Don't Forget To Remeber Me

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Chapter 58 (v.1) - Broken Glass

Submitted: March 17, 2011

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Submitted: March 17, 2011



The carpets were stained with vomit, something I really don’t think is chocolate, and a whole ton of other stuff. The walls were once a light blue but now had stains that I truly don’t want to know what it is. But what caught my eye was how empty the room was. When I thought of a baby’s room I thought of cute pictures of animals or race car really anything cute. But in this room, it made me sick to my stomach that anyone would let their baby sleep in that. In that I mean that all that was in the room was a crib, and a dozen bottles of beer, vodka, and more beer bottles. It smelled like the rest of the house. Like booze. I made my way over to the crib almost crying at what I saw. He laid there on the wooden bars. Not on a mattress. But a sheet covering the wooden bars. He only had on a diaper as he looked up at me. He had a pout on his face, but the fear, it was the fear in his eyes that made me want to protect him. I gently ran my fingers down the side of his face causing him to whimper slightly reaching up to me not moving his back at all, like he was in pain. “Shhhh little guy it’s going to be alright.” I whispered to him. I as gentle as I could to lift him from the hard wood of the crib. He grasped my t-shirt in his little fists as if he knew I was here to help him, and not hurt him. I gently stroked his back trying to ignore the deep purple bruises on his back. I pressed my lips to his head. “I promise she won’t hurt you anymore.” I heard movement outside the door making me pull the thin sheet from the crib, which was thankfully clean, and put it over Finley as I clutched him to my body.

“You’re not going anywhere near my Son!” I heard Caroline scream from the other room.

“Ma’am I’m sorry but you don’t have a chose. If what this Marine is saying is right then we have full right to take your child out of a bad situation. But by the looks and smells of this house we will be taking him even if what he was saying wasn’t true.” A voice said as I heard footsteps getting closer to the door.

“No you can’t get near him! No I’m his mother! What I say goes!” She screamed back at the man. My guess was he was either a M.P. or a civilian police officer. I held Finley tight to me as he stayed silent, but when I looked down he was looking up at me. He was a 5 month old baby but the fear in his eyes was the fear a child, not a baby. He pulled himself even close to me not letting out a sound as if he knew to be quiet.

“I’m sorry Ma’am. Jacobson would you please.” He said as he started to make his way towards the door again.

“No! No! No! Don’t you even dare!” She screamed at the men. I was frozen in my stop as I heard a struggle outside the door way before the sound of shoes on the broken glass from where the bottle shattered. I watched as the door slowly opened and a pair of combat boots entered into the room slowly. It was defiantly a M.P. I just know it. I looked over at the door as a man dressed in camo uniform stepped into the foul smelling room.

“Miss Williams I didn’t expect to see you here.” He said walking in fully coming to my side. I looked up at him quickly before looking back at Fin.

“Yeah I didn’t expect to see you here either Sergeant.” I said quietly to him as he put his hand on my arm.

“You alright Miss? You look scared.” He looked over at me then at the door as we heard more people coming in from outside, my guess would be civilian cops. “Miss?”

“Don’t let her.” I said looking up into his warm green eyes as tears filled my eyes. “Please.” He looked back at the door then me. I looked away from him back at the boney crib, were Fin was just lying.

“Don’t what?” He took a step forward so he was in my line of sight for the door way. “Don’t what, Miss Williams?” I could feel the tear threatening to fall now as I looked back at his face.

“Don’t let her hurt him. I beg you.” I whispered quietly not wanting anyone to hear us talking as no one but Taylor, and now the Sergeant, knew I was in here. He scanned his eyes over my face before turning around.

“I promise Miss. With my life, she won’t hurt him now.” He gently put his hand on my shoulder in a comforting way. “Now let’s get him out of here.”  He pulled me behind me as he started to make his way out of the room. “Watch the glass.” He said as we got into the door way. He looked down at my flip flops that I slipped on when we left Taylor’s apartment and pulled a face. “You know what come here. I promise I won’t hurt you. Miss Williams I’m going to lift you up alright.”

“Good because my feet hurt.” I nodded as I held the sheet closer to Fin, pushing him closer to my chest. Sergeant Abel picked me up easily lifting me over the shattered jagged glass that covered the floor. I looked up as the sound of his combat boots walking over the glass with no problem compared to my simple flip flops that made about 10 pieces of glass in already. I must say it was nice not to have to walk over the glass again. Taylor looked up from where he was talking to a cop and a M.P. His face changed as he saw Sergeant Abel carrying me. His eyes fell to my chest where the white sheet covered the precious baby in my arms. Sergeant Abel walked me over to them as I saw Caroline sitting on the couch in hand cuffs, next to the girl who let us in. They were talking to a couple of cops.

“Sergeant what do we have here?” The M.P. Taylor was talking to as Sergeant Abel walked over to him, still carrying me.

“This would be Miss Williams Sir, First Sergeant Williams’s daughter.” The M.P. nodded at me knowing of my father.

“Alright, did you find the baby?” He nodded.

“Yes Sir, he is right here.” He pointed to the white sheet. Taylor looked at me with a confused look on his face as he saw Sergeant Abel not putting me down.

“Well Sergeant you can put Miss Williams down now.” He said crossing his arms looking at me.

“I can’t do that Sir.” The M.P. raised his eyebrow.

“And why not?”

“She has glass in her feet, Sir.” The M.P.’s face softens as he looked at me.

“Alright here give me the baby while you take her out to the EMT’s on the lawn to get that cleaned up.” He said softly to me. I shook my head.

“They are just in my flip flops. If you can get them off I can take them out.” I said quietly. He nodded as Sergeant Abel lifted me up and the M.P. slipped my blue flip flops off pulling the little pieces of glass out of them. He slipped one back onto my foot before pulling the glass out of the other one before he slipped the other one back on my foot.

“All better?” I nodded as Sergeant Abel put me back on the ground. I stepped next to Taylor still holding Fin to my chest. “Now can I see the baby?” I nod pulling the sheet back to show the M.P. the now sleeping Baby who woke right up when I pulled the sheet away from him. “Oh damn.” He said pulling in a breath.

“Oh the poor thing…” Sergeant Abel said quietly as Taylor turned his face away so he wasn’t looking at Fin.

“How was his room Sergeant?” He asked sternly at Abel.

“Not good Sir. Just a crib and a room smelling of booze, no mattress on the crib. It was bad Sir. Bad.” He shook his head looking at Fin as I rewrapped him in the white sheet. The M.P. shook his head.

“There is no way he is staying here even if she gets out tonight.” He looked at us. “I assume you two want to take him instead of social services?” I nodded.

“Yes Sir. Taylor is his father.” He nodded.

“Let me get some pictures of him before you take him. You do have everything for him back where you live, right Gunny?” I looked at Taylor.

“Yes Sir, everything is all set. But I don’t have a car seat for him. Caroline took it when she kicked me out.” He nodded rubbing his chin looking at us.

“I can get you a civilian police officer to escort you to the nearest Babies ‘R Us to buy one.” Taylor nodded looking over at me.  I nodded shifting Fin in my arms so I was cradling him to my chest. “If I can take him so social services can take the pictures so he can go home with you.” I looked down at Fin before sighing and handing him over to Sergeant Abel.

“Take care of him. Please.” I whispered quietly to him, already knowing his promise. I looked over at the M.P. as he and Sergeant Abel took him over to a lady in a suit.

“It’ll be alright Blondie.” Taylor’s voice was right next to my ear. I turned to look at him as he pulled me closer to him hugging me tightly. I wrapped my arms around him as I heard Finley crying over with the M.P.s. I looked over as the lady was taking pictures of Fin. “Shhh don’t look.” He whispered pulling me back into his chest. I took a deep breath and smelled in his body wash.

“Miss Williams you can leave now.” I looked up at the M.P. and the lady who was talking the picture. He handed me Finley who was now snuggly wrapped in the blanket. I took him back into my arms. I held him tightly to me. “But we will be keeping in touch about the case with the custody of the baby.” I nodded taking the card she handed me. “Office Stevens will be taking you to get the car seat.” I nodded looking at the office she pointed at. I fixed the blanket and looked at Taylor.

“You ready to go?” I asked quietly looking as the office left the room. He nodded as he started to crutch to the truck. I followed him out handing him out to the truck. He got into the truck moving his crutches before I handed him Finley.

“Bailey?” He asked as I turned around.


“Can I have a kiss?” I smiled leaning over to him to kiss him gently.

“I love you Blondie.” He smiled.

“I love you too Hollywood.” I smiled walking around to the front of my truck getting in….

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