His Beach House

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Chapter 26 (v.1) - Chapter Twenty Five

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Submitted: December 04, 2011



Chapter Twenty Five

“Well Tucker would you like some breakfast?” Mam-maw asked him smiling. He nodded looking at me.

“Enjoy.” I kissed him shaking my head to try to clear it. “I’ll be back. If not I’ll call you.” He nodded smiling his thanks at Mam-maw as she put down some pancakes for him.

“Alright. I love you.” He smiled at me. I smiled the nerves at ease for the moment.

“I love you too.” I sighed kissing him again before turning around. I went up the stairs pulling on shorts. I slipped on a bra and a t-shirt before throwing my hair into a pony tail. I grabbed my phone and made my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth.I ran down the stairs as Grandma picked up her keys.

“I’ll take you Sweetheart. I was going to go see Sarah anyway.” She smiled as I opened the door.

“Pap-paw?” He turned to look at me with a pancake in his mouth.

“Yeah?” He mumbled as Mam-maw smacked him for talking with his mouth full.

“Leave him alone.” I shook my head at him. “Y’all leave him alone. Alright?” I said pointing at them all.

“I’ll make sure they do Honey.” Mam-maw smiled at me. I nodded walking out of the house and into the car with Grandma. She drove me to the hospital asking about school, and how the house was, and how Tucker and I met. Normal Grandmother talk, right? Grandma pulled up to the Starbucks across from the hospital.

“You sure you’ll be okay?” She asked looking at me quietly. I nodded.

“I’ll call if I need anything. Hopefully this will be…alright?” I sighed opening the door. She put her hand over mine.

“Sweetheart I’m just across the street.” I smiled at her.

“I know.” I got out of the car making my way to the building and opening the door making the cool air hit my face. I blinked as I say Harold stand up from where he was sitting.

“Carson.” He smiled at me.

“Mornin’.” I smiled at him. He picked up a medium, whatever you call the medium here..I think it was a tall or something. You can tell I drink so much Starbucks here.

“I got you a mint hot chocolate. That’s your favorite if I remember…” I nodded smiling.

‘Brownie points for you.’ I giggled in my head. “Yeah, that still is.” I took a sip of it smiling at the warm liquid slid down my throat. “It’s great thank you.” I went to pull a 5 out of my wallet to pay him back.

“No, no my treat.” He shook his head before sighing. “Do you think we can maybe take a walk?” He scratched his neck.

“Sure.” I walked to the door walking into the early morning heat. Harold held the door open as we started to walk down the street playing the people as they made their way to work, or even coming home from work. “You don’t mind me asking but…Why’d you want to meet me here? My mom doesn’t exactly like me…” He nodded taking a sip of his coffee.

“I know she doesn’t. I hate to say I don’t even think she remotely likes you.” He gave me a weak smile.

“Yeah…I know.” I shrugged as we walked down to a small park with benches and a big fountain. “You heard about…what happened?” He nodded as we sat down on one of the benches that over looked the fountain.

“She’s ungrateful really.” He sighed. “She took all of it…didn’t she?” His head turned to me as I toyed with the lid of my Hot Chocolate.

“Every cent. Not even leaving me a penny. I checked.” I shook my head. “We all knew it was going to happen sooner or later. I’m surprised she waited this long.” He shook his head.

“I never understood your relationship with her. Or really hers with you.” He took another drink. “I could never imagine my mother doing that to me.”

“Harold you never knew your mother.” I smiled at him. He shrugged smiling.

“That’s true but still.” I looked at him before looking back at the fountain.

“Did you know she was cheating on you?” He sighed taking a long swig of his drink.

“Yeah I knew. I guess I’ve known the whole time.” I looked at him as he shook his head. “I guess I just couldn’t deal with it.”

“Why wouldn’t you leave her?” I asked him confused. He shrugged.

“I don’t even know…”

“How long have you known?” I asked him taking a sip from the cooling drink. He looked at me giving me a soft smile.

“You remember when I took you on that vacation 3 years back? I took you during the summer.” I nodded smiling remembering it.

“Yeah it was awesome. We went all those different places for 2 months.” He nodded a sad smile on his face.

“Right before that. I was going to take the three of us out on a family vacation, like a real family. I was going to surprise her.” He shook his head. “I found her in bed with a mutual friend of ours.”

“Did you tell her?” He shook his head.

“I didn’t have the heart to. I sat downstairs for three hour before she came down, kissed me hello and left.” He smiled at me. “Next thing I know I’m buying tickets to fly to Nevada and picking you up.” I smiled at him. “You took my mind off it. Off the pain of knowing my marriage turned to utter crap.”

“It’s not your fault Harold.” He sighed again.

“Sometimes I wonder if it was my fault. That maybe I was too focused on work to worry about her.” I shook my head.

“Never Harold. Even if you spent every minute with her she would still do it.” I took another sip. “You know she went to Costa Rica?” He shook his head.

“She said she went to her parent’s house for the week.” He rubbed his neck nervously.

“She says that to them all.” I smiled weakly at him. “I wish she didn’t do that to you. You’re too nice of a guy for it.” He patted my back.

“You don’t deserve to have a mother like that.” He smiled as a little kid ran up to the fountain smiling laughed as his mother ran after him to grab him. I smiled looking down at my shoes.

“I have Sarah now. She’s all I ever wanted.” He turned to look at me.

“I’m divorcing your mother.” He said making me look at him.

“I would have guessed you would have.” I sighed looking at the fountain.

“Sweetheart I don’t think I may ever have any kids of my own. I’m scared. I always wanted to be a Daddy like mine was. But I don’t think I’ll ever get that.” He shook his head. “I thought your mother would want a baby.” I turned to look at him as his eyes glazed over. “She doesn’t. She said she didn’t want no brats hanging around her.” I put my cup down to look at him. “She just wanted my money.” His southern accent flooding into his words. “All I wanted was someone to love.” He shook his head. I wrapped my arms around him. He held me tightly.

“It’d be all right Harold. Y’all find someone.” I whispered squeezing him. “And you’ll always have me.” I sighed as he pulled back to look at me.

“You don’t know what that means to me kid.” I smiled at him as he laughed. “I’m gonna spoil you rotten.” He shook his head. “As much as your Daddy lets me.” He kissed my head.

“I’m sure my Daddy won’t mind too much. He might just get jealous of me though.” I picked up my hot, now cold, chocolate and took the last sip.

“It’s alright sweets, I’ll share.” He smiled at me.

“Your accent slips in when you’re upset.” I giggled as we got up to walk.

“Happens to everyone around here who tries not to show it. I bet yours does too.” I smiled nodding before laughing.

“It does, it does.” He smiled at me as we started to walk back to the hospital.

“Sweetheart no matter what happens I ain’t gonna lose you. I’ll do anything not to.” I looked at him.

“I bet Grandpa and Pap-paw can help you with adoption.” He looked at me. “You know so you can be a Daddy. A real, full Daddy.” He looked ahead of us as we got back to the Starbucks.

“I might do that. But if it doesn’t work out. I’m spoiling you and your baby brother.” I smiled hugging him. “Take this.” He pulled out his wallet opening it. He pulled out a credit card and handed it to me. I looked up from the black card to look at him.

“Harold…” He shook his head at me.

“If you need anything. I mean anything. You can buy it. I got money to spend now.” He smiled kissing my head. “I also have your number so I’ll be calling you to make sure you are good and okay.” I nodded at him shoving the card into my pocket.

“Thank you.” I smiled at him. He shook his head.

“Your family. I’d do anything for my family.” I nodded pressing the button to cross the street to go see Sarah. “I’ll see you soon?” He smiled pulling out his cell phone.

“Yeah, see you soon.” I smiled nodded crossing the street. I got up to Sarah’s room as she burped JJ after a feeding.

“Did you have a good conversation with Harold?” She smiled already knowing what my answer is. I nodded sitting down.

“Where’d Grandma go?” I asked at the silent room.

“My father was having some issue again.” She laughed cradling JJ in her arms after he burped.

“Nothing new then?” She shook her head.

“I did want to talk to you though.” I looked at her.

“Nicole’s mother called. She isn’t going back to school Carson.” I looked down. “We thought it would be better if the two of you went to public school.” I looked at her.

“What about Tucker?” She took a deep breath trying to think of a good way of saying what she wanted to.

“I talked to your father a couple days ago. We think that it’s time to be a family.” She looked at me. “We think it would be good, better for the family, if you didn’t go back to school either.” I rubbed my neck. “We also…” She took a deep breath. “We are thinking of moving because…your father got a job.”

“But Dad…” She shook her head.

“This is a conversation you need to have with him. Not me.”

“Where would we be moving?”

“A little town in Nevada.” I looked up at her.

“It wouldn’t be…” She smiled at me.

“We’ve been planning it for a while now. We want you all to be together. It’s why we wanted you to meet the guys, to be friends with them. Your Dad knew this was his last deployment. He wanted you, me, JJ, and him to be together and happy.” I could feel the tears in my eyes.

“I’m finally going to have a family.” I smiled at her. “A real family.”

*A/N Last real chapter of His Beach House.....Till the next book that will come out....sooner or later. So the next chapter is the Epilogue. That is all*

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