Don't Forget To Remeber Me

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Chapter 45 (v.1) - Why I Love You

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Submitted: February 07, 2011



I knocked on the window causing Wyatt to jump. He rolled his window down to look at me. “Bailey what are you doing? Bail-” He stopped as he realized I was crying. “Oh Bailey.” He got out of the truck pulling me into his arms. “It’s going to be alright.” I held him tightly as the rain soaked us both.

“I don’t know if your right.” I cried to him as he tightened his arms around me pulling both of into the car, out of the rain. I looked over his shoulder at the house. Wyatt pulled my head into the crook of his neck making me close my eyes and listen to him as he hummed to himself as I calmed myself down.

“Better?” He asked stopping his humming. He looked down at me as I nodded.

“Yeah I’m just being stupid.” I shrugged sitting up in Wyatt’s lap.

“No you’re not. Your being a hurt girl who needed a hug.” He smiled at me. I nodded laying my head on his chest so it was right under his chin. “It will get better. Remember it’s always alright in the end. If it’s not alright-”

“It’s not the end.” I said cutting him off. He nodded.

“Exactly.” He nodded. I heard a growling sound making me look at him and raise my eyebrows. “What I am hungry. I had to miss dinner.”

“Let’s get to CVS before going to the drive thru to go pick something up for you.” He sighed.

“Are you going to eat?” I shook my head.

“I’m not hungry. Ask me later.”

“You want me to drive?” I nodded looking out at the rain as it poured onto the windshield. He opened the door and getting out with me still in his arms. He plopped me back into the seat as he ran around the car to get into the driver’s seat. I closed my door laughing at him as he ran like a little girl before scrambling into the driver’s seat and starting the car. “It’s not funny.” He laughed at me.

“Yes it is and you know it because you’re laughing too.” I giggled at him as he pulled out into the street away from Jayden’s house. I watched as he pulled into CVS and ran in leaving me in the car. I sat looking at the building eyeing it up as I waited for him to get back. I smiled as I watched him smile at the cashier before grabbing the stuff he bought and running back out to the car. “Did you have fun?” I asked looking at him eyeing up the bag in his hands.

“Oh a ton of fun.” He smiled handing me the bag. I started to smile as I ripped the bag of candy open and unwrap one and plopping it into my mouth.

“Oh my favorite.” I sighed happily closing my eyes. “Peanut butter cups, yum.” I opened my eyes taking another one from the bag and eating it.

“I thought you would like them so I got them, some mint chocolate ice cream, cookie dough ice cream, peanut butter ice cream, and some BBQ chips for you.” I smiled at him hugging the bag of food.

“You see this is why I love you.” He laughed pulling the two pill bags out of his pocket and tossing them to me.

“I know but know I want food.” He said pulling out the car from its parking spot and heading towards the restaurant I work at called ‘Lelo’s Good Eats’. In case you were wondering Lelo was Paul’s oldest daughter who is only about 6 years old. He named it after her. I looked at him as he unbuckled his seat belt.

“I thought we were just going to pick something up then going home.” I said quietly looking at the busy dinner longing to be back in the action.

“I am. I called in before for them to make me something to pick up.” I nodded as he got out of the car running into the dinner. I looked away eating another candy not wanting to look up. I looked up as Wyatt came back into the truck holding a bag full of food containers.

“Why do you have so much food?” I asked him as he put it into the back before pulling out of the dinner and making his way back to base.

“Well you didn’t think I was just going to get me something did you?” I looked at him confused. “I got you food too dummy.”

“You did?” He smiled looking over at me quickly.

“Of course. I know you would want some eventually.”

“Good cause I will.” He started to laugh as I smiled innocently at him before looking out of the window….

When we got home I gave Mom Dillon’s couch syrup before taking my ice cream and candy into my room and putting it on my bed. I hear a knock on my door making me look over at Wyatt. “Food?” He asked holding up the silver food cases.

“Yeah sure come in.” He put the food on my night stand watching as I put a movie into my DVD player I have in my room. “Having a little girly night?” He asked putting the ketchup next to the food looking up at me.

“Yup, with me, myself, and chocolate. Oh and good food is coming along a little later.” He chuckled. “Do m a favor and go put these in the freezer for me. I don’t think I’m going to eat them right away.” He nodded picking up the three ice cream containers.

“Sure. Have fun.” He kissed my head walking out. I curled up on my bed in the covers as I opened my food the Wyatt got for me and smiling. My favorite chicken strips with half curly fries and half waffle fries. It had a full big thing of honey mustard dipping sauce, just how I like it when I order it. Thank you boys. I play my movie as I start to eat my food happily the whole Jayden thing forgotten. I heard Harley walk into my room and jump on my bed, curling up next to me looking at me with his cute puppy dog eyes.

“Oh alright.” I sighed giving him a half of a chicken strip. He barked as me before making himself comfortable for the movie. I looked over at my phone sitting on my nightstand as it starts to ring. “Who could that be?” I ask looking at Harley. I looked at the phone again. Should I answer it?

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