Don't Forget To Remeber Me

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Chapter 32 (v.1) - Stay Safe

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Submitted: January 06, 2011



I slid down the wall flipping open my phone and pressed send, before putting it to my ear.

Me* Hey Mom
Mom* Are you okay Baby? Where are you? Where’s your brother? Bailey why aren’t you answering my questions? Bailey?
Me* Mom slow down and breath I’m fine. I promise.
Mom* Bailey why aren’t you answering my questions?
Me* Because you asked about five questions in the space of like 20 seconds.
Mom* Okay your right. I’m sorry. Let’s try this again. Are you okay?
Me* Yes Mom. I’m just peachy.
Mom* Sarcasm Bailey solves nothing.
Me* Sorry, I’m just getting pretty cold.
Mom* Which goes on the next question. Where are you?
Me* I’m at school. Sitting in the hallway outside the locker room.
Mom* Okay why are you cold? The school is heated.
Me* Yeah well that the problem because heat runs on electricity.
Mom* Your point is?
Me* We don’t have any electricity.
Mom* Your in a high school with no heat?
Me* Ding ding ding!
Mom* Can’t you leave?
Me* Nope. The roads are closed because it’s already snowing.
Mom* Oh baby who else is there?
Me* It looks like just me, Coach Michel, and the entire football team.
Mom* Man sweetheart I’m sorry.
Me* Yeah well I’m freezing here Mom.
Mom* Let me call your Uncle Jesse and see if he can do anything.
Me* Coach already called him. He can only send in Marines after the storm is over.
Mom* Oh no that is not acceptable.
Me* Yeah well I’m stuck here.
Mom* No I am calling him right now and demanding he send in the marines.
Me* Mom just because the base commander is your Uncle doesn’t mean it changes his answer.
Mom* It does when he hears his Great niece and nephew are stuck in there also.
Me* Alright, sorry I asked.
Mom* Alright I will call you back. I love you.
Me* Love you too Mom.
I hung up the phone and shook my head. I pulled the hoodie Jayden gave me closer around my body as the temperature dropped in the hallway around me. My phone started to vibrate again making me jump. I looked back at the screen before answering it.
Me* I was starting to think you were never going to call
Taylor* Oh really where you because I can hang up?
Me* Yeah like you haven’t talked to a girl in what? Like a couple of weeks now?
Taylor* Not true.
Me* Your mother doesn’t count.
Taylor* But-
Me* or your sister
Taylor* Okay your right. You are the only female I have talked to. Wait a minute….what’s a female?
Me* You’re an ass hole.
Taylor* I know. So how’s chilly North Carolina?
Me* Fucking freezing.
Taylor* Dude you don’t know how much I wish it was ‘fucking freezing’ here.
Me* No, you don’t.
Taylor* Oh I so do.
Me* I’m trapped in a High School with 20 guys, including my brother.
Taylor* Hey, I’m trapped in the ass end of the desert with 20 guys including my brother too here.
Me* It’s fucking snowing.
Taylor* We just get sand storms.
Me* Did I mention there is no heat here and the temperature is dropping fast than Justin Bieber’s balls?
Taylor* Hey take some of the heat from here. We don’t need it.
Me*I would love some right now. I’m so cold.
Taylor* Why? Isn’t there heat or something?
Me* a transformer blew so we are powerless.
Taylor* Aw man that sucks Blondie.
Me* Thanks for pointing that out there Sherlock.
Taylor* Your welcome Mrs. Williams, I’m here to help.
I couldn’t help but laugh at his horrible impressing of Sherlock Holmes.

Taylor* I got you to laugh. Do I get an award?
Me* You get a hug when you get home….if I get out of here alive.
Taylor* Oh I can’t wait to get home now. I’m counting down the days to when I get my hug.
Me* Hmmm you should. I do give nice hugs.
Taylor* I can’t wait Blondie.
Me* Taylor can you do me a favor?
Taylor* What is it Bailey?
Me* Stay safe? For me?
Taylor* Of course. I can’t miss out on my hug can I?
Me* You better not.
Taylor* Don’t worry; I will do my very best.
Me* Okay.
Taylor* I got to go now Blondie.
Me* Okay.
Taylor* Alrighty then.
Me* Hollywood?
Taylor* Yeah?
Me* Stay safe.
Taylor* Yes Ma’am.
I heard the line go dead as silence filled my ears. The only sound that I could hear was my own heart beat as it fluttered in my chest. I felt a tear roll down my face as I stared into the darkness, of where the lantern could not bring light. I looked down at my phone as I thought of Taylor, my Hollywood. I closed my eyes as I fought the tears that wanted to escape and join their friend that was already rolled down my cheek. I wiped the tears away before I got up from my frozen spot on the floor. I grabbed my lantern before walking back into the locker room. Derrick looked at me as I walked in. He quickly got to his eat walking around all the guys that where on the floor tell stories and came to my side. “You alright?” He asked quickly so no one could hear. I nodded taking a deep calming breath.
“Yeah I’m good. Sorry it was my Mom calling to see where I was.” I said walking over to where the guys had laid out a ton of blankets on the floor for everyone to sit down on. Derrick told me while I was outside the guys found a stash of sleeping bags and blankets for when the guys went to away games and didn’t have something you use. I looked at Jayden as I examined the mess of blankets. He patted his lap.
“You can come sit with me since there are no more sleeping bags left.” I nodded sitting right between his legs as he zipped up the rest of the bag so we stayed warm. Everyone had a bag and were sitting around in the light of the lanterns telling stories of their ‘first times’. Kyle looked at me with a smirk written all over his face.
“So Bailey, how was your first time?” He said making everybody stop talking and look at me.
“We don’t need to talk about that.” I said blushing. He gave me a look before laughing.
“Are trying to say that you’re a virgin?” He was trying to embarrass me. Great.
“No, I’m not saying I’m a virgin because if I said I was then I would be lying.” I said folding my arms across my chest as everyone’s jaws dropped, including Wyatt’s.
“Then why don’t you tell us the story?” I felt Jayden stiffen every muscle in his body………

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