His Beach House

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Chapter Three

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I finished off my food looking at Nic as Mrs. And Mr. Brown made conversation with the four guys I still had no idea the names of.  Nic cleared her throat looking at her Mom. “Mom so when are we leaving tomorrow to drop you off at the airport to fly to Florida?” Her Mom looked at her for a minute before her face lit up.

“You need to drop us off at 6:30 sharp Nicole. I’m sure you can do that right?” She smiled as she looked at me too.

“It won’t be a problem Mrs. Brown.” I smiled at her.

“Carson what did I say you should call me?” She said sternly.

“Sorry Ma’am, I mean Leila.” She nodded.

“You kids have fun while your father and I go make dessert inside.” She stood up and looked at Mr. Brown before taking hers and his plate inside with her. Nic looked at me as I ate a potato chip from the bowel on the table.

“Carson can we go swimming again?” Dakota asked looking up at me happily.

“Uh, sure Dakota just go sit by the edge of the pool while I get ready.” I smiled at her as she pushed her chair out and ran to the edge of the pool and sat on the stair. Nic looked at me. “You got a hair tie on you?” She nodded pulling the black band off her wrist and flicking it at me.

“Just don’t lose it it’s one of my last ones.” I pulled my hair into a pony tail and tied with the hair tie.

“I have a new pack in my bag you can have some of them.” She nodded as I we both stood up making the boys stop talking mid-sentence.

“Damn Tuck you have one hot sister.” One of the boys whispered to another boy who I guess would be Tucker.

“Dude, that’s my sister.” He glared at his friend looking back at the two of us. He stood up. “Uh, Hi.” He smiled at me lifting his hand up. “I’m Tucker, Nicole’s brother.” I heard Nic groan behind me.

“I’m Carson.” I smiled back at him shaking his outstretched hand.

“Carson come on. I want to swim.” I turned my head to look over at Dakota.

“Gin come on. He’s just my brother.” She smirked at him as one of Tuckers friends said something making Tucker laugh. I walked towards the pool with Nic to Dakota when we turned around.

“Wait Carson,” I turned to look at him but Nic laughed pushing me into the pool. I surfaced looking at her and smirking as she and Dakota laughed. Nic didn’t see me till I pushed my body enough out of the water to grab her leg and yank her in with me.

“Damn you-” I cut her off by shoving her head under the water as Dakota doggy paddled over to us. Nic came up glaring me at as I laughed wrapping my arms around Dakota.

“Tucky come swimming too.” Tucker looked over at his sister from where he was sitting with his friends.

“Yeah Tucky come swim with us.” Nic laughed looking at her brother imitating her sister. Tucker glared at his sister before pulling his t-shirt off and walking over to the diving board ready to jump in. He jumped in doing a cannonball splashing us from the deep end. I watched as Dakota giggled moving to swim over to him as he came up for air. The other 3 boys did the same each jumping in with only their shorts on. Tucker lifted Dakota up and put her on his shoulders as she giggled holding onto his head. Nic and I sat on the edge of the stairs while Nic came and sat next to me.

“What do you think we are going to do when we get there?” I asked looking at her leaning my elbows on my thighs before put my head in my hands.

“I’m not really sure yet Gin, but it can’t be too bad.” She shrugged looking down at the water moving by our legs.

“Yeah how bad can it be being stuck in California in a beach house?” I laughed pushing her. She looked at me laughing.

“Well we are going to be in a house full of teenage boys.” I raised my eyebrow at her.

“More than those 4?” She shook her head.

“No just Tucker and the 3 of them but I think his other friend Eli is coming for the last week there.” I wrinkled my nose.

“Just think Nic, it’s like school all over again. Five guys we are living with for 2 and a half months.” She groaned and put her head on her knees.

“I never thought of it that way. This summer is going to be interesting.” She groaned again.

“Very interesting.” I laughed at her face.

“It’s not funny.” She laughed smacking me as I laughed harder.

“Your face was priceless.” I said trying to calm down but she would pull a funny face every time I got close and I would start up again.

“Not so funny way is it?” She started to laugh too as the boys and Dakota looked over at us as we laughed helplessly. They made their way towards us.

“What tickled you two?” Tucker asked raising his eyebrow looking back and forth between Nic and I.

“I don’t even remember.” Nic laughed making me start to laugh holding my stomach since I was laughing so hard.

“Nikki you’re mental.” He smiled at her as she fell back onto the solid ground laughing. Dakota looked at the two of us as we both started to calm down.

“I know. I am related to you aren’t I?” He gave her a thoughtful look.

“Yeah you’re probably right.” He laughed as I pulled myself out of the water to sit on the edge next to Nic. I looked at Tucker at he smiled at me.

“You know out of everyone in this pool. I know only 3 out of 6 names.” Dakota looked at me.

“Do you know my name?” She asked innocently. I looked at smiling leaning closer to whisper in her ear.

“Of course sweetheart.” She giggled at me and looked at the 3 boys coming over from the deep end to the 4 of us.

“Well there is an easy answer to that Carson. First off this is Ben one of my best friends.” I smiled at Ben. He had short blonde hair and awesome blue eyes as he smiled at me. He had a nice boy, just like the rest of his friends, a six pack. “Next we have Blake.” He pointed to the guy next to Ben who was scratching his neck smiling at me. He had simple brown hair with green eyes but a body that made it worth wild. “And lastly we have Liam.” Liam had sandy blonde hair that clung to his forehead with the water making his hazel eyes shine. “Guys this is Carson, my sister’s friend.”  They nodded at me give a different hello. I smiled.

“Nice to me y’all.” I smacked Nic as she started to laugh at me.  Tucker smiled at me his gray eyes shining in the setting sun. He looked just like his father with the same dark brown and same gray eyes. Something about them just drew me into them but I didn’t do anything about it…yet. Guess we will just have to see what happens this summer.

“Kids dessert.” Mrs. Brown said coming out of the house holding a pie and tub of ice cream. I watched as Tucker pulled himself out of the pool with Dakota giggling as she held onto him for dear life. We had our apple pie with ice cream before Mrs. Brown told us all to get into the shower and try to get to bed early since we are all having an early morning tomorrow. “Boys use the shower down stairs. Girls use the shower upstairs. Dakota you can use the shower in our bathroom.” We all nodded as the guys before running off yelling who gets to go first.

“Uh Mrs. B-” She gave me a look. “I mean Leila may I have another piece of pie?” She smiled at me.

“Of course Carson you can have another piece! You take whatever you want!” She smiled as Mr. Brown went and took Dakota to go help her with her bath.

“I can go with another piece too.” Nic nodded as we got our pieces of pie as Mrs. Brown started to clean up the mess.

“Leila, Dad needs your help with Dakota.” She looked down at the table before looking at Ben.

“Tell him I will be right there.” He nodded going back into the house.

“We will clean up for you Mom.” I nodded at Mrs. Brown seconding that I would help.

“Thank you girls.” She smiled taking what she already had in her hand inside with her as she went to go help Mr. Brown. I looked at Nic before standing up to collect the rest of the mess as Nic collected the rest of the food. We walked inside the house closing the sliding doors behind us.

“You want to take a shower first or me?” I shrugged.

“I could care less who goes first.” She nodded.

“Why don’t you go in while I put these in the dishwasher.” I looked at her.

“Wow a dishwasher. How far away from School are we?” I laughed going to run up the stairs to grab my stuff.

“Hey Carson?” I turned to look to look at Tucker as he stood my where the two stairs to go upstairs and downstairs combines. He leaned against the wall in only his shorts with a towel slung over his shoulder ready for his shower.


“Do you and Nic want to watch a movie with us down stairs?” I turned to look at the kitchen.

“I’m up for it but ask your sister. I’m just going into the shower.” He smiled at me before nodding.

“Alright I’ll go ask her.” He moved to go to the kitchen as I trotted up the stairs. I got a change of underwear and a shorts bra I wear to sleep before grabbing my pajamas and heading to take a warm shower. After I finished I walked back into the kitchen to see Nic and Tucker talking.

“Hey Nic, showers open.” She looked up and smiled.

“All right I’ll meet you down stairs in the TV room.” She said walking over and up the stairs. I looked at Tucker fresh from the shower in a pair of pajama pants leaning on the kitchen counter.

“That was fast.” He smiled at me.

“Yeah it would have been quicker but I couldn’t figure out how to use it so it took about 10 minutes to figure out but I got it.” He shook his head laughing.

“10 minutes?”

“Yeah don’t judge me. I figured it out eventually.” I laughed folding my arms.

“Sure, sure.” He smirked getting off the counter and offering me his arm. “Ready to go m’lady?” I smiled at him.

“Of course my dear Sir.” I giggled as we walked down the stairs till we got to where the other guys were when I let go of his arm going to sit on a couch till he sat next to me. Ben clicked play before he leaning back into the couch. Nic came down later sitting next to Ben as we walked the movie. I yawned half way through getting tired after such a long day. I blinked trying to keep my eyes open but was failing so I laid my head on Tucker’s shoulder and fell fast asleep the sounds of the TV acting as my lullaby…

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