Don't Forget To Remeber Me

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Chapter 59 (v.1) - Hard Chosses

Submitted: April 01, 2011

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Submitted: April 01, 2011



“I don’t understand why we can’t just get this one Bailey.” Taylor said looking over at me. I shot him a sideways glance before I looked back at the car seat in front of me. Fin cooed looking over at his father before lying is head back on my shoulder as I held him in my arms.

“Because it is for 1-2 year olds Taylor. He is 5 months old. He needs a baby car seat.” He sighed pulling a face.

“Why does this have to be so hard to pick out a car seat?” I started to laugh.

“Because if it wasn’t hard people would be popping out kids like pez from a pez dispenser.” He gave me a thoughtful look as I moved down the aisle looking at the smaller baby car seats. “Hmmm what color to choose what color to choose.” I mumbled to myself.

“Well why does a color matter?” He said pulling a face a face again.

“Because you would not get a pink car seat for a little boy. You have to choose the color that matches his gender, his personality, and his size.” He looked over at me confused. I sighed. “Just stand there and look pretty while I choose alright?”

“Whatever you say dear.” He answered causing me to laugh and look back at the car seats. We have been here for about 20 minutes now only just finding the car seats in the huge store. The cops who brought us here left after they got here saying they had another call. I smiled, thanked them, and we started to make our way in here. I looked back over at the car seats not wanting to lose my train of thought again while I stared off looking over at the cute onesies for the babies.

“Do you think the blue one or the tan one? The tan one has more head support for his head, but so does the blue one.” I looked over at Taylor. “What do you think?”

“Whichever one you want Blondie.” He sighed looking at me.

“Well the blue one also has a stroller with it. Do you have a stroller at your apartment?” I said thoughtfully looking at him. He shook his head.

“I had one but I gave it to Caroline when I left. I have no idea what she did with it….” He trailed off looking down at his cast.

“Okay so the blue one it is. Do you like this one baby?” I asked looking down at Fin as he held my shirt in his hands. He looked up at me before closing his eyes again. “I will take that as a yes.” I smiled walking over to the chart and bring it over to where the stroller is. I put Fin in gently before I buckled him in safely. He had the blanket still wrapped around him since he didn’t have anything on but a diaper still. I picked up the big box and put it into the cart before looking over at Taylor. “Okay what else do we need while we are here?” He closed one of his eyes looking up at the ceiling at he thought my question over.

“Well I think we will need diapers, bottles, formula, and wipes.” I nodded.

“Do you have pacifiers?” He shook his head. “Okay so we also need pacifiers. Do you have some baby toys?”

“We have a couple but they are for babies.”

“Alright and some toys.” He looked at me. “What?” I asked as I started to roll the chart to the clothing so I could get Fin something to wear for now still we got home. Home. What a wonderful word. While I take my boyfriends beautiful baby home.

“Nothing I just love you.” I looked at him quickly before I looked away blushing. I looked at the clothes for 5 month olds with a sigh. They are just too cute. I picked out a little onesie to put under and a t-shirt and little baby jeans. “You’re crazy.” He laughed looking at my picked out outfit.

“I know but he will look so cute in it.” I smiled looking down at Fin as he looked around the store. “Come on now we have to get diapers, new bottles, and some pacifiers.” Taylor crutched behind me as I rolled down the aisle picking out the diapers Mom always got Dillon and Bentley. Well Dillon when he was a baby and Bentley now since Mom and Dad where still working on potty training him. I picked a couple of cute bottles I would love him to have with cute little pictures on them.Next were the perfect little pacifiers that were in many different colors. Fin reached for them before looking back at me. “Good you are going to like them.” He looked up at me as I picked a toy out to put in the basket. He took it from my hand and started to play with it as I started to pick out little toy cars for babies and a bunch of other toys I think he would like. Taylor looked at me as I pulled up to the formula section.

“Which one are you getting him?” He asked looking at all the formula cans.

“Well I’m not going to get a lot because I’m going to take him to the doctor soon and I don’t know what they will say. So to play it safe I will get two days worth of formula and ask what they think.” I said moving to get some and put it into the cart. I looked up at him. “You alright?” He looked at me.

“Yeah I’m fine.” He nodded. I pushed the cart over to him as we got closer Fin looked up from the toy and at his father.

“Taylor what’s wrong? Tell me.” He sighed.

“My leg is killing me. My foot hurts. I want to be home curled up with my girlfriend while I watch my son sleep or even play with a toy on the floor. I just want to know all of you are safe.” I leaned up on my tippy toes to kiss him gently on the lips.

“I’m almost done I just need to get one more thing before we go.” He nodded. “Why don’t you go to the front of the store while I go get it and I will meet you there?” He nodded leaning down to kiss me. “Okay?”

“I love you Blondie.”

“I love you too Hollywood now go.” I moved the chart so he could start to make his way to the front while I went to back to the clothing section grabbing a cute pajama all in one for Fin since it was getting late and I didn’t want him to be uncomfortable in the other clothes while he slept. It had helicopters, trucks, and cars on it. I put it in the chart and started to make my way to the front. Taylor was talking to one of the cash register people. I pulled the chart up to his and started to put everything onto the thing to get rang up. I put everything to be rang up and counted quietly to myself so I knew I got everything. “Bailey?” I looked up at Taylor.

“Yeah?” He held up the pajamas. “Oh come on they are just too cute. And there soft and I think he will love them.” He just laughed putting them back down. “You know you love them too.” I giggled making Fin look at me with tired eyes.

“Alright but if they made those for adults I would so get them.” He smiled at me pulling out his wallet and taking his debt card to slide to give the money for the stuff. I started to put everything into bags as I put it back into the chart to take it back out to the truck. “You ready?” I nodded at him as we started to make our way to the truck. I opened the door to the back seat of the truck and looked over at Taylor.

“Can you find me the pajamas and the diapers?” I asked as picked Fin up and laid him down on the seat. Taylor limped over to us holding the bag of diapers and the pajamas. I pulled it open and took one out before walking over to the bags and grabbing the wipes and a plastic bag. I changed his diaper, wiped his clean, then slipped him into the footie pajamas and handed him to Taylor as I put the dirty diaper into the plastic bag.

“Where are you going?” He asked as Fin looked down at the clothes that now covered him. He looked so cute in them.

“Just to throw this out before I start to put the car seat in.” He nodded holding Fin close to him before giving him a toy out of the bags. I threw the bag out before taking the keys and opening the box and getting to the car seat. Thankfully it was almost all put together so all I had to do was put the stand onto the seat and seatbelt it in. Next I took the seat and put all the fabrics that were in it onto it so Fin was comfortable. I locked it into place and reached over for Fin. I clicked him in and laid the sheet over him. He kept on playing with his toy before he started to chew on it making me laugh. I put the rest of the stuff into the back of the truck and making sure it was in place before putting the chart away and getting into the truck. Taylor looked at me as I got into the seat, buckling my seat belt. “What?” I smiled at him before I pulled out of the parking lot and made my way to the high way to get back to Taylor’s apartment.

“I’m just thinking.”He smiled taking my hand as I drove. I smiled as I felt him rub his thumb over my knuckles.

“Thinking about what?” I asked as I looked into the mirror at the car seat now cooing at his toy and giggling at it.

“Just about life.” He nodded looking out the window. Life? What the hell could he be thinking about? I wanted to ask him but I didn’t. I would ask him later. The rest of the ride was silent other than the hum of the radio. When we pulled in the apartment building before pulling into a spot. A nice man helped us bring all the bags up to the apartment.

“Thank you so much.” I smiled at him moving my hands on the handle of the car seat.

“No problem Ma’am it was my pleasure.” He smiled nodding at me before walking down the hall. I opened the door and helped Taylor over to the couch best I could with Fin’s car seat still in my hands.

“Why don’t you go put him in his crib while I unpack everything?” I nodded walking over to the door he pointed at and opened the door. In the quiet dark lit room was the cutest pattern of animals all over everything in blue and brown. I walked over to the dark wood crib and set his car seat down. He fell asleep about 10 minutes ago. I unclipped him and picked him up easily. He was fast asleep as I laid him down pulling the blanket over him. I stood over the crib and stared at Fin as he slept. He looked so peaceful. I felt arms wrap around my waist and Taylor’s head laid his head on my shoulder as we stared at his son, finally home, safe.

A/N: Okay I know I know it has been FOREVER since I updated but now it's up. I really am so so so so so very sorry. I just have been having a tough time writing but I hopefully will be back on track soon....Just after my school exams are done.....Okay I'm rambling so I'm going to go. I love all of you <3-Patty

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