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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Chapter Fifteen

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Submitted: April 30, 2012



Chapter Fifteen

“Carson? Carson what’s wrong? Why did I just get a cryptic call from my sister?” I was frozen as I sat by the pool. “Carson?” I felt hands on my shoulders turning me around from the cooling water. “Baby?” Tucker’s eyes searched my face.

“I’m sorry.” My voice shook as I watched his reaction. He dropped to his knees taking my face into his hands.

“Baby what is wrong? Please, you’re scaring me.” I heard little footsteps before I looked at the house in horror.

“Carson’s having a baby!” Tucker looked at his sister, whose face was pressed into the screen of the back door.

“What?” I looked away from his face as the tears threatened to roll down my face.

“I’m sorry.” Tucker sat down slowly next me.

“Pregnant?” I nodded before dropping my head into my hands as I started to cry. Tucker snapped out of his haze looking at me. “Carson,” He put his hand on my knee.

“I’m so sorry.” I cried loudly. Tucker pulled me to him stroking my hair as I cried. “I didn’t mean to do it. It was an accident.”

“Shush, baby it’s okay.” I shook my head as he tried to calm me down.

“I’m going to turn into my mother.” Tucker held me closer kissing my head.

“One thing at a time baby.” I looked up at him. He whipped my eyes with his fingers. “Let’s take a deep breath now.” I sucked in a lungful of air.

“Why aren’t you freaking out?” He stroked my hair.

“I am on the inside. I just need to be level headed for you right now.”

“Mommy guess what?” Tucker looked up.

“Dakota no!” He yelled.

“Carson’s having a baby!” Her voice filtered through the house as we heard the slam of the front door.

“SHE’S WHAT!?” Mrs. Brown screamed.

“Fuck…” Tucker groaned.

“TUCKER TRAVIS BROWN!” I bit my bit slamming my head down on his chest. “TUCKER!” He turned to look at his mother as she stood in the doorway with a look of thunder on her face. “What is your sister talking about?” I looked down covering my face. “TUCKER!”

“Mom cool it, not now.” My hand was shaking as I held onto Tucker.

“Leila, Tucker’s right. Take a deep breath. Let’s calm down and handle this like adults.

“I feel sick.” I mumbled into his chest. Tucker pulled my face up as I closed my eyes.

“You look green.” He stood up helping me stand as his parents argued in the background.

“I feel like I’m going to-” I started to heave as I ran to the bushes. I threw up everything in my stomach. I almost fell into the puddle when my knees buckled but hands grabbed my arms stopping me.

“I got you.” I whimpered falling into the strong, warm arms of my boyfriend.

“Get her inside.” Mr. Brown said holding the door open for us as Tucker carried me in. “Sit her down.” I put my sweaty head on Tucker’s shoulder as my eyes closed, too tired to stay open. “Take her down stairs to take a nap. We can talk while she sleeps.” My mind went fuzzy as I quickly fell asleep, unable to stay awake anymore……

I rubbed my eyes waking up to Tucker’s dimly lighted room. I ran a hand through my knotty hair. I walked up the stairs to see everyone sitting in the living room. “You’re up.” Tucker said standing up when he saw me.

“Yeah, sorry.” I yawned walking over to sit down. I looked up at Sarah and Dad before looking down at my knees.

“We’re talking about all of this. Sarah made you an appointment at the doctor for you.” I nodded at my Dad. I knew he was disappointed in me. “We want to make sure you are really pregnant before we go into this two heavily.” I nodded. “Carson look at me.” I looked up slowly. “No one’s mad at you.”

“Yes Sir.” I looked back down.

“Carson Collins.” I looked up again. He had his stern face on.

“Are you going to kick me out, Daddy?” He sighed.

“Of course not. Carson, I just got you back. Why would I get rid of you now?” He smiled at me as I twiddled my thumbs.

“They were able to squeeze you in for tomorrow, Car.” I nodded at her. Tucker held me close to him. “Why don’t you stay over here like planned and we’ll speak again after the appointment?”

“Yes Ma’am.” Mr. and Mrs. Brown nodded.

“You can’t get into much more trouble, can you?” Mrs. Brown huffed at me. I swallowed before standing up pulling Tucker with me. I curled up under the blankets.

“Your mom hates me now.” I mumbled unhappily. Tucker crawled in next to me.

“She doesn’t hate you.”

“Yes she does.” I looked at him. He shook his head pulling me to him.

“My mom’s just shocked. She gets snippy when she’s shocked.” I sighed curling up on his chest. He stroked my back. “It’ll be alright. Just get some sleep baby.” I sighed as Tucker’s hand dropped to my stomach. He made little circle motions over the skin. I was dozing off when I hear his soft whisper.

“Daddy is going to be here for you baby, no matter what.” He stroked my belly kissing my head. “It’ll be alright.” The movements sent me into a lovely dream….

We were sat in the waiting room in the OBGYN office. He had his hand in mine as we waited. “Carson?” I stood up clutching Tucker’s hand in mine. We walked back with the nurse as she sent us into an exam room.

“It’s going to be alright, Baby.” I sighed remembering what I heard last night. I kissed Tucker.

“I love you.” I whispered holding onto his face.

“I love you too baby, no matter what.” He put his hand on my lower stomach. “We’ll be alright. Together. We’ll get through this.” He kissed me as I leaned my head on his shoulder. We must have been sitting there for a good twenty minutes before we heard a knock on the door.

“Miss Collins?” The door opened to show the Doctor. She smiled at me. “What are you here today for?” I swallowed nervously.

“I think I’m pregnant.” She nodded.

“I just need you to pee in this cup and I’ll run the test for you.” I nodded as she led me to the bathroom. I peed in the cup, nasty I know. I hate it so much. I walked back into the room sitting down throwing my head on his shoulder as he held me tightly, as nervous and scared as I was.

“It’ll be okay.” I kissed Tucker one more time before closing my eyes.

“Miss Collins, I want you to come with me.” I looked at Tucker before looking back at the doctor. “Come on both of you.” I got off the bed pulling Tucker with me. The doctor showed us to a dark room. “Lay down here for me.” She patted the bed. I lay down as she pulled up my shirt to my bra line. I took Tucker’s hand back in mine squeezing his hand tightly. “This is going to be cold.” She squirted my stomach and pressed the wand onto my skin. I closed my eyes tightly squeezing as hard as I could on Tucker’s hand. A thudding suddenly echoed off the walls as it filled the room. I opened my eyes to look at Tucker as he stared at the computer screen.

“Wow.” He whispered to himself.

“You hear that Carson? That’s your baby’s heartbeat.” I put my free hand to my mouth as I listened to the little thudding.

“Car…” Tucker said as Tears filled his eyes. I brought his face to mine for a kiss.

“I love you. Even if we’re young and stupid. Look what we made.” I whispered laughing slightly.

“I know. I love you so much right now.” The doctor smiled at us.

“Now, let’s get you two some pictures of your little baby.” She clicked around on the machine while me and Tucker reeled at just hearing our baby’s heartbeat. “Here we are.” She smiled. “Here is your baby.” I looked up gasping. “I see a little head here, some stubs for arms and legs. Here’s its little body. This is where it’s staying, your sack.” I burst into tears just looking at what we made. “The worst thing about pregnancies, the hormones. They are demons on themselves.” She laughed.

“Yeah, I bet they are.” I laughed as Tucker got me a tissue, still looking at the picture on the screen. She took some measurements as I whipped my eyes and took some deep breaths.

“Well you are about 7 weeks pregnant. This little one looks perfectly healthy. Nothing wrong with it that I can see.” Tucker looked at me.

“Right after you got out of the hospital?” I nodded.

“I guess.” The doctor looked at my records.

“Antibiotics counter act with birth control making most ineffective. Usually you would have to use a back-up method during these times. It was an easy mistake.” She looked up at us. “But you don’t know how many babies are born from easy mistakes.” She took two pamphlets out of the file. “Just in case, here are your options. Just in case you chose to not keep the baby.” I shook my head.


“I know but I have to give them, state mandatory. I’ll have the desk call for a fallow up for you when you get further along.” She handed me a picture of the baby. “For you.” She handed me an envelope. “For the rest of you.” She laughed. “Have a good day.” I sat there just staring at the picture as Tucker’s hand dropped to my stomach. To the home of our baby.


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