Don't Forget To Remeber Me

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Chapter 38 (v.1) - 'Fine'

Submitted: January 24, 2011

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Submitted: January 24, 2011



Dad walked into the ER with heavy steps trying to get the snow off of his boots. The Nurse looked up jumping as Dad ran up to the desk. “Sir, how did you get here?” She asked looking at me raising her eyebrows.

“By Humvee Ma’am. Please my Daughter is freezing please help her.” He nurse nodded.
“Come with me.” She said running into the back with him trailing behind her. Some of the nurses were talking and laughing sitting around the nurse station. “Get the doctor.” She said as she pointed to a room for Dad to take me in. Dad brought me to the bed and laid me down gently on the warm sheets. He took off his jacket and laying it on top of me. Dad walked out of the room as a Doctor came rushing over to him.
“Williams what is going on?” He asked looking behind him.
“It looks like 18 kids got trapped in the high school, my daughter being one of them. She is the worse out of all of them. But they should be arriving soon. A group of Marines where there helping them while I rushed her here.” The doctor nodded.
“There isn’t a storm without a couple of cases of hypothermia.” He said walking past Dad and into the room. I lay there cold, crying clutching Dad’s jacket close to my body. “Hi sweetheart.” He smiled at me. “I know this sounds crazy but I need you to take off your layers so I can listen to your heart alright?” I nodded as Dad helps me unzip my jacket and pulling up my shirt.
“It’s cold.” I whisper at him.
“I know sweetheart but I need to make sure you’re alright.” I cried out as the semi –warmth of the feel as the doctor listened to my heart rate. “Yeah we need to warm her up and fast. Her heart is way too slow.” He nodded at Dad.
“Is she going to be okay?”
“Right now I’m not sure. Let’s just get her heart rate up before we try anything else.” He sighed. Dad nodded taking my hand in his.
“It’s going to be alright Baby.” I looked at him as he stared at me his eyes watering. “I promise.”
“Don’t make promises you can’t keep Dad.” He looked at me.
“Bailey.” I shook my head as the pain started to come.
“Ow.” The doctor looked at me.
“Bailey where does it hurt?” He said holding an IV bag.
“Everywhere. It burns.” I said closing my eyes not able to move. He nodded.
“I know Sweetheart. Let me get you something for that.” He took the IV that was in his hand and put it down. He took a need and put it into the skin right below my elbow. I didn’t even flinch as the sharp needle went into my skin right into a vein. “Alright all in. Let me get you some pain medication so you don’t feel so much pain while your skin heats up.” I nodded taking a deep breath. Dad sat on the side of the bed as I shivered.
“You alright Baby?” He whispered stroking my hair.
“I will be Daddy. No worries.” I whispered. He just stared at me, stroking my hair as the doctor walked back into the room with a little vile of clear medication.
“Alright Bailey let’s get that pain to stop.” I nodded wanting the growing pain to stop. I watch him as he put the needle into the tube that was now running out of my arm. “Alright you’re going to feel very tired soon so don’t get concerned.” I nodded already feeling the effects started. My eye lids started to drift shut in exhaustion. I felt Dad start to stroke my hair again humming to me causing sleep to pull me into its warm, dark depts.……..
I opened my eyes to a burning feeling on my skin not as bad as it was. I looked around scared of what was happening.
“Daddy?” I whispered looking around fiercely.
“Hey, hey, hey I’m right here.” He whispered walking over to me stroking my hair. “How you feeling baby?”
“My skin hurts. It burns.  A lot.” I gasped in pain. Dad pushed the hair out of my face.
“I know baby. The doctor said you would be feeling the pain as your skin started to warm up farther. Let me go tell the doctor you woke up alright. I think someone is here to see you.” He smiled kissing my head. I looked at the door. Jayden stood there wrapped in a blanket looking at me.
“Hey.” He said walking in.
“Hey, how are you?” He shrugged.
“Better off then you. Do you know how long you were sleeping for?” I shook my head.
“I don’t know.” He sat down next to me looking at me.  “Was it long?” He shook his head.
“Only a couple of hours.” He sighed. I sat up gently, my joints scream at me to lie back down.
“What’s wrong Jay- Jay?” He looked over at me tears in his eyes.
“I thought I was going to lose you. Bailey I didn’t know if you were going to live.”  He put his face in his hands. “I was so scared you were going to die in my arms.” I wrapped my arms around him, even thought I wanted to scream in pain from just the small action. Jayden held me.
“But it’s alright now see I’m okay.” I smiled at him. He shook his head.
“You’re in pain I can see it in your eyes.” I shook my head.
“You’re worrying. Stop doing that. I’m fine.”
“No you’re not fine and we both know it Bailey.”
“I’m fine.”
“Come on didn’t you ever hear when a girl says she is ‘fine’ she is really just lying to everyone.” He said crossing his arms looking at me.
“Yeah when I’m not like most girls.” I pointed out.
“Doesn’t matter. You have boobs and a vagina. You’re a girl. You’re lying.” He said a small smile on his lips.
“Dude really. How do you know what I have? Did you want see it?” I asked joking.
“Maybe I do want to see it.”He said making my head turn towards him in shock. I might have been joking but I’m not sure if he was……

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