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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Chapter Nine

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Submitted: February 26, 2012



Chapter Nine

Mason laid me in the passenger seat of the car buckling me in. He smiled at me weakly. “I’ll be here when you get back Baby.” He kissed my head. “I’m sleeping in your bed tonight.” I swatted at him weakly.

“Why do all you men like my bed?” I whimpered at him as he smiled at me.

“Maybe it’s because it’s comfortable. But I might steal your man.” I smacked at him weakly.

“No.” I dragged out the o. “He’s mine. Get your own.” I started to cough painfully as Sarah got into the truck as I put my head back gasping for breath, but not getting any at all.

“Call me when you hear anything about her.” He told Sarah before kissing my head and closing the door.

“It’ll be alright baby. I’m getting you help now.” She patted my hand pulling out of the driveway. I pulled my cellphone out with shaky fingers and texted Tucker. Sarah helped me out of the car and into the entrance of the emergency room. I was clutching onto her hand as a nurse looked up at us.

“How can I help you?” Sarah rubbed at my shoulder as my breath was still not back from before in the car.

“My daughters sick. She is having trouble breathing and she has a terrible fever.” I looked into the empty waiting room as Sarah gave our information. I covered my mouth as I coughed again as the nurse had us walk around to get checked out. I stopped suddenly as my breath caught in my throat. Not moving, blocking the way. I collapsed to the ground knocking out the lung full of air I had. I coughed harshly making the nurses run around to help as Sarah tried to help me up. I coughed again the pain in my throat was making me gag. The nurses pulled me up in a wheel chair. I rubbed my chest in pain as they rolled me into the back and set me up in a room. A nurse took my temperature as I tried to breathe around it. It beeped as another nurse put an oxygen mask over my mouth. Sarah held my hand as I tears started to roll down my cheeks from the pain of my chest. “Hang in there Lightening. The doctor will be here soon.” I held onto her tightly as I had to cough again.

“Oh you sound terrible.” The doctor said walking it. I rubbed my chest as Sarah held my hand tighter as my phone buzzed. “Let’s get a look at your Sweetheart. What was her temperature?”

“105.2, Doctor.” He looked at me as I gasped lightly taking in the sweet oxygen. He listened to my chest before taking off the oxygen and listening again.

“What’s wrong with her?” Sarah asked as the doctor looked at my chart. “What did you hear?”

“Her chest is raddling. I want to get her a chest X-ray. Leave the oxygen on for her.” I started to cough again which forced my body up off the bed as I gasped for air. “There, there sweetheart.” I felt the tears rolling down my face as I started to gag the coughing too much. “Get the bucket.” I leaned over as a nurse held the little bucket as I threw up into it. Sarah rubbed my back gently.

“Please help her.” Sarah said looking at the doctor.

“Let’s get her hooked up to an IV and get her some painkillers. I want to bring her fever down. It’s getting too high. If it went up .2 degrees in a 30 hour that means it’s going up.” I laid back on the bed my eyes closing in the fire that was lighting up in my chest. My phone rang again. The doctor was putting the IV into my hand as a nurse held it as it was shaking too much. “We’re going to make you better alright?” I nodded as him as I pushed my phone to Sarah.

“It’s Tucker.” She said looking at it. “You want me to answer it?” I nodded again. She walked out to answer the phone for me.

“Carson, I need to know. Did you take anything? Any drugs? Any drinks?” I looked at his with misted over eyes pulling the mask away from my mouth.

“I would never. I swear. I was sleeping on my bed with ducky slippers on this morning. I wouldn’t ruin my life like that.” I started to cough again, away from the source of oxygen that was helping me breath. He put it back down on my face.

“I need to ask. I’m going to take you to get the X-Ray alright?” I nodded my eyes closing as the pain medication the doctor put in go into my system……

I woke up to a touch on my forehead. “Hey Baby.” I turned my head to look at Tucker. He smiled at me stroking my hair. “How you feeling?”

“My chest hurts. A lot.” I said swallowing painfully. Tucker picked up a glass full of ice water.

“Here, drink this. It’ll sooth your throat.” I took a small sip before guzzling the rest of the glass thirstily. He poured me another glass only for me to guzzle it too. “Careful Car, you don’t want to get sick.” I looked around the hospital room.

“What happened? What time is it?” I sat up on the bed only to be pulled down by the tube under my nose giving me oxygen.

“Sarah said you feel asleep right after you got here and they hooked you up to this.” He tapped on the IV bag. “It’s about 5pm Baby. You’ve been out for a while.”

“Where’s Sarah?” I asked him groaning as I coughed into my hand again.

“She went to get JJ so she can stay longer.” I put my hand to my chest as the doctor walked in.

“Good to see you up Miss Collins.” He walked into the room picking up my chart. “You fell asleep on me last night.” He gave me a gentle smile.

“What’s wrong with me?” I groaned shifting on the bed groaning in pain.

“Your X-Ray showed advanced case of pneumonia. You need to stay here for a while; while we help you get better.” I rubbed at my chest again. “What hurts?”

“I feel like someone has lit a fire in my chest and is dancing around it.” I coughed again. “I have a head ache.” I held out my hand for the glass of ice water.

“Here Baby.” I guzzled the water once again before chewing on the ice.

“I have you on some high antibiotics to kill the bacteria. For now you need to rest and get better.” I blinked at him slowly. “Get some sleep. I’ll get you some more pain medication for your chest.” I put my hand in Tucker’s.

“How long have you been here?” I asked him quietly. He smiled at me leaning down to kiss me.

“I got here about 30 minutes after you fell asleep. Sarah made me leave for school. Your Uncle let me out of practice early. Been here ever since.” I blinked again my eyes fuzzy.

“Did you learn anything good today?” He watched me.

“No, nothing good.” He ran his thumb over my good hand. I closed my eyes as they started to get blurry. “Carson?” I opened them again but I couldn’t see too well. My chest started to burn worse than before. “Baby answer me.” I clutched onto the bed sheet in agony.

“Tucker.” I slurred. I couldn’t get the words to come out right. It sounds more like ‘lukcter’, how? No idea, but I think he got the point.

“Carson? Carson baby look at me.” I turned my head as my chest started to burn even more making me take short hard breaths. I tried to meet his gray eyes but I couldn’t find them. The room around him was turning into the same color. The shades no longer exist. But everything was blurring. The grey darkening till it was as if I couldn’t find anything. Then it went fuzzy. I couldn’t see anything. “Doctor! Doctor! Help!” my hearing was going out as I went suddenly cold. I was shivering. The cold didn’t last long. It turned to scorching heat. I wanted to scream, but my lungs weren’t working. My throat was closing. The heat spread out till it was out in my fingertips. I couldn’t make a noise I wanted to cry out in horrid pain. I couldn’t take the pain. I wanted the pain to end. Please let it end. Please, I’m begging you, I screamed out into the nothingness of my head. They must have heard me because I slowly slipped into the numbness of the darkness that was all around me….


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