Don't Forget To Remeber Me

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Chapter 46 (v.1) - I Don't Know What To Do

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Submitted: February 10, 2011



I stared at my phone as it rang. It was killing me, just watching it ring. And ring. And ring. So I grabbed it. I flipped it open closing my eyes the movie forgotten.

Me* Hello?
Taylor* Hey there Blondie

It’s Taylor. I broke down crying.

Taylor* Hey, Hey what’s wrong?
Me* I, I, I
Taylor* Hey Baby what’s wrong?
Me* I miss you…
Taylor* What do you mean? You never cried like this before. What happened?
Me* I just had a bad day.
Taylor* You want to talk about it?
Me* No, not really.
Taylor* You sure? I am here to listen.
Me* I know and I am happy you are.
Taylor* I am happy I met you too. Your amazing Bailey.
Me* When are you coming home.
Taylor* only 3 more months left.
Me* I wish it wasn’t.
Taylor* I know. I want my hug.

I started to smile making Harley bark at me as I ate another chicken strip.

Me* I can’t wait to give you that hug.
Taylor* Oh don’t say that then I will want it to happen sooner.
Me* I wish you where home, I mean here.
Taylor* I wish so too Bailey.
Me* I miss you.
Taylor* You know what I got you something.
Me* From the Midwest?
Taylor* What no. I got you something. You just have to pick it up.
Me* From where?
Taylor* Hey don’t laugh at me.
Me* I’m not I think it’s sweet.
Taylor* Sure you do Blondie. So you going to pick it up or not?
Me* Okay I’m sorry. You where saying?
Taylor* Alright you know the jeweler that is a couple of stores away from the McDonald’s on the board walk?
Me* Yeah it’s by the tattoo shop right?
Taylor*Yup that’s the one. Now you need to go to it and ask to pick up something.
Me* Alright.
Taylor* give my name and they will give it to you.
Me* Just say ‘I’m picking up something for my friend Taylor Andrews’?
Taylor* Yeah that will work.
Me* Alright Tay I trust you.
Taylor*Good. You feeling better now?
Me* Yeah talking to you really helped.
Taylor* Good, but I have to go know.
Me* Alright. Talk to you soon?
Taylor* Oh course Blondie. You always make my day.
Me* Stay safe.
Taylor* Yes Ma’am.

I closed my phone and looked at Harley as he looked up at me. His head was snuggled right in my lap as I petted him. “What am I going to do Harley?” He whimpered at me. “I don’t know who to choose.”

“Choose what Bailey?” I jumped at the sound of Dad’s voice. I looked over at him as he stood in my door way in his pajamas with his arms folded over his broad chest.

“How long have you been standing there?” I asked quietly as he came into my room. He shrugged sitting down next to me patting Harley’s head.

“Since about I miss you.” He looked up at me with the same eyes as Wyatt.

“So you know about him then?” I asked him as I moved over in bed so he could sit down with me.

“I have known since I saw all the military letters sitting on your desk when I came in the last couple of days. But I have known since I saw the letters in the mail box from a Sergeant Taylor Andrews. That and your Aunt told me about him.” He smiled wrapping his arm around my shoulders.

“Are you going to make me stop talking to him?” He looked down at me.

“Of course not Baby. If he makes you happy and treats you like a real man should then you should talk to him.” I laid my head on his chest.

“Daddy I don’t know what to do.” I said as I started to cry. He pulled me tightly to him kissing my head.

“What don’t you know what to do Baby?” He whispered. I looked up at him as Harley whimpered moving over to lick my hand.

“I don’t know who to love Daddy. I don’t know if I should choose Jayden or Taylor.” He kissed my head.

“You have to choose who your heart wants.” I looked at him.

“It loves Jayden but Taylor is everything. He makes me fall more and more in love with him every time we talk.” Dad sighs.

“I don’t know what to tell you Baby. Maybe you need to see you who your heart wants and go from there. Do what your Mom tells you to do when you can’t choose between something. Make a pro’s and con’s chart.” I looked at him.

“You’re not upset about me dating?” He laughed.

“Of course I hate the idea of you being with a guy. Of course I do you’re my baby girl. But I want you to be happy even if I have to watch you grow up faster than I would like.” I looked up at him.

“I love you Dad nothing will ever change that no matter what.” He smiled kissing my head.

“I know Baby and I love you too.” He moved me so I was laying down by myself as he cleaned up my food and tucked me in. “Good Night Baby.”

“Dad will you come with me to get my tattoo tomorrow?” He pulled the blanket up and turned the TV off.

“Of course I will Baby Girl. Sleep tight.” He kissed my head. I closed my eyes as Harley curled up next to my body as I fell asleep…….

…….I walked into the jewelry store walking over to the counter. “Excuse me um I’m pick up something for my friend Taylor Andrews.” The sales person smiled at me.

“One minute Ma’am.” I smiled back at him as he walked into the back of the store. I looked at Dad as he smiled at me looking at some necklaces from across the store. “Ma’am.” I looked back at the sales person as he stood next to a guy that held a box. “You must be Bailey.” The guy smiled hand me the box.

“How did you know that?” I asked looking at him. He laughed.

“The boy who had this made, he said you would be the girl picking it up. I was honored to make it for him for you.” I looked at him confused. “Open it.” I lifted the top of the bow and gasped.

“Wow.” The guy smiled.

“You like it?”

“I love it.” I lifted the bracelet gently as I stared at it in awe.

“Would you like me to put it on for you?” He asked. I nodded and watched as he clipped the bracelet onto my wrist.

“It’s beautiful.” I whispered as I stared at the twisted leather that now wrapped perfectly around my wrist. There was four pieces of braided leather twisted into two stainless steel chips. Hanging in the middle of the bracelet was a perfect Marine Corps emblem. “Amazing.” I whispered. The guy smiled at me.

“Thank you. I’m glad you like it.” He smiled at me. Dad walked over to me.

“Bailey we have to go or you will be late for your appointment.” He said looking at me.

“Alright Dad.” I looked up at the two guys. “Thank you.” I smiled at them. The guy smiled.

“As I said, it was an honor.” I signed the paper the sales person showed me before thanking them one last before walking out with Dad ready to go get my next tattoo…

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