His Beach House

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Chapter Six

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Submitted: July 03, 2011



I pulled up onto the freeway when Nic turned down the music. “So you and my brother…” She said turning her head to look at me. I shrugged.

“What about him?” I looked over to switch lanes making sure the guys were still behind me.

“I don’t know you two just seem close.” She said turning to look out the window.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked her changing the album on her iPod. She smiled at me.

“I don’t know it’s just that you just seem like you like him. And it just seems like he likes you too.” I looked over at her quickly before looking back at the road in front of me.

“Yeah but then I haven’t really seen my twin brother since I left for school in August of last year.” She sighed.

“Do you regret ever coming to school?” She looked at me.

“Sure I miss my family and all. I miss my brother who I barley talked to for the whole school year but no. I could never replace the friends I made there. Never. Not you, or Mason, or even E.J. You guys are probably the best thing that happened to me.” She smiled down at her lap before looking at me.

“I remember when you first came to school.” She closed her eyes nodding.

“I got escape. Everyone made fun of me at my old school. It was terrible. They used to beat, trip me, and anything they could think of to hurt me and it was only middle school. It was the only thing my parents could think of was boarding school. Get me away from all this crap going on. I was terrified when I got there. Drill Instructors at every turn. Uniforms for everyone. I was,” she gave me a sad laugh. “I was just scared everything that I scared of every turn. Scared that everyone was going to hurt me. Or make fun me for something.” I nodded.

“I remember that Cal was, he was.” I laughed. “He has a heart of gold. He wants everyone to be happy. To not fear. He used to always tell me that the only fear is fear its self. He knew that you were scared you didn’t know what to do or what was going on. I was the same. Except I was younger.” I smiled weakly at her. “He did the same thing to me you know. Set me up with someone to listen to. To show me the ropes.” She looked at me.

“Really? Who did he choose?” I laughed remembering all the times in school.

“He tried choosing someone my age but most when you start near the end of 6th grade most kid anyone else. Especially if they are there for a reason at 6th grade unlike me.” I laughed again.

“So who did he choose?” She asked hitting my arm.

“He chose this one girl but she got a expelled about 3 days later leaving me stranded all of those days. So uh he gave up on kids and matched me with a newer drill instructor.”

“Who!” She laughed again.

“Drill Instructor James.” I shrugged at her as her jaw dropped.

“Why him? Oh my god that’s why when he rips all of us a new one he is nice and sweet to you.” I shrugged again smiling at her again.

“Cal knew him and knew he knew my Dad.” I smiled. “He and I started together so it was we helped each other learn the ropes.”

“Wow Cal must have thought that through very well.” I nodded.

“He used to let me call my Dad when I wanted. He’s a great guy.” She nodded.

“He is. You helped me get through high school Carson. Even when you beat up that girl after she made fun of me and almost broke my arm.” I nodded smiling at her.

“You’re my best friend without a penis.” I winked making her laugh.


“But you are my favorite friend of all.” I smiled at her as I pulled into the town the house is in.

“Your my best friend too Carson. Thanks.” I pulled up to the address Nic gave me.

“Wow.” I whispered looking up at the house. “What the…” I looked at her. She shrugged getting out as I pulled into the drive way.

“It was my grandma’s house for when all of us come together cousins, aunts, uncles, and everything. Then when she went into a nursing home with grandpa she gave us the house.” She smiled up at it. “It’s nice isn’t it?” I looked up at it.

“It’s amazing.” I smiled at her.

“I’m glad you came Carson now I won’t be alone with all the boys.” I put my hand on her shoulder.

“Thanks for getting me out of school for the summer.” She nodded smiling at me.

“Come on let’s go inside.” She smiled pulling out her keys and opening the door while we waited for the boys to get here. “So since this place is big enough we all get our own rooms. You will be getting this room if you want. But I know you’ll love it.” I walked up the stairs and into the room she was talking about.

“Wow this room is amazing.” I whispered looking around the room. It was amazing. She was right I loved it. It had a wall of windows that faced the ocean since the house was facing towards it.

“The bathroom is right through that door. It doesn’t have a bath but it has a shower which I know if fine with you.” I nodded.

“Yeah its fine.” She smiled at me. “Where are you going to be staying in?”

“I’m staying in the room next door. It’s kind of the same but it only had half a window wall. But it has bath also.” I nodded sitting down on the queen size bed on the side of the room perpendicular to the wall of windows. The walls had a deep blue color on them making the room look amazing.

“Nic? Carson?” Tucker yelled into the house.

“Up here Tuck!” She yelled back as we stared out the window. I turned my head as he came through the door with mine and Nic’s bag in his hands.

“This your room Nic?” She shook her head.

“Nope this is Carson’s room while we are here.” Tucker smiled at me.

“Good to know.” He winked making me blush. He put my bag on the bed before smiling at me again as we made our way down stair into the living room were all the guys where. “Alright guys I think a day at the beach is needed here.” Nic nodded at Tucker in agreement.

“I could go for a beach day.” Liam nodded looking at the other guys as they nodded.

“Alright then let’s go get into bathing suits on and get to the beach.” I smiled at them. I looked around before scrunching up my nose. “Where is Ben?” Tucker shrugged.

“Don’t know where he is.” I raised an eye brow at him. Just then Ben walked into the house with ice on his arm.

“What happened?” I asked looking at his arm.

“Tucker punched me when I got here. Man it hurts.” He said pulling a face at me. I looked over at Tucker as he shrugged at me giving me a half smile. I shook my head at him as I started to laugh.

“You still want to swim Ben?” Nic asked lifting up the ice from his arm. He nodded.

“I’m sure I’m alright to go into the ocean. It also means I can get back at him for it.” He smiled at her.

“Come on go get your swim suits on.” Nic nodded to everyone. “Also you guys have to go pick your rooms.” They nodded walking off to go upstairs. I walked into my room slipping on my same blue and white bikini that I wore yesterday. I pulled on my jeans and t-shirt and pulled out my flip flops before walking to Nic’s room. She walked out holding two towels and handed me one.  “Come on let’s go.” We walked down the stairs to see all the guys waiting on us.

“Ready?” Tucker asked looking between the two of us.

“Yup let’s go.” I smiled at him.

“Nic, race you!” Ben laughing running off with Blake and Liam.

“Don’t worry I’ll win!” She yelled sprinting after them. I looked at Tucker. He laughed taking my hand in his as well as my towel.

“Don’t worry I won’t run off on you.” He smiled at me.

“Well I hope not you got my towel.” I laughed turning around to lock the back door. “This house is amazing you know. I can’t believe it’s right on the boardwalk too.” He nodded putting his arm around my shoulder making me look up at him. “Why did you punch Ben?” He shrugged leading me down to the beach.

“I really wanted that kiss you know.” He sighed looking at me. “Ben interrupted it so I punched him. It’s only fair.\" I smiled up at him.

“You’re crazy.” I laughed at him as we made it to where the others dropped their stuff. Tucker put his towel down and put mine on top of it. He smiled at me pulling his t-shirt on the towel. I pulled mine off putting it on the towel before throwing my keys before throwing my jeans on top. Tucker looked at me smiling. “Hey Tucker?”

“Yeah.” I walked over to him kissing his lightly on the lips.

“There’s your kiss.” I laughed before running away from him over to Nic and the guys in the water leaving him standing there with his mouth wide open.

I’m so sorry it took so long to update. It’s just this chapter took me so long to get out. That and my cat kept coming over and sitting on my keyboard meowing before typing letters. It was very annoying but we let me finish so it’s all good now :)

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