His Beach House

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter Two

Submitted: June 14, 2011

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Submitted: June 14, 2011



“Nicole take yours and Carson’s bags up to your room please.” Mrs. Brown says as we pull up to Nic’s house.

“Sure Mom.” She nodded as I got out of the truck walking around to the back as Mr. Brown helped Dakota out. Nic nudged me. “What do you want to do after we take these upstairs?” I looked at her.

“I truly have no idea. It has been so long since I have been on normal ground.” I shrugged causing her to laugh.

“Come on Gin you have to do something when you’re off campus.” She said handing me my bag as I grabbed one of hers.

“I don’t know I haven’t been off in a while really. It’s weird.” I smiled dropping my bag to close the trunk. I picked it up again as she led me inside.

“It is weird to be out of school isn’t it? I feel like I’m going to turn around and see a Drill Instructor staring at me.” She sighed as we walked into her room.

“I have the same feeling Nic.” I sat dropping my bag on the bed she said was mine and looked at her.

“Come on let’s get changed out of our uniforms and into normal clothes and get some lunch.” She smiled looking around her room. “It’s great to be home.” I looked at her before un-zipping my bag and pulling out a pair of the few pairs I had and an old t-shirt jersey for my Dad’s home town football team. “Bathroom is just outside the door. The door is open.” I nodded walking out walking straight into Dakota.

“Hey Sweetheart, where you going?” I asked her looking down at her.

“I was looking for you. You want to go swimming with me? You and Nikki? Oh please oh please oh please come swimming with me.” I smiled at her.

“Let me ask Nikki alright? But I’m sure she will say yes.” She jumped up and down happily.

“Yay I can’t wait! I will meet you in the pool.” She giggled running into her room to change into a swim suit. I turned around and knocked on the door of Nic’s room.

“Yeah?” She called through the door.

“Dakota wants to go swimming with us. You up for that?” I shrugged even though she couldn’t see.

“Yeah that’s cool. You want your swim suit?”

“Yeah can you get it for me?”

“Yeah hold on.” I heard ruffling before the door opened with Nic holding a t-shirt up to her chest and handed me my swim suit. “You really only have one bag from all five years?” I shrugged.

“I had some posters up but I gave them to Mason because he liked them.” She shook her head. Mason was my other best friend. I met him at school 5 years ago when I first started. We have been friends ever since.

“No, I mean your clothes Carson.” I looked away from her.

“Can we talk about this another time? Let’s just get changed.” I looked to watch her nod.

“We will be talking about this again Carson. You’re my best friend I want you to be happy.” She nodded to the bathroom. “Go change Ginger.” I turned around my blue and white bikini in my hand. I changed into it before slipping on my t-shirt and jeans on top of it. I walked out of the bathroom as Nic throws a towel at my head.

“What was that for?” I laughed catching the towel pulling it down from my face.

“For being a ginger.” She laughed as we started to walk back down stairs together. I shoved her as we walked down the stairs causing her to laugh.

“Girls what are you doing?” Her Mom laughed as we came into the kitchen.  She pushed me again causing me to start to laugh again.

“Just messing around really.” Nic shrugged.

“What are you two going to be doing today?” Mrs. Brown asked looking up from the sandwiches she was making to look at us.

“They are going swimming with me Mommy.” Dakota said looking at her Mom. She was in a cute tankini that still showed a little bit of her stomach. I smiled at her as she lifted her towel to show her mom. “See Mommy. Daddy said we could.” She nodded looking at her mom.

“Alright sweetheart you can swim. Go outside and get ready Dakota, don’t forget to put on sunscreen.” Dakota nodded running out of the back door to the outdoor pool. Mrs. Brown looked at Nic and me. “Make sure she stays in the swallow end if she has nothing but if you take her to the deep end I want her to have a pool float or something of that kind okay? She isn’t as strong as a swimmer yet but she is getting better.”

“Don’t worry Mrs. Brown, Nicole and I are great swimmers. We will take care of her. I promise.” I smiled at her. She looked at me.

“Sweetheart, Mrs. Brown is my mother-in-law. Call me Leila.” I nodded.

“Yes Ma’am.” She shook her head laughing at me.

“Go on. I’ll bring the three of you lunch when I’m done with it.” We nodded walking out to see Dakota sitting getting ready for a swim. I pulled off my t-shirt and putting my towel on a chair by the pool dropping my shirt with it before up buttoning my jeans slipping them off too. I dived into the deep end gliding all the way into the swallow end making Dakota clap happily as Nic stood next to her.

“Go on Dakota jump in Carson will catch you.” She looked at me and walked over to the edge.

“Don’t worry I’ll catch you.” She bent her knees jumping into my arms and giggled as I caught her.

“Come on Nikki you come in too!”  Dakota smiled at her sister. Nic laughed jumping in splashing the two of us with water.

“Come on Nic really?” I laughed pushing her head under the water. She wiped the water from her face before splashing me again.

“Yeah you were already wet so it didn’t matter did it?” She smirked at me as Dakota laughed happily looking between the two of us before wrapping her arms around my neck.

“It does matter.” I laughed shoving water into her face as I swam away with Dakota laughing the whole way. We spent the next couple of hours swimming and laughing. I lifted Dakota out of the pool with me as she clung onto me.

“We are going to be making cheeseburgers and hotdogs. Nicole can you help your father while I go call your brother. He should be home already.” She said huffing sticking her head out of the back door.

“Sure Mom.” She nodded to her mom before looking at me. “You going to be alright? I’ll be right back.”

“Don’t worry it Nic, I’ll be fine.” I laughed wrapping Dakota’s princess towel around her as Nic walked inside to help her Dad. I looked at Dakota as I rubbed her arms helping to dry her off.  “Are you looking forward to going on vacation tomorrow?” She looked up at me as I moved to dry her hair.

“Yeah I can’t wait Carson. Mommy and Daddy said we are going to have a lot of fun. And we are going to see Disney characters and so much more. It’s going to be fun.” She nodded giggling happily at me. “Are you going to have fun with Nikki and Tucker tomorrow?” I looked down at her as I wrapped my towel around myself.

“I hope so but I’m not sure.” Her eyebrow frowned as she looked at me.

“But why wouldn’t you have fun Carson?” I rubbed her hair with my hand.

“Don’t worry about it kid. I’m sure I’ll have fun.” Her face scrunched up as she crossed her arms pouting at me. Nic walked out the door with Mr. Brown behind her.

“Don’t call me kid.” I copied her face making Nic and Mr. Brown start to laugh.

“I won’t if you stop making that face I will not call you kid. I promise.” I said giving her my hand to shake in agreement. She looked at me with the same face before shaking my hand. I laughed dropped my towel and hers before jumping back into the water as she giggled like crazy as I kept her head above water since I jumped in without telling her. Nic put the stuff down she helped her father carry out before coming over to help Dakota out of the pool wrapping her back up in her towel.

“Did you girls have fun today?” Mrs. Brown said coming into the backyard closing her phone with a smile on her face.

“We had so much fun today Mommy!” She smiled happily at her. I dunked under the water wetting my hair one last time before pulling myself out of the water and sitting on the edge of the pool.

“Hey Mom we’re home.” A voice called from the gate of the fenced in backyard. I got out running a hand through my hair looking over at the fence as 4 guys walked through the gate walking to the pool.

“Good Tucker just in time for dinner.” Mrs. Brown said helping Mr. Brown not looking at the boys.

“Holy crap…” They said wide eyed looking at Nic and me.

“Boys?” She said finally looking at them. “Oh will you 4 pick your jaws off the floor and sit your butts down to eat.” I blushed bright red looking down at my bikini.

“Oh look at you Ginger! You’re as red as your hair.” Nic said throwing her head back and bursting out laughing. I dead legged her before sitting next to her smiling. “Ow you bitch!” She yelled grabbing her leg where I hit her. I hit her again on her other leg. “Ow what was that one for?” She groaned standing up to stretch her legs.

“Watch your language around your sister.” I said pulling a face grabbing my towel and wrapping it around myself as the four guys sat around the table.

“Carson what’s a bitch?” She asked looking at me with a confused face. I looked at Nic as she shrugged.

“Your sister?” I said looking away from her.

“Carson!” Mrs. Brown said looking at me with a knowing smile.

“Sorry Ma’am. I wouldn’t have to tell her if someone would have kept her mouth shut.” I laughed my southern charm slipping into my words.

“Oh god don’t go all ‘I’m a sweet innocent southern girl’ on her again.” Nic groaned looking at her mother.

“Where are you from Carson? You know I never got to ask you that.” Mr. Brown said putting the food on the table. I put my towel on so it was like a dress and picked Dakota up putting her on a seat before sitting next to Nic and one of the boys that came in before.

“I’m originally from Texas. But my Dad was originally from a small town in Louisiana just outside New Orleans.” I smiled at him. Mrs. Brown wrinkled her nose and put food on Dakota’s and hers plate.

“You must miss it there being up here in Nevada and all.” I shook my head.

“No Ma’am it’s not really too different from home. But maybe a little cooler there.” I shrugged. She smiled.

“Come one enough chit-chat Leila let the poor girl eat. Dig in kids.” Mr. Brown laughed getting a cheeseburger to eat while everyone reached for food…

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