Don't Forget To Remeber Me

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Chapter 52 (v.1) - Home, Safe.

Submitted: February 26, 2011

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Submitted: February 26, 2011



“Sweetheart calm down.” Mom smiled at me putting her hand on my shoulder. I looked over at her before looking back at the empty space where the whit buses should be in minutes.

“I just can’t. Oh Mom I’m so nervous Mom. Oh what am I going to say to him?” I rubbed my face as she rubbed my shoulder.

“Let your heart do that talking Bailey. It knows what it wants so let it have its way.” She took my hands in hers. “Oh Bailey your hands are shaking.” I nodded looking over at the big space.

“I’m nervous.”

“I can see that Bailey. Did you get any sleep last night?” I nodded.

“Yeah I got like 20 minutes.” She smiled as I straightened my shirt out sliding my fingers over the wrinkles.

“Oh I know the feeling. I am the same way when your father comes home.” I gave her a small smile remembering what she was like all those times we picked up Dad. “Oh the months they are gone are horrible but when they come home. It makes waiting for them to come home worth it when you are finally in their arms again.” Mom smiled her eyes glazing over as she got lost in her thoughts. “I remember when your father came home when you were little. It felt amazing to finally have been close. To finally see you and Wyatt in the arms of your Father. It is will be the best feeling I will ever have in life. The feeling of knowing that Your Soldier is home. Safe. Not in a war zone getting shot at. I know I used to love to just hold your Father in my arms and cry all the fear out. Cry all the worries away.” I looked over at her.

“Mom?” She shook her head looking over at me.

“Yeah Sweetheart?”

“Do you think I…” I trailed off closing my eyes. “Have what it takes to be a Marine’s girl?” She cocked her head to the side.

“Of course I do Bailey.” I looked over at her.

“Why? How do you know I have what it takes?”

“Bailey I know you do because it’s how I raised you. I raised you to know that if you love a guy you respect him. You wait for him. You love him. You don’t take the easy way out and sleep away your sorrow. I want you to be happy. I don’t want you to have to struggle through life. I want you to feel like life is going by too fast and you want it to slow down. Not like it’s going so slow you need to change everything. I love you Bailey and I want what’s best for you. If I thought that dating a Marine was going to hurt you, I wouldn’t let you do it. But when you were with Taylor, even for that little time you two knew each other and even with a concussion you where so happy. You where laughing and smiling, giggling and smirking. Taylor was looking at you like you were the only girl in the world.” I looked down quickly remembering what it felt like to be around Taylor. It only made me miss him more. “For some reason I trust that Boy with my daughter.” She smirked at me.

“I guess, I guess I really need to think about all this now.”

“No sweetheart you need to do what I told you to do. Let your heart do the talking. Let this,” She pointed to the left side of my chest right where my heart was, “lead the way. Don’t let this,” she tapped my head, “screw it up. Just don’t do anything stupid.”

“I know Mom. I love you.” She hugged me.

“I love you too.” She kissed my head. I looked around as I heard yelling and my breath caught in my throat.

“Buses! Buses! Buses!” A little boy screamed at the top of his lungs. I felt the nerves rack over my body as those white buses pulled up to that spot I had longed for them to be in. The buses that took my Marines away and now it’s finally bringing them back.

“Just breathe sweetheart. Just breathe.” I nodded and watched as the Marines made their way off the buses as they pulled to a stop. The commotion was amazing, like when Dad came home. All the little kids screaming ‘Daddy!’ or ‘Mommy!’ when they saw he parents who are finally home. The cries of the wife’s as they saw their husbands for the first time in months. The tears of joy as parents got to see their kids again. Homecomings are always my favorite because they show how much love there is in the world as these Soldiers came home, safe and alive. I spotted Skylar as he got off with a tired face. But what made me truly cry was when I saw Taylor limb out behind him. He wasn’t putting a lot of pressure on his left leg. He hurt it. He’s hurt. Oh no. I watched his face as he winced every time he put even the slightest pressure on it. I barley heard the words of the Commander as he told us to go find our Marines. I ran. I ran as fast as I could without knocking over any one or hitting anyone. I looked over and found Taylor looking around, not putting pressure on his left leg.

“Hollywood!” I yelled making him, and about 5 other Marines turn their heads to look at me as I ran over to him. “Hollywood.” I said as I stopped right in front of his.

“Blondie.” He smiled. I wrapped my arms around him holding him tightly. “God I missed you Blondie.” I closed my eyes breathing in the metal smell coming off him from the plane ride here.

“I missed you too. So much Taylor.” I felt his hands tighten as he held me to him as he stood the best he could on only one leg…..

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