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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Chapter Fourteen

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Submitted: April 20, 2012



Chapter Fourteen

I rocked JJ’s car seat as the game came to an end. 42 – 6. We kicked butt! Tucker shook the hands of the other team before coming over to me kissing my head. “Are you riding back on the bus with us?” I nodded putting my head on his padded shoulder. “Tired baby?” I nodded smiling at him as he took my hand. Uncle Caleb patted my shoulder as Sarah walked over to take JJ home.

“You’re going over to Tucker’s right, Sweetheart?” I nodded putting the papers I had on my lap back into the notebook. “You coming over soon, Butt face?” Sarah smiled over to Uncle Caleb as he came over.

“Sure, sure whatever Sis.” He smiled as I handed him the book. “Thanks kid.”

“You look beat Sweetheart? You weren’t even playing.” Sarah laughed taking JJ out of the seat.

“Yeah just sitting in this heat.” I shook my head as Tucker passed me his water bottle. I took a long sip before leaning back into him.

“Come on kids we should be getting on the bus.” We got up. I hugged Sarah bidding her goodnight. I took Tucker’s hand as he led me to the bus. He pulled off his padding in putting it on one of the seats across from us. He lay down on seat and I crawled onto him lying on his chest. He wrapped his arms around me so I didn’t fall as he moved up to lean against the side of the bus. I snuggled into him as he rubbed at my back.

“You’re going to get dirty Baby.” He smiled at me as I curled my legs up.

“Then we’ll just have to take a shower.” I smiled opening my eyes to look at him. He wiggled his eyebrows at me as I rolled my eyes at him.

“Is that all you think of?” I asked him sighing as I was jerked as the bus moved. Tucker held me tighter.

“Shower sex? Oh no. Just sex with you.” He smiled kissing me. “I do love you.” I wrinkled my nose at the smell of his shirt. “Told you.” He smirked kissing my head.

“Save water, shower with me.” I smiled up at him as I moved hand down his chest. He shuddered taking my hand in his moving it away from where it was going. I giggled at him as he kissed my hand.

“Not now. Don’t make it hard for me to walk.” I smiled at him as he took a deep breath. “Not cool baby. Not cool.” I snuggled closer to him as the bus pulled into the school. I sat up as the bus came to a stop.

“Everyone off. I’ll see you all on Monday. Now get off.” I got up taking Tucker’s pads as I went. Uncle Caleb patted my back as I got off. I threw the pads in the back of the Jeep as Tucker got off the bus unlocking the car.

“Ready to go?” I nodded getting into the Jeep. He shook his head at me throwing his bag into the back. “Little demon you are. I had to wait a little bit for it to go down.” I giggled at him plugging in my phone to the radio.

“I’ll make it up to you. I promise.” I smiled at him as he pulled out of the school parking lot. I smiled as the songs played as Tucker took my hand driving back to his place.

“We got to have a date soon baby.” He said looking at me. “I miss my alone time with you.”

“We have alone time all the time.”

“I know but I want you and me to have a date like the first one we had. Dinner, a movie, a little bit of fun after.” He wiggled his eyebrow at me. “Don’t you miss that?” I looked at him.

“Of course I miss it. But we’ve had so much going on right now.” He pulled up to his house before turning to me.

“Then plan something with me Baby! Let’s have a date. A moon light picnic or a candle lit dinner?” I looked at him smiling.

“You’re so cheesy. I mean come on be creative.” I giggled getting out of the car.

“You do love my cheesy-ness though, right?” I winked at him making my way over to the house. “Right?” He called after me as I opened the door.

“Carson!” a little voice called running up to me. I hugged Dakota as she clutched my neck. She’s about to 7, almost 8, and is a bucket of fun. She laughed as I picked her up before putting her back down. She looked nothing like her brother, blonde hair, freckles, and big blue eyes. Nothing compared to Tucker’s brown hair and grey eyes.

“Hello Carson.” Tucker’s mother Leila smiled. Tucker came in with his bag before I could answer. “Tucker! Go put that away! Into the laundry room!” He sighed kissing his mother’s cheek.

“Hello to you too, Mother.” He took a piece of pizza off the table before going down stairs. Dakota looked at her mother putting her hair behind her ear.

“Didn’t you want to ask Carson something, Dakota?” She shook her head quickly. “Dakota?” She shook her head. She crossed her arms giving the little girl a disapproving look.

“Sheesh Leila, give the girl a brake. Carson Dakota wants to know if you wanted to help her out with her school project.” Tucker’s father, Taylor, said walking into the room. I looked at Dakota as she looked down shyly. I smiled leaning down.

“What’s your project sweetheart?” She looked up at me.

“I…I got to have someone help me cook a meal on the state I did my research on.” She said a little pink forming in her cheeks.

“Of course I’ll help Sweets. What state did you do your project on?”

“Louisiana.” I smiled.

“I have some family recipes we can do together. Is your Mamma goin’ help us?” I said looking up.

“Oh no. I have work to do, but I’ll see the end product.” Dakota nodded at her. Tucker pulled at my hand.

“Come on let’s go to my room.” I nodded smiling at his parents before following him down stairs to his bedroom. He closed the door behind us. “It really pisses me off.” I looked up at him.

“What does?” He put his bag down before walking into his bathroom.

“What my mother does. She cares more about her job then she cares about my sister.” I heard the water of his bath going. I walked into the room as he pulled off his t-shirt.

“She’s got to work Tuck.” He looked at me.

“Yeah, but she never can make time for her. It kills me when Dakota has that took of disappointment on her face. She’s my baby sister.” I put my arms around him.

“I know baby.” He took a deep breath trying to control his anger.

“It just angers me. That she can cancel on her like nothing. I would never do that to a child of mine. Never.” He shook his head. He took a deep breath before turning around and pulling off my sweatshirt gently. “Come in with me.” He sighed pulling his pants down getting into the warm water lying back as his muscles contracted. “Please?” He asked closing his eyes. I undressed and stepped in leaning down to lie on his chest.

“I’d love to join you.” He held me tightly kissing my head.

“I get scared sometimes.” He snuggled his head into my neck.

“Scared of what?” I asked him twisting my legs with his.

“Scared that you’d find someone better than me.” I moved my hands to pull his face to look at his face.

“Why’d you think that?” He shrugged making the water ripple around us.

“I just don’t want to wake up one day and you are gone.” I kissed him firmly moving up in the tub so I was sitting on his hips leaning down so my hair hung around his face. I felt his muscles contract again and others get harder.

“Why think about that when I’m right here.” I kissed him again. “I’m here and naked.” He pulled my hips closer to him. I ran my fingers down his cheeks and onto his jaw.

“I do like when we’re naked together.” He kissed me. “Alone.” He readjusted thrusting his hips up making me gasp and grab onto his shoulder grasping his shoulder tightly. “Together.” He kissed my shoulder as I closed my eyes. “Making love.” I shuddered whimpering as he smiled at me as I opened my eyes to look at him. “Right baby?” He asked trying to keep his breathing even.

“Hmmmm.” I whimpered falling down onto his shoulder. I gasped on his chest as he went faster before shuddering burying his face in my shoulder kissing the skin. “I love you.” I sighed trying to catch my breath.

“I love you too.” He muttered before lifting his head to kiss me. “Let’s get cleaned up and curled up in bed.” I nodded reaching over to get the shampoo. Tucker pressed a kiss to my breast nipping at the skin making me giggle.

“Stop it. Aren’t you tired?” He shook his.

“Not when I get to look at someone as beautiful as you naked.” I squirted the bottle over him head.

“Sure.” I smiled as his hand slipped under the water making me gasp…..

I spent the next day cooking with Dakota and swimming in the pool with her. She thought this over and had a whole outfit for me to wear and everything. It was adorable. I ware it as I finished off the dinner with Dakota. We put the food away getting a bowl of gumbo for ourselves. We had made three dishes. Seafood gumbo, chicken gumbo for the kids who don’t like seafood, and Sarah’s holy trinity rice. They all made my mouth water. We were sitting at the pool eating in our bikinis when it happened. “Carson, what’s it like to get your period?” I looked over at her.

“Why do you ask sweetheart?” She shrugged.

“I just want to know, just in case Mom isn’t home to help.” I put down my bowl and wrapped my arms around her.

“Oh don’t worry about that baby cakes. If she isn’t here Nic and I will always be here for you for your girlie moments.” I smiled at her. “Just don’t ask your brother, it creeps him out.” I laughed at picking up my bowl to continue eating.

“But what’s it like?”

“Uncomfortable, annoying but it only lasts for a little bit then you’re free from it. But when it happens to you, I’ll help you and have some Midol to make it better.” She smiled.

“When do you get it? Nic says everyone knows when they get it.” I smiled.

“Yup. I usually get mine the first week in the month.” She looked at me.

“So you alright have had it?” I looked at her. “You said he first week, it’s the second.” I swallowed looking into the water. No it can’t be. “Carson?” But it was the second month. No back ache, no PMSing. This means only one thing…..I’m late. I dropped my fork causing it to fall into the pool as I sat in shock staring at the water. “Carson?”

“Go call your brother for me?” I said quietly. She nodded running off to go get the phone since Tucker had gone out with his friends. What was I even going to tell him?


A/N:Sorry it's took so long. Me and my mom got into a car accident. We're okay but shaken up. I'm sorry it took so long to get out. I hope this makes up for it :)

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