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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Chapter Thirteen

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Submitted: March 30, 2012



Chapter Thirteen

Dad dropped me off at the house as I dragged my feet into the house. “Sweetheart, how was school?” I walked into the kitchen rubbing my face. Sarah smiled at me handing me a glass of water.

“It was alright. I slept through the morning.” She looked at me raising her eyebrows.

“Did you eat your lunch?” I nodded.

“Most of it. Tucker kept waking me to eat some of it.” She nodded.

“The doctor called in a new antibiotic for you that doesn’t have as much disaffects as the one you’re on now.” I nodded at her yawning kissing JJ’s head from where he was in his highchair. “I’m making Gumbo for dinner. You know since I didn’t get to make it for you the past couple days.” I nodded at her. She wiped her hands before putting them on my forehead and cheek. “How are you feeling baby?”

“I’ve felt better. I’m just tired now.” She nodded at me.

“Go up to your room and go take a nap.” I nodded dropping my bag onto the floor.

“Don’t have to tell me twice.” I mumbled at her walking up the stairs falling onto my bed. I snuggled under my covers before passing out completely……..

“Daddy.” I cried tears streaming down my face. I looked over at Tucker’s scared face as he held my hand tightly in his. “It hurts so damn much!” I cried at him.

“I know baby. I’m sorry.” I took deep breaths quickly the pain rattled my body. I clenched Tucker’s hand as he stroked my hair quietly.

“Is it done yet?” I took another deep breath nodding holding my breath.

“Yeah.” I let out the breath as Tucker brushed the hair behind my ear. “It passed.” He smiled at me putting his hand on my big belly rubbing it.

“Giving Mommy a hard time aren’t you Girly?” He kissed at my bump. I put my hand on it rubbing at the tight skin. “Carson?” I looked at Tucker. “Baby you going to wake up for me?” I shook my head….

I felt a hand rubbing up and down my back making me fidget. “Baby you going to wake up?” I opened my eyes to look at Tucker.

“What time is it?” I asked him sitting up turning around to see him.

“It’s about 8 o’ clock. Sarah wanted me to wake you for dinner.” He rubbed his hands down my arms. “Baby you okay? You have goose bumps.” I looked down and sure enough I had goose bumps.

“Yeah, just a weird dream.” He kissed me.

“You want to talk about it?” I shook my head.

“Nah, I’m good. Come on let’s go down stairs.” He nodded as I rubbed my eyes shaking my head. Why am I dreaming of having a baby and being in labor? I shook my head getting out of bed going downstairs to eat….

The next couple of weeks went slowly. The new medication didn’t make me want to sleep the day away, so school was better. Mrs. Harley was happy to have me back and we were getting farther into the book. Uncle Caleb had me organizing his office for the football season that was coming up soon. I love the man but he is a terribly unorganized person. The two girls from the first day were breathing down my neck every moment I see them. Brock, I swear, he watched me everywhere I went. It was getting crazy and I really didn’t like it, not at all. Dad loves his job as being a police officer. He was happy and it made the house happier. I was sitting in Uncle Caleb’s office moving around on the chair filing some paperwork for him since I was on my free period. “Hey Kid, you ready?” I looked up at Uncle Caleb.

“Yeah, am I going on the bus with y’all? Or should I get Sarah to take me. I know she wants to come and see Tucker play.” I put the last of the paper away standing up from the chair.

“You want to take the bus? You’re more than welcome to.” I nodded picking up my backpack. It was the first away game a couple towns over. “I know our star Quarterback would enjoy it.” He wiggled his eyebrow at me.

“Shut up.” I said rolling my eyes at him walking out as the boys started to make their way into the locker room to get ready to go.

“Oh look I found myself a pretty lady!” I smacked Ben as he winked at me. Uncle Caleb had me being his team manager/ assistant coach since the school hasn’t got him one. I used to always help out at the Academy when it came to Football.

“Carson, bring this to the office, we’ll meet you outside by the bus.” He handed me an envelope. I nodded putting my bag on my back taking the envelope and walking out. I put my iPhone into my pocket before shoving my bag into my locker. I dropped the envelope in the office before walking out to the bus as the guys started to come out of the school. Tucker smiled at me walking over with his bag carrying his stuff in it.

“Hey baby.” He kissed me as he put his bag in the back of the bus as I walked in getting a three seater for the two of us. Tucker plopped his butt next to me laying on me kissing my face. “I missed you Beautiful.” I pushed at him giggling as the guys started to get onto the bus. Brock’s eyes connected with mine I shiver in disgust snuggling closer to Tucker as he wrapped his muscled arm around me holding me tightly to him. I kissed his shoulder as Brock walked past us silently, but I could see the nerves twitching in his jaw. Tucker missed the exchange between us. “So I was thinking Car, you know what we did over the summer?” I raised my eyebrows at him. He shook his head rubbing his hand on my thigh. “Dirty mind. I like it.” I smacked him as winked at me.

“Pain in my butt you are.” I shook my head at him. “What were you saying?”

“About the books.” I smiled at him putting my hand out. He put the book into my hand blushing.

“Everyone needs some help sometimes Tucker.” I pushed him back so he was leaning on the window. I snuggled up between his legs opening the book to where his class left off. “You just want me to read it to you.” He nodded putting his chin on my shoulder wrapping his arms around my waist.

“I love you.” He kissed my shoulder gently on my bare skin. I started to read the words to him as he watched me read them and turn the pages. Tucker sometimes has trouble reading by himself and it makes him mad. I found out when he got his reading list and started throwing things. So I bought the book and we sat for hours just like this, reading. I found out I loved this. I loved reading to him, and I think he loves listening to me. I love how close we can be. “I don’t like this book very much.” He sighed. I turned to look at him.

“I know, I didn’t really enjoy it either but we have to read it.” He nodded moving his head so his eyes were covered. I put his bookmark back into the book as we pulled up the school we are playing at.

“It’s boring with too much description.” He mumbled. I rubbed his hand putting his book away.

“Some teachers say you either hate The Lord of the Flies or love it. I didn’t like it too much.” He nodded as people started to get off. “Come on let’s go kick some butt.” I smiled at him….

The game started and we were doing well like always. I don’t mean to be cocky but we are good, thanks to Tucker, Mason, and Ben. Mason got sick and was at home sleeping it off. Sarah didn’t want me near him for now just in case my immune system was still weak from the sepsis and pneumonia. I was sitting on the bench trying to make JJ laugh as he sat in my arms. I would tickle him and he would giggle smiling. I waved at Sarah as she talked to some of the mothers on the bleachers. Tucker winked at me as he started the play going on as Uncle Caleb watched like a hawk like he always did. I twisted my ring on my finger as JJ held onto his little blanket dog thing I got for him. The other team had the ball when Tucker sat next to me. “You’re coming to mine tonight, right baby?” I nodded as he kissed JJ’s head.

“Yeah, don’t want to get sick again.” He nodded quickly.

“Of course not. I hate when you were sick.” He kissed my head as I put JJ in his car seat. “I think my mom wanted to ask you something anyway.” I looked at him weirdly.

“Alright…nothing bad I hope?” He shrugged as he got up to go back in. “Right?” I called after him. I looked at JJ as he sucked on his pacifier….



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