Don't Forget To Remeber Me

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Chapter 55 (v.1) - Another Time

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Submitted: March 08, 2011



I cleared my throat and looked up away from Taylor’s underwear. “How do you want your shower?” He smiled nervously.

“Cold… I need it.” I blushed as I leaned over to turn the shower on for him.

“Is that good enough for you?” I asked looking down at my sneakers not able to look him in the face without blushing like a tomato.

“Well if you’re coming in with me yeah.” I looked up quickly to see him blush.

“How about I warm it up for you and help you in and stand here. If you need help you just call me.” He nodded.

“Yeah that sounds alright.”

“Anyway you don’t want to shower with someone when they have a cast on before it hurts when they hit you with it.” I picked up the plastic that I needed to put over Taylor’s cast so it didn’t get wet.

“Oh really and how could you know that?” He asked a smirk playing on his lips. I looked at him and winked.

“I have my ways. Now do you want this on before I take them off or after?” I nodded to his underwear.

“Uh, whatever you think is easier is good for me. Either way you are going to see it.” He blushed rubbing the back of his head with his hand.

“I can go get a nurse to help you out if you want.” He shook his head.

“I rather have you see it then them.” He blushed a dark read. “If you understand what I’m trying to say….” I laughed at him.

“How about I put this on then we deal with that.” I put leaning down to gently pick up his cast before slipping it into the plastic. I pulled it up to the end of the cast, right under the soft fabric of his jockeys. I looked up at him slowly as I marbled in his nearly naked body in front of my eyes. He truly is handsome. I looked at him as if I was asking for permission to take his underwear off. I left the cotton under my fingers as I pulled the fabric down his hips leaving a trail of Goosebumps as I pulled then down his thighs. He now stood naked in front of my eye as I still was on my knees, my head at his hips.

“You know if we weren’t in a hospital bathroom and I didn’t smell horrible and have a broken leg then they could be very enjoyable.” I looked up at him swallowing nervously as I tried not to look at what was right in front of my eyes, almost staring at me.

“Yeah, well maybe another time Taylor.” I said nervously. He smiled at me giving me a hand to help pull me up. I put my hand in his and he pulled me up pressing me close to him.

“I’m taking that to heart Blondie. I can’t wait for that other time.” He whispered into my ear. I closed my eyes trying to keep the moan in my throat as I felt his other hand run down my back and over my hips gently pulling me closer to him. I looked up at his eyes as I felt him pull my shirt up over my belly button and gently running over the smooth skin of my back as he ran gently pressed his lips to my jaw in a butterfly kiss. I moaned quietly as he pulled back to look at me ever the slightest. I looked into his gorgeous blue eyes and pushed my face up to his as he leaned down to press his lips to mine. I moved my hand so it was behind his head and pulled his head closed to mine as my lips molded with his. I truly felt like I was flying. Like nothing was going to hurt me. All I could feel was the heat from Taylor’s naked body radiating off him and soaking into mine. Taylor pulled back and closed his eyes. “Bailey we have to stop.” He said leaning his forehead on mine as we both tried to catch our breath.

 “Why? I was liking that.” I mumbled trying to calm my racing heart. I felt something hard hit my hip when before I registered what Taylor was saying.

“Now just isn’t the time.” He cleared his throat loudly making me blush as I realized what he was trying to say. He was getting flustered. “Another time, like you promised. But if we continue any longer I won’t be able to stop.” I nod my head leaning up to give him on last kiss on the jaw before taking a step back.

“I’m sorry.” I said looking down at his hips before looking back up at him then at the running shower.

“Don’t say sorry. Trust me I was enjoying it to. But I don’t want to have to have our first time to be in a hospital bathroom while you help the gimp shower.” He gave me a lop sided smile.

“Come on into the shower Hollywood.” He put his arm over my shoulder as I helped him into the low shower.

“Does this mean you get to be my nurse?” He looked at me as the first spray of the water got him. He bit him lip giving me a sly smile. “I could like this.” He chuckled as he rubbed himself down.

“Here is your soap. Skylar brought some stuff for you so you could shower and get out of your uniform.” He took the bottle from me and started to wash himself. I looked away as I tried not to look as it made me feel stalker-ish. I pulled out a bottle of shampoo from the bag and handed it to him taking back the soap. I smelled the air closing my eyes as a smile spread across my face.

“What got you all smiley?” Taylor asked as he got the soap out of the little hair he had.

“I love the smell of the soap you use. It’s my favorite.” I opened my eyes to look at him. He shook his head laughing handing me the bottle of shampoo.

“It’s my favorite too.” I pulled the clothes out of the bag and pushed all of the dirty clothes in and zipped it shut. “Alright I need help out.” I helped Taylor out and handed him a towel.

“Or do you want me to towel you down?” He smiled at me causing a twinkle to form in his eyes.

“As much as I would like that being a horny marine and everything I have to put that on my ‘Another Time’ list.” I nodded as he got dry before I pulled off the plastic over his cast. I helped him get into his under wear and jeans. He easily pulled on his t-shirt without my help. I helped him back into the hospital room and into on to the bed. I pulled his pants into the bag and zipped it shut again.

“Your brother brought you sneakers but if you want to wear your combat boots you can I don’t mind.” I said as I looked up at him. He was watching me quietly.

“I’ll but on the sneakers. I don’t need any more sand between my toes. I handed him his sneakers, well sneaker since he didn’t need the left one.  I sat back down next to him as we waited for Uncle Rodger to come back. I turned on the TV smiling as I saw one of my favorite Disney movies on. I started to watch it as I felt Taylor’s hand go around my waist and rub the skin on my hip gently.

“You are one with your inner child aren’t you?” He chuckled at me.

“Well I used to watch them with Dillon was little because he loved them and we both watch them together. Then when Bentley was born he just joined the crowd and watched them too.” He smiled.

“Sounds like fun.” I nodded my head.

“Of course it is. Haven’t you ever watched one?” He shrugged.

“Not since I watched Toy Story 2 with you while you had that concussion. But before that no, not since I was a kid.” I looked at him raising my eye brow.

“You are weird. You need to watch them more.” He looked at me then at the screen.

“I just might be…” He mumbled to himself. I looked up at him as he stared at the screen about to ask him what he means when Uncle Rodger came in with a pair of crutches and a nurse holding a file and a scale. I looked over at him like he was crazy.

“Alright you two. You’re ready to go. I sent a prescription for some pain meds for you Taylor. I’m sure Bailey or your brother can go pick it up for you.” He nodded at him.

“Yes Sir.” Uncle Rodger looked at me putting the crutches on the bed.

“Bailey stand up for me will you?” I stood up looking at him confused. He turned to the nurse and pulled the scale out and put it on the floor. My face dropped as I glared at him knowing what he was getting at.

“No Uncle Rodger I’m fine.” Taylor looked at the two of us.

“Then step on the scale because you know it looks like you have lost weight to me.” I crossed my arms.

“You don’t have my file so I’m fine.” He started to smirk as the nurse handed him the file. “Damn it.” I cursed under my breath.

“Step up Baby Girl.” I sighed pulling my shoes up and stepping onto the white scale that has always been my enemy. Oh how unoriginal that sounds. I’m sure every girl says that…. The numbers flashed as the number 96 flashed in red. Crap am I really that thin? Uncle Rodger opened my file and wrote something in it. I looked down thinking. I can’t be….I haven’t not been eating. I….don’t know how this happened.

“Bailey…”Taylor said looking at me.

“Alright Bails you lost 10 pounds since 2 weeks ago. This puts you at about…” He looked up pulling a face. “25-30 under weight.” I closed my eyes.

“I mean to Uncle Rodger.” I opened my eyes to look at him. “I swear.” He nodded.

“I know. Your Mom has been talking to me saying you have been running with Harley and your father more. I know it’s not your fault. Don’t worry no one is saying it is. What I’m saying is I want you on a high carb, high calorie diet. You need to gain the weight back. Now if you go for a run please just eat or drink a protein shake or bar to get you better. I will check to see if you have gained weigh in about a week. If you haven’t you know what I’m going to have to do. And if anything doesn’t feel right, like you feel overly tired, nauseas, if you are vomiting,-” I cut him off.

“I know, call you.” He nodded.

“Alright you two can go now.” He said picking up the scale and looking at us. I handed Taylor the crutches before grabbing his bag.

“Come on.” He fallowed me back to the truck before looking at me as he got in not saying a word. “Where do you want to go?” I asked as I pulled out of the hospital parking lot and onto the road.

“Uh, my apartment is fine.” I looked over at him as he watched me….

I helped into the nice three room apartment that Taylor shared with Skylar. He told me about it when we spent the time before he deployed.  I closed the door as he plopped down on the couch.

“Bailey I have to tell you something.” I looked over at him. The car ride had been quiet with the only sound was the sound of the radio playing.

“Okay go ahead.” I nodded. He took a deep breath pulling his kit closer to him pulling out the sandwich bag pull of pictures and pulled one out. He handed me a folded picture and sighed.

“Bailey, open the picture.” I swallowed nervously not really knowing what to expect. I opened the picture and looked at Taylor confused. “Bailey I have son.”

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