His Beach House

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter One

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I zipped my kit with the last of my clothes into it. My room was bare. Man the year was over. Summer was here. How I wished this day never came.  You see how everyone is always ‘I can’t wait for summer to come!’ or ‘Why can’t summer be here already?’ I don’t think I have ever said those words. I always dreaded summer. I hated it. It was just another time that showed I was not wanted. You see the school years where alright because I never really had to worry about seeing my mother. It was just a daily routine of morning excise, school, and who knows what else. Happily my mother was not involved in it. Thankfully it has stayed that way of me being dragged to one of my friend’s house every summer, or me lying to my mother saying I was and going to spend time with my father.

You would think since my mom didn’t want me she would happily send me to live with my father who did want me, but you would be wrong. You see my mother, she is well mental. She says she rather me dead then living happily with my father. Well this summer hopefully wouldn’t be too bad.  It’s not like I don’t enjoy spending time with my best friends as they drag me home with them. I just want them to spend time with their families. Not with the girl they spend the rest of the year with. I had a feeling this year was different because I didn’t want that to happen again. When Nicole asked me if I wanted to come over to her house this summer I wasn’t going to do it. The Commander said I was more than welcome to say here and help him get the place ready for next year and help the summer camp that stays here every summer. I was going to do it and Nic knew that.

So she did what she thought was best. She called her mom and her mom called me. Well she talked me into going to their beach house this summer after schools ends. I was going to say no but she gave me a whole speak about how Nicole and I are great friends and she didn’t want her bringing one of her so great friends in case something happened since she and her husband aren’t going to be there because they are taking her younger sister Dakota on a Disney Cruise. The older kids didn’t want to come so they are going to the family’s beach house. I finally said okay, which made her cheer and thank me. I knew she was only half worried about everything she said and just wanted me to go with her.  “Carson you ready yet?” I heard Nicole say knocking on my dorm room door.

“Yeah I’m just finishing.” I sighed lifting my kit up over my shoulder.

“Then let me in so I don’t look like an idiot standing outside your room yelling inside it. I look mental.” She huffed at me banging on the door. I laughed put my kit down and opening the door.

“When don’t you look mental Nic?” She glared at me moving to sit on my bed.

“As I was saying are you ready?” I nodded.

“Yeah I just got to double check to make sure I have everything I own here.” She bended down to look under my bed.

“Can you believe they aren’t letting us come back to our rooms?” She sighed putting her elbows on her thighs and leaned her chin on it.

“Yeah I can’t believe it either. I have been in here for 5 years now. I remember being told I better like it because this is the room I will be having for the rest of my time here.” I laughed at the memory.

“Well I haven’t been here for 5 years so I wouldn’t know now would I?” She shook her head at me.

“Well you have been next door to me for what 2 years now?”

“Yup since freshman year I have been here. Can you believe when we come back here we will be seniors?” I shook my head as I made my way to my little closet and opened the door making sure I took everything out since I won’t be coming back.

“I can’t believe it, not at all.” I sighed sitting down next to her.

“You got everything?” I looked around and nodded.

“Yeah, I got everything.” She stood up and put her hand out to me.

“Well then come on! My parents are waiting.” I smiled putting my hand in hers letting her pull me up from the bed I have slept on for so long. “I don’t get why we can’t keep our rooms. They made us keep them for so long why not keep them for our last year.” She shrugged as I got my bag off my bed and slipped it over my shoulders.

“They are going to move us to the senior housing for our last year. I hear it’s really nice. Only seniors and Drill Instructors can get in no underclass men.” She gave me a thoughtful look as we walked out of the room closing my door behind us.

“Yeah I guess you’re right.” She nodded as we started to walk down the hall past the freshman’s getting ready to go home while a Drill Instructor, or a D.I. as we sometimes called them, watched. The D.I.’s always stood feet apart and their arms folded over their chest as they watched you. They had that stern look on their face. As we walked past him he smiled at us.

“Have a good summer girls. Are you two coming to the 4th of July party this summer?” I look at Nic who nodded.

“We will be coming Sir. You too Sir.” I smiled at him. “Are you coming Sir?” He nodded.

“I will be. I want to see the Newbies that will be coming next year.” He laughed turning to make sure the freshman weren’t doing something they shouldn’t be doing.

“Well I guess we will be seeing you there then Sir.” Nic smiled at him. He nodded.

“I guess I will. Don’t do anything extreme over the summer Kids.” He said looking at me then at Nic. “Tell the guys to if you see them. I don’t know what I would do without you all here together.” He smiled.

“We always do Sir. But same to you.” I said giving him a nod. He looked over at the freshman again before giving us one last smile.

“Alright have a good couple weeks, I will see you soon.”

“You too Sir.” Nic and I said together before walking past him to the stairs to get out of the dorm building.

“I’m going to miss this place during the summer you know.” She sighed as we made our way to where her parents said they were going to pick us up at.

“I’m going to miss it too Nic.” I looked at her. “Me too.” I put my hand on her shoulder making her look at me. She nodded sadly at me before turning to look at the parking lot.

“They’re right there.” She pointed to the black SUV sitting in the parking lot with her parents leaning against it talking to Nic’s little sister Dakota. We started to make our way to them when Dakota looked up and saw us.

“Nikki!” She screamed running towards us.

“Dakota!” Nic yelled back to her leaning down to catch the 5 year old who launched herself at her big sister. I smiled at them as they hugged happily. Dakota looked at me and smiled.

“Carson!” She smiled giggled running over to hug me. I hugged her lifting her up spinning her around making her laugh.

“How are you sweetheart?” I laughed at her at we made our way to her parents.

“I’m good Carson. I can’t wait to go to the cruise. But I’m happy to see my big sister and you too.” I smiled at her putting her down as she walked back to her parents.

“Hey Mom.” Nic smiled hugging her mom before doing the same to her father.

“Oh it’s so good to see you Nicole Sweetheart.” She smiled hugging her again moving her side to side while hugging her. “Oh Carson look at you! You have changed so much since I last say you. Oh look at your hair it’s even more red then it normally is.” She hugged me happily.

“Well Mom that is why we call her Ginger.” She shrugged as her Dad wrapped an arm around her shoulders and smiled at her.

“I know I guess gingers are gingers.” Her mom laughed letting go of me.

“Gee thanks guys.” I said pulling on a chuck of red hair that fell out of my pony tail and pushed it behind my ear.

“You’re welcome Carson.” Dakota smiled at me as everyone started to laugh.

“Come on Kids, in the car so we can get home. We are leaving tomorrow, all of us.” Nic’s Dad Taylor said pulling out the keys to the truck. I lifted Dakota into the truck so she could get into her car seat before closing the door.

“Nic throw your bag into back, your others are already there.” Her Mom said looking at me. Nic nodded walking to the back of the truck and opening the trunk. “Is that your only bag Carson?” She asked as we both walked to the back with Nic.

“Yes it is Ma’am.” I said putting it in the back next to Nic’s three bags. She frowned at me as I closed the trunk and made my way to the back seat to get in next to Nic so I was on one end, Dakota on the other side in her bright pink car seat, and Nic in the middle. I rolled down the window as Mr. Brown, Nic’s dad, started to drive away from the school and towards Nic’s house leaving school and all its memories behind us….

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