Don't Forget To Remeber Me

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Chapter 50 (v.1) - Tomorrow

Submitted: February 22, 2011

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Submitted: February 22, 2011



The next two months were back to normal. Deployment normal. I miss Taylor so much. Jayden and I haven’t really talked to each other since that day and I misses him but as Dad said, it better for the two of us if we have a little space. The only thing I’m happy about is Colt and Jenna as well as the football team is still talking to me even though Jayden and I aren’t ‘together’ anymore. I started working at the tattoo shop and I loved it. I was making some damn good money and having so much fun. The people that go in there are pretty funny. I can’t wait for Taylor to come home tomorrow. It is crazy how much I miss him. I was sitting in the tattoo shop sketching out a tattoo when Biggy walked over. “Hey it’s getting late you ready to leave? I got to lock up.” I looked up from my sketch book at him.

“Nah go on without me. I’m almost done with this sketch for Wilson.” He looked at me.

“You want me to wait for you kid?” I shook my head.

“I’ll be fine. You do home. Say hi to the Wifey for me.” He nodded putting the key down on the counter.

“I will Bails.” He walked out of the shop closing the door behind him. I looked back at my sketch dragging my pencil over the lines trying to take my mind off Taylor coming back only in hours. No longer months, or weeks, or even days. Hour. Only hours. In hours it will be minutes. Seconds. Then I will final get to see his face again. Oh how I was so nervous. What if he doesn’t want to see me? What if- my thought got cut off by my phone ringing on the marble counter. I put my pencil down and picked it up.

Me* Hello?
Taylor* Hey Blondie.
Me* I was just thinking about you.
Taylor* Oh really? I hope it was all good.
Me* Most of it.
Taylor* Oh only most?
Me* Yup.

There was a silent that fell over both of us. Always like we were waiting for the other to say something.

Me* I can’t wait till I get to see you tomorrow.
Taylor* I can’t wait either Blondie. I will finally get that hug I was promised.
Me* Oh what if I take back that hug?
Taylor* You wouldn’t. I have been waiting for like ever for that hug.
Me* Oh well I guess I’ll have to give it to you.
Taylor* Oh just admit it you can’t wait to give me a hug.
Me* Your right I missed you. So much.

I took the sketch book off my lap as I started to cry.

Taylor* Hey its right I’m almost home.
Me* I wish it was tomorrow.
Taylor* I know. Trust me, me too.
Me* Hollywood I can’t wait to see you again.
Taylor* I can’t wait to see you again Blondie.
Me* You back in cell range?
Taylor* Yup. I think I’m in…Germany.
Me* Taylor….

I felt the tears again…..Why am I such a baby?

Taylor* Hey it’s alright Baby. I’m almost home.
Me* I know.
Taylor* Where are you?
Me* At the tattoo shop finishing up on a tattoo.
Taylor* Why don’t you go home and go try to get some sleep. Tomorrow is a big day.
Me* I don’t know if I can sleep tonight.
Taylor* Try, for me?
Me* Alright. I’ll try.
Taylor* Thanks Blondie.

There was another pause but this time I knew it was the last.

Taylor* I got to go Bails. A couple of the other guys want to call before we take off.
Me* Alright. I’ll…
Taylor* I’ll see your beautiful face tomorrow. Not just from the pictures but in the flesh.
Me* Tomorrow.
Taylor* Tomorrow.
Me* See you soon?
Taylor* Tomorrow

I closed my phone looking out into the distance. Tomorrow. Tomorrow. Tomorrow…….

 I closed my sketch book after trying to figure out how to finish the picture that I knew was already done. I slide my phone into pocket grabbing all my stuff and throwing it into my bag. I shut off the lights in the stop and locked the door before slipping my bag onto my shoulder. It wasn’t too late but the board walk was pretty empty. It was the off season, it being only April it wasn’t to crowd but in the next couple of weeks it’s going to be packed beyond belief. I was took my keys out of my pocket and started to make my way to the parking lot to get to my car when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and looked at the man standing in front of me. “Can I help you Sir?” I asked looking him up and down. He looked to be about Mom and Uncle TJ’s age. He had a full head of dark hair with a toned body for an ‘older’ man. He had there deep brown eyes that made me stiffen under his gaze. His eyes weren’t warm like Wyatt’s or Dad’s but just darker. It was weird like he was mad I was myself.

“What is your name?” He asked me looking me up and down as I pulled out of his grasp.

“Bailey Williams.” He caught his breath a little bit and looked me over making me shudder. I knew that wasn’t a good thing. “Look it’s getting late. I, uh, I have to be getting home. My mom is making dinner for me.” He put his hands in his pockets looking at from where I was standing under a street light.

“How is your Mom?” I looked at him confused.

“She’s fine. Why do you ask? Do you know her?” He looked at me.

“How old are you?” I took a step back from him looking around to see if anyone was watching but no one was. It was like we were invisible to everyone.

“18.” I looked at the parking lot spotting my truck. “Look I really have to get going. I’m sorry.” I turned on my heels and almost ran to my truck as he stood on the board walk looking at me. Who the hell was that guy?

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