His Beach House

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Chapter 23 (v.1) - Chapter Twenty Two

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011




Chapter Twenty Two

“Don’t think like that baby.” He whispered holding me close stroking my wet hair. I laid my head on his chest closing my eyes as I tried not to cry.

“She used all my money Tucker. Every nickel, dime, and penny. I can’t go to school no more. It ain’t fair! It ain’t fair.” I cried in anger moving away from him. I turned onto my other side so I was facing away from him. Tucker pulled my back to his chest.

“I know baby. It isn’t fair. She shouldn’t have done that.” He sighed putting his head on my shoulder as That 70’s show played in the background. I turned my head.

“450,000 dollars gone.” I turned away from him closing my eyes. “Like it was nothing.” He let out a whistle of shock.

“That’s a lot of money…” He sighed holding me closer to him stroking the inside of my shoulder.

“She took all of it. All of it so she could cheat on my Step-Father. How could she do that?” I cried quietly as Tucker rubbed my back soothingly.

“Live in the moment baby. I love you so much Baby.” He whispered stopping his hand so only his thumb was moving. “We’ll get through this together.” I turned to look at him as my phone vibrated on the night stand. He leaned over to pick it up for me. I fit answer putting the phone to my ear.

“Hello?” I sighed.

“Carson? Carson what’s wrong?”  She asked instantly. Tucker laid his head on my back putting his arms around my stomach.

“My mother…..” I said trying to move my fingers on my casted hand unsuccessfully.

“Oh great. What did the bitch do now?” She snapped angrily.

“She used my entire School Fund on a vacation to Costa Rica with her…whatever a fucking male version of a mistress is.” I sighed angrily clenching my bad hand tightly in a fist. “Owe, owe, owe.” I whimpered painfully as Tucker rubbed below my cast making my hand unclench and throb. I closed my eyes in pain.

“She what?!?” She screamed into the phone. “That’s your money! Not hers. She had no right to spend it at all!” She growled into the phone. “Oh owe.” She moaned into the phone. I opened my eyes.

“Sarah you alright?” I asked her quickly.

“Oh many JJ is putting up a – Oh hell owe that hurts.” She moaned in pain.

“Sarah are you in labor?” I asked my head throbbing from the stitches.

“Oh I think I need to go to the hospital now.” She said taking a deep breath.

“What do I do? Oh man?” I sat up with Tucker following my movements.

“Baby?” He whispered.

“Oh owe. Owe. Owe.” Sarah cried.

“Call 9-1-1 okay Sarah?” I said scared.

“I’m going to call my Mom and Dad. I’ll call you later okay baby?” She moaned again.

“Okay. Call me as soon as possible when you have some more information.”

“Alright. Bye Baby.”

“Bye.” I ended the phone call rubbing my forehead. “Owe.” He took my hand into his.

“Carson? What’s going on?” He asked his eyes searching my face.

“Sarah went into labor because of me.” I bit my lip painfully hard trying to fight the tears. Tucker put his hand on my cheek pulling my face so our foreheads were touching. He ran his thumb over me lip wiping the drop of blood that formed.

“We can handle this baby. I promise.” He kissed me gently. “I love you.” I sniffled at him.

“I love you too.” He kissed me before picking up his phone dialing his house. “I’m going to get something to eat alright?” He nodded kissing my forehead on the opposite side of the bandage that was on my stitches.

“Alright. I’ll be down in a minute.” He smiled as I slipped on my moccasins. He watched me as I walked out as his Mom answered the phone.

“Hello Tucker.” He would hear the smile in her voice.

“Hey Ma. Is Dad there? I need to talk to him.”

“Sure sweetheart. He was just watching a movie with your sister. Let me call him.” He run a hand through his hair as his Mother called for Mr. Brown.

“Hey Tucker what’s up?” His Dad said as you heard him walking out into the back closing the door.

“Dad something happened with Carson, um, and I need your help.” He rubbed his neck nervously.

“What happened Tucker?” Mr. Brown’s tone dropped.

“Dad it all fucked up.” He took a deep breath. “She’s mad, she’s hurt, Sarah’s in labor.” He shook his head putting his hands over his eyes. “Dad I don’t know what to do.”

“Son it’s alright.” His father cleared his throat. “One at a time Tucker. What happened?”

“Her Mom used up all of her school fund. She has nothing now.”

“What about her being hurt?” Mr. Brown asked.

“She ran and slipped and broke her wrist. It was terrible. And she got stitches. Oh Dad it was terrible. I felt horrible for her.”

“The last one’s self-explanatory.” Tucker cracked a small smile before closing his eyes.

“Dad I’m freaking out. I don’t know what to do.” He rubbed his eyes.

“It’s alright Son. Nothing to freak about.” Tucker sat up.

“How do you know who Sarah is?” He asked raising an un-seen eye brow.

“Son do you really think Sarah would let her step daughter go on a vacation without her knowing when, where, and who with. If I was in her place I wouldn’t either. She set the whole thing up with your mother.”


“Well after Carson said she wanted to stay at school, well your Mother called the school and got Carson’s Dad’s house which Sarah answered and well you get the point. Your mother talked for hours with her. I think they even exchanged cell phone numbers…” Tucker hear the sound of him going back inside the house.

“Dad.” He gave a humorless laugh.

“Sorry off in my own little world for a minute there. She’s in labor? Well… If I was Carson I would want to be there.” He heard the clicking of his father’s laptop.

“Dad what…what do you mean?” He asked confused.

“Where did Carson say her Parent’s moved to?”

“Uh Dallas, Texas.” He said shaking his head.

“Well it’s 2 o’clock Tucker. You two should be getting ready to fly to Dallas at 4:30.” He shot up.


“You better get to your girlfriend and tell her she’s flying to go see her little brother.”

“How did you know she was my…”

“You don’t care this much about just anyone Tuck. I know that. Go tell her. Tell me when your there.” Tucker rubbed his forehead.

“Thank you Dad.” His dad laughed.

“Of course. I love kid.”

“Love you too Dad.” He ended his phone call before walking down the stairs. He walked over to me as I talked to Nic and wrapped his arms around my waist. I looked up at him as I chewed the bit of sandwich I had in my mouth and swallowed before lifting it up for Tucker to take a bite like he always did. He didn’t disappoint as he took a big bite of my turkey sandwich. “Delicious.” He smiled. I smiled at him taking another bite holding it with my good hand as Ben signed my cast.

“What’d your Dad have to say?” I asked after swallowing. I put down my sandwich to take a sip of my soda.

“Well we have to pack.” I turned to look at him confused.

“You’re kicking me out?” I looked down at my knees.

“Of course not Car.” Nic said looking up at her brother glaring at him.

“We have 2 and a half hours to get to the airport as we can get to see Sarah and your baby brother.” I turned to look at him.

“Really?” He nodded as I hugged him close to me. He kissed my head as Nic smiled.

“I get to see them? Really?” He nodded as I clung to him tightly. “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” I whispered squeezing him.”

“No problem baby.” He whispered. “Now come on we have to get ready to go to the airport.” He looked at Nic.

“I’ll take you two.” Nic smiled at me. “You can’t forget to send me pictures of him though alright?” I nodded at her smiling.

“Come on we need to pack our bags.” He picked up what was left of my sandwich handing it to me to eat. I took a bite smiled as we walked up the stairs and into his room. I finished off my sandwich and smiled at him. He picked up a bag and shoved a bunch of clothes into a bag. I smiled at him.

“I love you.”  I smiled at him. He smiled back at me. He got his tooth brush and shower things throwing them in the bag before zipping it up and taking my good hand in his. He took me into my room helping me pack my bag. He went to my bra draw looking through all of them as I stuffed pants and shirts into my bag.

“Oh you should bring these with you.” He smiled at me holding up the bra and pantie set. I blushed pushing a couple of them into the bag before zipping it shut.

“Stop it.” I blushed looking at the clock walking over to my nightstand.

“What are you doing?” He asked raising his eyebrows. I pulled out one of the foil wrappers turning biting my sore lip. “Baby I don’t think we have enough time for that baby.” I pouted at him pulling the top off the wrapper with my teeth turning to look at him.

“I’ll be quick.” He shuddered closing his eyes.

“Carson…” He said breathlessly.

“Please?” I pulled the rolled up latex from the foil walking closer to him putting my casted hand on his chest. He slipped his hand under my pajama shirt clearing his throat.

“I think you’ll make me quick.” He kissed me making me bite his lip gently making a little ‘grrr’ sound as I pulled on it.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I squealed as he picked me wrapping my legs around his waist as he kicked the door shut. I nipped at the skin on his neck as he moved onto the bed pulling at my pajama shorts breathlessly.

“You’re going to be the death of me.” He moaned as I slid his pajama pants and boxer briefs down ever so much so he was standing at attention like any good soldier would. I slid the latex down the sensitive skin making Tucker drop his head onto my shoulder. “Definitely the death of me.” He growled playfully almost pouncing on me making me squeal again as he wrapped his arms around me pushing up into me.

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