance of 5 feet of snow dropping down on you as you go.” He shrugged.
“Are you kidding me?”
“I wish I was kidding you Bailey but no we are stuck here.”
“But come on we live on a marine base and we are stuck in a high school.” I slapped my forehead.
“They are sending in marines, but they can’t come till after the snow stops.” He gave a little shrug.
“Damn…” I sighed looking around at the guys. My eyes landed on Jayden as he sat on a folding chair staring at me. Another football player was talking to him as he stared at me. My eyes locked eyes with his from across the room. I looked down not able to look at him anymore.Coach looked at me than him.
“You and him having troubles?” He asked. I shrugged.
“I’m not sure really.” He put a hand on my shoulder.
“I hate to say it Kid but you are going to be here for the next 18 hours. You have been friends for what? How many years?”
“13 years.” I said quietly.
“13 years is long to throw away. I care for you too. Not just for my star quarterback, okay maybe a little, but I care for you too. You’re my players’ lucky charm. You come to all our games. You’re my linebacker’s sister. You’re Bailey. I don’t know what this team would be like if you were gone. So go kiss and make-up. Or else. This might the worse 18 hours for a while. Be safe kid.” He smirked patting my shoulder.
“Where are you going Coach?” I asked putting both on my hands on my hips.
“Oh I’m going to a friend’s house across the street.”
“I thought you were staying here with us.”
“Sure Bails I’m going to spend my night with a ton of high schoolers.” I pulled a face.
“Come on Coach really? You have spent nights with them when they went to states.”
“Your point?”
“Also when they go to football camp every summer.”
“Alright alright so I go spend time with these dumb asses, I don’t want to spend it with them now.” I nodded.
“I guess you’re right.”
“I usually am. But if these guys are giving you crap, or you want to get away from them I’m just across the street. Also Assistant Coach Michel is in my office. He is going to be here with all of you alright.” I nodded. “Remember just a phone call away, even just a short little walk.”
“I know Coach. Be safe.”
“I will be.” He nodded walking out of the locker room. Jayden looked at me again.
“Bailey can we please talk now.” I looked up at him. He looked so tired. I nodded.
“Alright.” He gave me a smile before he pulled me out of the locker room and into a empty class room.
“Bailey I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to say what I did. Sophia she screwed with my head.”
“I don’t think that’s the only thing she screwed with.” Jayden gave me a pleading look. “Alright I’m sorry, you can talk.”
“Thank you. Bailey I am so stupid. I let her get to my head when I shouldn’t even have let her get to me, let alone my head. She wanted to get at you; I was just good lay to her. Nothing more. I put 13 years of friend down the drain for sex. I am the dumbest person in that damn world.” He put his head in his hands.
“You’re just a guy Jay. You got a one track mind I guess.” He gave me a twitch for a smile.
“I’m an ass hole Bailey.” I gave a thoughtful look.
“Yeah you kind of are an ass hole.” He gave me a look. “Hey just speaking the truth here.”
“Bailey I’m an idiot. I am sorry. I wish I never said that to you. I wish I didn’t lose my best friend.”
“You didn’t lose me Jay. I’m right here.” I smiled laying my head on his chest.
“I did lose you. I’m so sorry.” He hugged me tight.
“I forgive you Jay. Just fuck up again and ah your parents will get that girl they were hoping for.” I felt him shudder.
“I’m good; I would like to stay a boy.” He smiled at me. I cuddled closer to him as I shivered from the cold. “Come I got something for you.” Jayden pulled me to his locker and opened it. “I feel horrible for taking away the hoodie so I got you a new one.” Jay pulled out a thick hoodie from the locker. He wrapped it around me. I looked down at it.
“But this is your favorite jacket Jayden.” I looked up at him.
“It’s yours now Bailey. You deserve it. Not me. It’s warm also so you’ll get good use out of it since it’s freezing here right now.” I kissed his cheek.
“Thank you Jayden. I love it.” I smiled at him. I looked down the hallway as a loud popping sound happened making both of us jump. “What the hell was that?” I asked looking at Jayden. He pulled me to him.
“I have no idea.” He said holding me. Jayden took my hand as the sound happened again. I got closer to Jayden so I could feel his heart beat on my chest. Jay looked down at me as I looked up. I could feel his warm breath on my face as he started to lean his face into mine. Suddenly everything goes black…

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