His Beach House

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Chapter Five

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We walked into the house laughing. The guys looked up at us with tried eyes. “What are you laughing at?” Ben asked rubbing his eyes.

“Oh we were just driving in and heard this hilarious phone tap on the radio.” Nic smiled at him.

“Oh please tell me you brought food.” Tucker said looking into the brown bag I had in my hands.

“Yeah thought you guys would be hungry.” I nodded handing him the bag and turning to Nic to pull the bag with our bagels in it to me pulling mine out and throwing hers at her.

“Thank god! There is no food in here.” Liam smiled pulling out a bagel for himself.

“Well no one is going to be here for two weeks so I wouldn’t buy new food so it can go to waste.” I shrugged at him.

“That’s true. Did you get butter? Because all I see is cream cheese.” I looked over at him.

“Crap I must have left it in the truck. Let me go get it.” I took the keys out of my pocket and made my way back to the car grabbing the cream cheese before going back in.

“So when we going to leave for the beach house?” Ben asked with a mouth full of bagel. I rolled my eyes at him.

“I think we should leave soon so we don’t hit any traffic on the way there.” I said before I took a bite of my bagel.

“Yeah it’s probably a good idea. The faster we get there the faster the fun starts.” Tucker laughed.

“Do you guys have everything ready and packed?”  Nic asked finishing off her bagel. The guys looked at each other. Nic groaned. “You haven’t have you?” They shrugged at us innocently.

“Alright we have to leave soon so guys go back to your house and pack.” I sighed running a hand through my hair.

“I already finished so I guess I’ll go help Blake so we can get on with this and leave already.” Liam shrugged pushing Blake towards the front door.

“I need help to get it done fast.” Ben bit his lip looking at Nic.

“Fine I will help you pack. Carson can you help Tucker finish too so we can leave?” I nodded as she yanked Ben out of the house by his ear making me laugh. I looked at Tucker.

“You done with breakfast?” He nodded.

“Come on let’s get this over with.” I put the tops on the butter and the cream cheese before putting them in the almost empty frig. I walked down the stairs with Tucker in front of me.

“So how much do think I will need?” He asked going to the back of the TV and opening a door to the side. He walked in as I fallowed him into it sitting on the king size bed in the middle of the room. I looked around as he got a duffle bag out of the closet and putting it on the bed next to me.

“Well pack a lot of bathing suits. A ton of shorts. T-shirts. You know stuff like that.” He nodded turning to his dresser. “You know for a teenage boy’s room this is pretty clean.” I laughed looking at only a couple clothes on the floor. Other than the unmade bed and the clothes it was clean.

“Oh why thank you.” He laughed tossing me some clothes to throw into the bag for him. “I knew you were going to be coming in so I tided up.” He smirked at me.

“Oh really.” I giggled at him as I folded the clothes and put them neatly in his bag for him. He threw me some shorts for me to put in.

“Yes really. It usually isn’t half this dirty all the time.” I smiled at him.

“Boy do I feel special.” He smiled at me pulling a bunch of t-shirts out of his draw and walking over to help me fold and put in.

“You should.” He smiled at me folding a t-shirt and plopping it on top of the pile of clothes I already put in the bag.

“No shirts on this side.” I moved the shirt over. He shook his head laughing.

“It’s all going into the same place. Come on.” He laughed folding another shirt and throwing on top of my pile. I once again shoved it over to be on top of the other one he put it. “Oh no you didn’t.” He said in a girly tone snapping his fingers. I looked at him laughing.

“Oh yes I did.” I cocked my head to the side snapping my fingers back at him making both of us fall back laughing. “Okay let’s finish packing so we can head to California.” I said as I started to calm down from laughing.

“Alright.” He nodded as we folded clothes again.

“You need to get underwear. We will have a washing machine at the house so you don’t have to bring 2 months’ worth but enough for you to wear without doing the wash a lot.” I said folding some bathing suits for him. I looked up when he didn’t answered and started to laugh. “Look at you blush.” I smiled at him.

“Okay but you’re not folding my boxers.” He smirked at me.

“Don’t worry I don’t want to.” I laughed as he went back to his dresser to get his boxers.

“At least I know you’re a boxers guy and not a briefs guy.” I watched the red creep up the back of his neck as he blushed.

“I’m happy you know that then.” He laughed nervously shoving the boxers into the side of his bag zipping it up.

“Alright put in a couple pairs of jeans and a hoodie or two just in case.” He nodded walking to his closet and pulling some jeans and three hoodies out of it.

“This good?” I looked at it before nodding.

“Yeah that looks about good. Here give them to me and I will put them in.” He handed me his clothes. “Go get your tooth brush and whatever else you will need.” He nodded walking out of the room. “Oh also put it in a plastic bag too!” I called out to him as I put the pants into the bag and did the same with the next pair of jeans until I finished packing for Tucker and zipped up the bag.

“Okay I got everything I will need. Teeth brush, tooth paste, shampoo, body wash, shaving cream, and razor. You think that’s good?” He asked handing me the full plastic bag.

“Yeah that’s everything.” I unzipped the other side of his bag and slipped the bag into the bag. “You are ready to go.” He smiled taking the bag from me and putting it over his shoulder.

“Thanks for helping me.” I smiled at him.

“It was nothing.” He bit his lip.

“Can I try something?” I looked up at him. He was closer than I first thought as I stared up into his gray eyes.

“Yeah.” I swallowed wetting my lips with my tongue. I could feel his breath on my face as he leaned in lips only inches away from mine. I swallowed again staring up at him biting my lip.

“I have wanted to do this since the first time I saw you.” I closed my eyes as Tucker leaned in closer so I felt his breath on my lips.

“Dude you ready to go?” Ben yelled down the stairs. Tucker took a step away from me before groaning.

“Yeah we will be there in a minute.” He back at him. He looked at me aggravated. I smiled at him.

“Another time.” I walked over kissing his stubbed cheek. “Come on let’s get going.” I walked up the stairs looking at Nic. “Did Blake and Liam get back yet?” She nodded.

“I unlocked the SUV. They’re putting our bags and theirs in the back. All we need is Tuck’s. Where is he?” I looked down the stairs as Tucker came up the stairs his bag in hand. “Tucker go put the bag in back then we will talk about how we will get to California.” He nodded walking out of the house.

“Alright go see if the back doors locked and make sure the lights are out.” She nodded as I went to turn the lights out all over the house before meeting up with Nic. “You ready to go?” I asked her. She nodded as we walked out locking the door behind us.

“Alright who is taking who?” Liam asked closing the trunk.

“Well I have my truck.” Ben said looking at all of us.

“We have the SUV and the Jeep right?” Nic nodded at Blake.

“Yeah you guys can have the SUV and we will take the Jeep.” Tucker looked at Nic.

“Dad gave you the keys?” I nodded pulling them out of my pocket jingling them at him. “Aw man I wanted the Jeep.” He huffed as I laughed at him.

“Well he gave them to me so I get to drive. Me and Nic are taking the Jeep you guys figure out how you are going to split up on the two cars.” I smiled at him as Nic opened the garage door and smiled.

“Fine, fine. I’m going to drive the SUV and Liam will come with me. Ben will take his truck and Blake will go with him. Easy simple.” Everyone nodded as we got into the cars.

“You know Nic. This is a very nice jeep.” She laughed at me as I put my seatbelt on before watching the guys pull out of the drive way. It was a nice jeep. It’s an older one but it was well taken care of so it looked brand new. It was a topless one that let you pull up the top if needed. I pulled out of the garage and the driveway going down the street as Nic clicked the button closing the garage behind up. I pulled up behind Tucker as Nic plugged in her iPod and started to blast Nickelback. I smiled. Summer had officially started.

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