His Beach House

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Chapter 22 (v.1) - Chapter Twenty One

Submitted: November 16, 2011

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Submitted: November 16, 2011



Chapter Twenty One

“Long time no talk eh Carson?” Her voice burned my ears after so long.

“It wouldn’t be my fault that you have no need to call me would it.” I sighed looking at Nic as she rubbed the back of her neck uncomfortable. I moved my mouth away from the end of the old phone putting my hand over the receiver. “Go back to bed with Ben. I’ll get you when I’m done.” She nodded unsure if she should stay or go like I said. I gave her a nod before she walked back up the stairs stopping in front of Ben’s door before going in.

“Now don’t get snippy with me Isabelle.” I put my hand to my face.

“Why do you call me Isabelle? It is not my name Mother.” I heard her huff at me.

“Because Carson is a boy’s name. I did not want to call you Carson. Your name is Isabelle do you understand me?”

“My name is Carson Collins, Mother. You cannot change who I am because you don’t like it.” I sighed rubbing my hand on my leg as a sharp pain went though it since last time I punched that kid on the beach.

“Look here Isabelle. Your name is Isabelle Wilson. Do you understand that?” I closed my eyes.

“I don’t understand because my name isn’t Isabelle.” She huffed at me again. “Mother does this phone call have a point?” I asked her clenching my jaw tightly in annoyance.

“Oh it does. I don’t waste my minutes on useless things like you.” I bit my lip. “It’s not like we really even need to talk. Your Sperm Donor sends you to that useless school every year for an insane cost so what? You get a useless education on war. You know if I raised you the way I wanted to we wouldn’t be in this situation.” I looked out the back door onto the boardwalk as the first few drops of rain fell onto the sand covered wood.

“And what situation are we in?” I asked her folding my arms across my chest.

“Well I could get started on how you act. Don’t get me started about your stupid attitude. Your Sperm Donor’s new girl toy stopped sending me my money. I haven’t gotten it in weeks! Do you understand what I am getting at here Isabelle? I’m not getting my child support checks. I expect those checks to be on time, the amount I want. I will drag his ass to court for this. I want my damn money!”

“Mother I’m 18 now. I’m no longer a minor. Dad doesn’t have to send you any money anymore. You have no control over the money as I am an adult now. No more child support.”

“I get my money you silly brat. I’m smarter than you are Isabelle. I have been getting my money for years now. Your sperm Donor never sends enough money for you. It’s like he expects me to live on nothing even after I married Harold. I needed more. More than I was getting from him of course. I mean I need my shoes. I need my clothes. Harold was only giving me 100,000 a month! How does he expect me to live on that?”

“Mother Dad saved the money he got from Grandmamma and Grandpa. He knew that he doesn’t need it. He doesn’t need 1,000 dollar shoes like you do.”

“You watch that tone of voice with me. Don’t you dare disrespect me! I gave you life!” She yelled at me making me clutch onto a kitchen chair as I bit my tongue to not yell back.

“I’m not disrespecting you Mother. I’m just saying he knows how to save money and not spend it right after he gets it. Just because Grandmamma and Grandpa have money and send some to Sarah, Dad, and Me.”

“I said you watch your attitude with me. I can save money! I just use the money I have. Like your money. Every last cent of it.” She said smugly. I bit my tongue again my hand clenching into fists.

“What do you mean you used all of my money?” I growled into the phone.

“Oh you know my name is on your college fund as well as your sperm donors. So I thought I needed a new car to drive around. I needed a vacation from everything too. I’m not enjoying Harold anymore. He barley makes me orgasm anymore. Your father was always a good lay. Why do you think I kept him around for so long?” I gagged almost throwing up in my mouth. “Well I needed away from him and his small dick, so I took my lover to Costa Rica for a week of fun. Oh it was amazing. A lovely week in the sun. The sex was amazing as well.” I shuddered at the new information.

“Where the hell did you get this money?” I snapped at her dreading her answer.

“Oh I used your school fund. It paid for my whole vacation and a brand new car. It’s a lovely one too.”

“You used my school money for a fucking vacation!?” I screamed into the phone. “All my fucking money on yourself!?” I could feel the urge to cry coming on.

“Don’t you raise your voice at me!” She snapped back at me.

“You used 450,000 dollars on your fucking vacation? How could you do this to me!? Your own daughter!?”

“I don’t give 2 shits about you! That money has been going down for years now! You don’t need it! You’re going nowhere in your life! That moneys mine!” She screamed at me.

“I hate you!” I screamed into the phone. “I hate you so damn much. I fucking loathe you! You repulse me! I can’t believe I have to be related to you! I never want to hear from you again!”

“Oh Isabelle come down. Don’t be so overdramatic.” I could almost hear her rolling her eyes at me.

“I hate you.” I screamed into the phone before slamming it against the wall. It shattered into a million pieces one hitting me on the head with one of the pieces. The tears started to roll down my face as I fought a sob from coming out. My knees started to shake as my chest burned with the pain of fighting the sobs. Every last cent of my Dad’s and Grandparents hard earned money gone.

“Carson what’s wrong?” I looked over at Tucker as he stood at the top of the stair staring at the mess around me. “Baby you’re bleeding.” I shook my head standing up on my shaking knees. “Carson…” I slid open the back door and ran. I ran as fast as I could. I could feel my feet hitting the slippery wood of the boardwalk as I ran from the house. My heart was beating so hard I felt like it would beat out of my chest as I fought the sobs. The rain was pouring around me as I cried. It was hiding my tears so well. “Carson.” I heard Tucker yell after me as I ran. I felt my foot slip on the wet sand causing me to start to fall. I put my right hand out to brake my fall. I heard a crack as my wrist was under my body. I could feel the rain hitting my back as I laid on the ground my head on the wet sand as I finally let the sobs come out of my body. “Oh Baby.” Tucker said dropping to his knees lifting me into his arms holding me as I held onto my arm that was searing in pain.

“Owe.” I cried as Tucker put his hand on my forehead making me flinch.

“I know Baby but your bleeding and now it’s covered in sand.” I sniffled as I curled in his arm. “It’s alright I’m here for you baby.” He whispered holding me close. I looked up at him as he lifted his hand from the cut on my head were a bandana was lying. “You’re going to need some stitches for this Car.” He sighed pressing his lips to my sobbing hair. “Come on Baby let’s get you back to the house.” He helped me stand up putting his hand on my elbow knowing my wrist hurt.

“Owe, owe, owe.” I moaned as it moved when we walked.

“I’m sorry baby. Almost back. You ran a long way.” I whimpered as Tucker rubbed my back. He opened the door to the house and helped me step in as Nic and Ben stood up from where they were cleaning up the pieces to my old cell phone. I bit my lip looking at the hole I made in the wall.

“I’m sorry.” I sighed looking at the ground. “I’ll find the money to fix it.”

“Don’t worry about it baby. Let me just grab my keys and I’ll take you to the hospital. Nic go grab her some ice while I run upstairs.” She nodded running to the kitchen as Ben put a tissue to my forehead where it was bleeding.

“Owe.” I whimpered at him flinching away from him.

“I’m sorry I have to.” He whispered soothingly to me as Nic gently put a bag of ice on my wrist. I bit my lip hard whimpering in pain. Tucker came down the stairs with dry clothes and the keys to the SUV in his hand.

“Come one baby. It shouldn’t take too long.” He took me gently by my good arm and helped me to the car and buckled me in.

“I’m sorry.” I sniffled at him getting chocked up again. He took my face into his hands and kissed me.

“Don’t be. I love you.” He said before getting into the car and driving me to the ER….

Tucker drove me back to the house as I sat staring out the window. He pulled up to the house and shut off the car. “I’ll meet you upstairs baby. We’ll sleep in my bed tonight.” I nodded opening my door and walking into the house right up the stairs past everyone as Tucker stopped to talk to them. I walked into my room getting right into the shower trying to avoid hitting the dressing on my head. I washed my hair quickly accidently hitting myself twice in the face with the cast on my wrist. I got out giving myself a quick pat down before pulling on a pair of underwear and my pajamas turning the TV on and curling up under the sheets on Tucker’s bed. I laid there silently watching the TV as Tucker walked in. He pulled off his still damp clothes till he was naked before pulling on some boxer briefs and a pair of pajama pants. He got under the covers next to me pulling me to him kissing my neck. “How you feeling baby?” I shook my head.

“My head hurts.” I sighed looking at him.

“I’m sorry baby. You did get 5 stitches in your forehead.” He kissed my forehead as I turned around he gently touched my blue cast. “I can’t believe you broke your thumb too.”

“It hurts.” I sighed looking up at him. “I’m having a utterly terrible day. I just want it to be over.”

“Baby what happened?” I felt the tears start to roll down my cheeks.

“She took everything Tucker. I have no money. I’m homeless Tucker.”

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