Don't Forget To Remeber Me

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Chapter 47 (v.1) - Pretty Girls and Tattoos

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Submitted: February 14, 2011



When I walked into the tattoo shop I walked over to look at some of the pictures of tattoo’s that the tattoo guy, Biggy, has down. Biggy isn’t his real name it’s Harrison but he likes everyone to call him Biggy because well he is giant so no one really cares. I was early for my appointment so I didn’t want to bother him while he was tattooing another guy. Dad smiled at him before going over to the counter. “Sweetheart you lost?” The guy’s friend laughed at me from where he was sitting next to the tattoo bed.

“No I’m fine.” I said shortly not wanting to get into it with him.

“Well I think you are ‘cause you know this isn’t a piercing place Toots.” I watched Dad’s jaw clamp shut.

“Well Crap wod I think I got that from the nice big sigh right there.” I pointed at the sigh that said ‘no piercings done here’ that hung right by the door. He looked at me then at the sign.

“Well shouldn’t you be leaving then because pretty girls like you don’t get tattoos?” Biggy looked up from where he was sitting, just finishing off the tattoo from the douche guy’s friend.

“I wouldn’t talk to her like that if you want to live.” He laughed looking over at me as the guy on the tattoo table looked over and smiled.

“Hey Bailey, back again?” I smiled at him and shrugged. He laughed before wincing as Biggy wrapped up the freshly tattooed skin.

“It’s the smell in here it makes you come back for more.” The guy nodded. His friend looked over at him.

“David you know her?” He said nodding looking me up and down.

“Oh yeah she was here last time I got a tattoo.” The friend looked over at me narrowing his eyes.

“Girls don’t get tattoos hey hurt too much.” Dad started to laugh making the guy look over. “What’s so funny?”

“Girls don’t get tattoos? Are you kidding me? Like half the female population around here have tattoos.” Biggy laughed as some other works started to walk around the shop.

“I don’t understand why a girl like you needs anything to hurt that pretty little skin of yours but if you need to I do have something that might work.” He wiggled his eye brow at me. I almost gagged at him.

“Aw man that was the worst pick up line ever.” David moaned closing his eyes before looking at me. “Ignore him Bailey.” Dad walked up to me and put a hand on my back glaring at the guy.

“David this is my Dad Tanner. Dad this is David we talked the last time I was here.” Dad smiled at him shaking his hand.

“Nice to meet the Dad of such a talented girl.” All the guys looked at him before looking back at me.

“Really he was talking about my drawing. Perverts.” Dad nodded smiling.

“Sorry to disappoint you but she didn’t get it from me. It’s all her mother’s working.” David nodded.

“So how did it turn out?” He smiled pulling up his shirt to show me the tiger that wrapped around his hip in black and white. “Wow that looks better than I expected it would.” Biggy laughed.

“I told you you did amazing.” The guy looked over at me.

“You drew that tiger?” I nodded.

“I was hanging out in here and he came in hoping to get a tattoo and Biggy didn’t know how to draw one so I drew it for him. I got 40 dollars out of it.” I nodded impressed with myself. Dad smiled hugging me kissing my head before I sat down on the table as Biggy walked over.

“Best tattoo I ever got.” He nodded pulling his shirt down.

“Alright Bailey shirt off.” I unzipped my hoodie and took off my cotton t-shirt and looked at him. “You know that tattoo on your back looks very nice.” He smirked at me as I laid down and pulled my jeans down a little bit so he could get to my hip. Dad sat down next to me as Biggy got ready.

“Oh course it is you did it.” He laughed as I winced as he started to tattoo my pale hip.

“So what made did you choose Bailey this time?” David asked getting his coat on.

“I’m going to get the butterfly and the other one next time.” He nodded in understandment.

“Good choice my friend. Good to see you again Bailey. Nice to meet you Tanner.” Dad waved as David pushed his friend out the door. “Bailey maybe you can draw my next tattoo?”

“I don’t know leave your number and I’ll call you to see when you want it.” He nodded giving Dad his business card before leaving.

“You know you might just get me a lot of business.” Biggy laughed wiping away the left over ink.

“I guess I might be.” I smiled at him closing my eyes as I felt the vibrations on the gun over my bone.

“Maybe you could work with me, get some money and do what your good at.” I looked over at him.

“Are you trying to hint at something?” I asked wrinkling my nose.

“Alright do you want to work with me and draw up some tattoos for me? I can pay you some good money.” I watched his face.

“What do you mean?” Dad laughed at me.

“Bailey Big is giving you a job.” I looked over at him. I looked back over at Biggy.

“Really?” He nodded.

“Absolutely Bailey. You are one of the best artists I have ever seen and I have known you since you were little sitting in here with your Mother or Father as they got ready to get a tattoo. It would be an honor to start you off in your career.”

“But Biggy I wasn’t going to start a career with my drawings they aren’t good enough.”

“Maybe you should try.” He said wiping the last of the extra ink off my hip. “Alright all done.” He smiled at me leaning back pointing to the mirror. “Go look.” I got down from the table and walked over to the mirror.

“Wow Biggy it’s perfect.” I said looking at the perfect butterfly flying on my pale, now red skin.

“I love the words Bail.” He smiled looking over the words written in perfect script as if it was flowing in the breeze.

‘Some times you have to spread your wings and just fly away.’

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