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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Chapter Twelve

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Chapter Twelve

I felt a rubbing on my back making me groan. “Time to wake up, Sweetheart.” I groaned and shoved my head farther into my pillow. “Come on first day back at school.” I turned to look at Sarah as she smiled at me. I turned my head back into the comfort of my pillow. “Come on Carson, I made you some eggs and bacon.”

“I don’t want to.” I groaned as Sarah pulled the blanket down so I was uncovered.

“I know but you have to. Come on before Mason and your father eat all the food.” I rubbed my face with my hands. They took my cast off in the hospital so I didn’t need to worry about while I recovered from my septic pneumonia. I pulled on a bra and shirt and slipped on a pair of jeans. I pulled my hair into a pony tail before walking out of the room. Sarah had a brown bag on the table as she put eggs and bacon on a plate. “Come on eat up sweetheart.” I took the plate and sat next to Mason.

“Morning Kids.” Dad said walking into the room holding JJ in his arms as he looked around for a bottle.

“Mornin’.” I mumbled back to him. He looked at me as I shoved the food into my mouth straining to keep my eyes open.

“Not sleep well baby?” He asked me as Sarah handed him a bottle for JJ.

“She had a couple nightmares last night.” She said walking around the island handing me my backpack and giving Mason his, as the Academy sent it to us. I guzzled down my apple juice before taking the pill Dad handed me as JJ guzzled his bottle.

“She did?” He asked raising his eyebrows. Sarah nodded.

“I heard her and went in while I have giving JJ a late feeding last night.” I had my head on Mason’s shoulder my eyes closing.

“Maybe we should keep her home. The doctor said she should be resting more, it’s only been a couple days.”

“I’m fine Daddy. I just want to go back now before I miss anymore.” He sighed looking at me.

“But Carson….”

“Daddy please?” I opened my eyes to look at him. Sarah handed me a travel cup of coffee as Dad looked at her.

“Alright. I’ll drop you off at the school before I held to work. I’ll pick you up after as well. I rubbed my eyes at him.

“Are you going to tell us what you’re doing yet?” I asked standing up. He shook his head smiling passing JJ to Sarah.

“Not yet baby, soon though. Come on we better get going.” Mason handed me my bag as Dad picked up his keys. “We’ll find you both a car to share soon. Harold has been looking around for some. I know he was looking for a Christmas present for you Carson.” I rolled my eyes playfully.

“He spoils me.” I smiled as Sarah gave me my lunch.

“Eat it all Lightening, you need your strength.” I nodded walking out to getting the truck. There are now four people in our household that drives. Sarah has her Explorer. Dad sold his truck a while back before he went to Iraq. My mom never trusted me or cared, and I never needed a car at school, and Mason was in the same boat. Now we all used the Explorer, with the help with Tucker and the Jeep. But it got hectic and annoying, even though I’ve been confined to my bed and Mason just getting here about 13 days ago.

“Come on off to school sweetheart.” Dad said as I put my lunch into my bag. My medication made me either tired or wide awake. I don’t have much of an appetite with it either. I got into the truck turning on the radio as Mason got into the back. Of the truck as Dad threw a bag into the back. I texted Tucker and Nic as Dad pulled out and we made our way to school. I put my phone down on my lap watching out the windows picking at a piece of dog hair on my jeans. Saint loved to lie on my cloths that I put on my desk chair. He would pull them done and lay on them happily. He was a funny puppy who loves to lie around and play. He has been gaining weight and sleeps with his brothers and sisters in the laundry room. I look at Dad as he stops outside of the school. “Give this to the nurse as well as this.” He handed me a note and my afternoon pills. “If you’re too tired to do anything go sleep in the nurse’s office. The doctor wrote you a note for gym and classes if you need it.” I nodded as he stroked my hair.

“Okay Daddy.” He sighed.

“Call me if you want to come home early. Or if you need anything. I can come get you.” I nodded.

“Daddy I’ll be fine. I feel better now.” He sighed as Mason opened my door for me.

“I’ll take care of her Troy.” He said taking my backpack from the floor. “Come on we can drop off your note before homeroom.” I got out after I kissed Dad on the cheek.

“I love you Daddy. I’ll see you later.” He nodded as Mason put his arm around my shoulders.

“He worries too much.” I sighed yawning. Mason shrugged.

“He has reason to Car. You could have died.” I looked up at him as he ran a hand through his hair. School at the Academy started at the same time as we did, but it was different. Mason and the guys had the option to start PT later on. Once you started it guys had to cut their hair. Mason went to visit with his parents that all happened. We walked into the school as people talked around us. I spotted Tucker and Nic standing by the nurse’s office waiting for us.

“Hey Baby.” Tucker said as I walked into his arms plotting my head on his shoulder. “Rough night?” I nodded weakly at him closing my eyes.

“Miss Collins?” I opened my eyes to look at the Nurse.

“Yes Ma’am?” She smiled at me.

“You’re father called me to make sure you came to give me your pills.” I handed them to her shooting Mason a look. “Thank you sweetheart. I’ll see you at lunch or even during your gym period before. Have a good day.” I nodded at her as she went back into her room.

“Come on we better get to homeroom.” Nic said as I gave Tucker one more squeeze. Mason and I did our work together while I was in the hospital and on IV antibiotic which didn’t make me tired. I was all caught up with my work even though I’ve been out for a while. AP Bio consisted of Nic, Mason, and I goofing around with the teacher breathing down our throats as we did our work as we always did. Mason is in every one of my classes like he has been since we were in 5th grade. I smiled as I walked into Advanced History of War and smiled at him. He’s been over to the hospital when I was in as well as came over with the wife and kids for dinner. He smiled warmly at me, even though I fell asleep in his class.

“You alright Sweetheart?” He asked rubbing my back waking me up. I looked around rubbing my eyes.

“Shit! I’m sorry!” I said into the empty room. He smiled at me.

“Anyone else and I would have thrown a shit fit. But an e-mail went out to your teachers telling what happened to you and about your medication. But even then Sarah called me to make sure no one gives you crap today.” I nodded rubbing my eyes taking the piece of gum from him to chew.

“Don’t you have to get to your class?” I asked rubbing my tired eyes. He smiled.

“I got me an assistant teacher now. I said I’d be there soon and to start off without me.” He smiled picking up my backpack for me. “I was about to carry you to the Nurse’s office to let you sleep without waking you up.” I stood up as we walked out of the room. He handed me an old sweatshirt he had as we got to the Nurse’s office. She was with someone but pointed to the back where there were rooms. Uncle Caleb put my bag down as I threw the sweatshirt over the pillow and groaned as my body relaxed into the bed.

“So comfy.” I muttered into the old cotton. Uncle Caleb laughed as the nurse came into the room.

“Here’s your pill sweetheart. Take it now, sleep it off a little bit. I’ll wake you for lunch.” I took my horrid pill with the water the Nurse gave me.

“I’ll check on you later Carson.” He nodded to me as lay down the pill taking affect making me pass out…

Lunch was me eating half of my lunch over the period falling asleep on Tucker. Every time I opened my eyes to eat again after he woke me up I would see that kid from the first day staring at me, almost undressing me with his eyes. I shook my head shaking off the thought every time. I went to my classes my English being my favorite. We spent the whole time boosting about the book we were reading, the Hunger Games. Amazing book. We’re about half way through, Katniss is in the arena and Peeta is nowhere to be seen. We all love it, Mrs. Harley included. I didn’t have mythology anymore so I was roaming the halls waiting for Dad to pick me up. I texted him and he said he’d be here soon. Tucker and Mason, who is now on the team thanks to Uncle Caleb, have football practice seeing as they have their first game on Friday. I went outside in front of the school only to stop in my tracks. The guy was there. He smiled at me walking over to me.

“Hey there Sweetheart. Remember me?” I didn’t say anything, but I clutch my phone in my hand not sure what to do. “I’m sure you do but just in case, names Brock. Brock McCarter.” I stared at him my eyes flickering towards the road in front to the school. “Do I get the honor of knowing your name?”

“Carson.” He smiled at me. It supposed to look sweet but it made my stomach churn. It hasn’t churned like this in a while and the last time it did I was scared….scared for my life.

“You know I love that name.” He smirked walking towards me. “And the red hair.” He picked up a piece of my hair running his fingers through it. I pulled back clutching my backpack in my hands. “You’re perfect. And I don’t let perfection slip through my fingers.” He whispered the last part to himself. “I think me and you would be perfect. I do love perfect.” I took another step back, a step away from him.

“I have a boyfriend.” He ran his eyes over my body.

“You’ll be mine…” He muttered to me stepping closer.

“Is there a problem here?” My Dad’s hard voice said. It wasn’t a tone he used with me. Only when he was working, or when he was talking to someone who was hurting someone he loved. I turned to look at my father my jaw dropping. There stood my Dad in police officer uniform, arms crossed, face hard. I blinked shocked.

“No Sir.” Brock said not stepping back.

“Then step away from my daughter.”

“Bye Carson.” Brock said winking before walking away from us. I looked at Dad.

“Daddy you’re a cop?” He smiled taking my bag from me taking me over to a fancy police car. Dad winked at me before getting into his car waiting for me to get in too…


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