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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Chapter Three

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Chapter Three

The bell rang making Uncle Caleb close his book. “Do not lose these books.” He said as everyone got up to leave. I shoved my book into my back pack getting out of my desk and looking at Tucker. He smiled taking my hand as we walked out. I waved at Uncle Caleb as he smiled as we walked out. Tucker wrapped his arms around me. I sighed holding onto him.

“I missed you this morning.” He whispered into my hair. “I’ve missed sleeping next to you and waking up next to you.” He sighed. I looked up at him.

“I missed you too.” I closed my eyes.

“Hey you two, off to class.” I looked at Uncle Caleb as he stood with his keys in his hands. “Especially since it’s my class.” I bit my lip shrugging. “You can be in class for the first bit while running. Then you have to go to the office or the nurse.” He smiled at us. “Don’t forget to bring your gym clothes as was asked on your school supplies list.”

“Wait I didn’t know I had to bring it.” I looked at the two of them wide eyed. Uncle Caleb smiled.

“Don’t worry. Sarah dropped it off after you left. I called to remind her for it. She packed it after you left before she took JJ to the doctor. I’ll drop it into the locker room. It’s in my office. Brown did you bring your clothes?” He gave a nod. “Now both of you get. Now.” I nodded looking at Tucker as he took my hand.

“I’ll show you where it is.” The people were still bustling around the hall as Tucker made a stop at his locker to quickly open it and grab his duffel bag.

“Shouldn’t you already have that in your gym locker?” I asked him looking at the bag. He shook his head.

“Had to wash it. I only have my football crap in there now.” I nodded at him as he took me to the girl’s locker room. He kissed me before walking into the boy’s locker room. I walked into the room and looked around Nic smiled waving at me. I walked over to her as she picked up a plastic bag.

“Mr. James gave it to me.” She smirked handing me the bag. I nodded opening the bag. I sighed pulling down my jeans and slipping on the shorts and the long t-shirt. I pulled on my running shoes and a bracelet I’ve had for years. A drill instructor gave it to me saying it was going to help me run better. I still wore it, and I bought it because it helped his daughter go to Washington DC. Nic helped me tie my shoes as I tightened my hair tie. “Ready?” I nodded at her putting my plastic bag with my clothes in it in my assigned gym locker.

“Can you believe that we are back in school? Our senior year!” A high pitched voice said making both Nic and I look. Nic shook her head picking up her bag taking her clothes out of it. I blinked at her before looking back at the girl.

“I know I can’t believe it! I was just out and now look at us.” Another voice replied. “Have you seen Tucker Brown?” My eye brow shot up my eyes flicking over to Nic. She shook her head at me.

“I have. Man he is just so hot. I swear he is bigger than last year. He must have been working out all summer.” She said dreamily.

“Lindsey, he’s mine.” She snapped making the first girl’s mouth snap shut.

“Sorry Vanessa.” She said shaking her head. I really looked at them as Nic pulled on her shorts. They looked familiar but I couldn’t place them. “I just can’t believe we had the wrong house number. I mean I really wanted that good time.” She huffed pushing her boobs up, and tying a knot in her shirt so it was tighter.

“Well someone must have given us the wrong house number. I mean why would someone give us the house to some…southern freak? I mean why would we care about those people? They are just stupid poor people.” Vanessa said doing the same as Lindsey put on a thick layer of lip gloss. My jaw locked. I remember them. They were the girls who came to the Beach House looking for Ben and Tucker. The bleach blonde hair, the annoying voice. The girls who showed up and wanted our guys. Nic looked at me pulling her hair into a ponytail.

“Come on Car. Let’s get into the gym before Sergeant James gets mad.” I nodded standing up walking out of the room as the two girls turned to look at us as we walked out of the locker room. I could almost feel the curiosity and the glares as we got out. I shook my head as we sat on the bleachers in the gym as we waited for the rest of the kids to come out. Uncle Caleb looked at his watch impatiently. I smiled.

“This is going to take him awhile to realize they aren’t cadets anymore and now just students.” I smiled at her. She laughed at me.

“I bet this is killing him.” He looked over at us with an aggravated look making us laugh again.

“Oh it is.” I giggled. I bit my lip looking as Tucker smiled at me from across the gym. He nudged Ben before making his way over to us.

“Tucky!” a high voice screaked. He turned to look at the voice before his smile dropped. “I’ve missed you so much!” Vanessa smiled throwing herself at him. She pushed her chest onto him. My body was frozen as I stared at the scene in front of me. “I haven’t seen you since before summer break! I missed you.” She tried to kiss him. He pulled his head back so her lips couldn’t touch him.

“What are you doing Vanessa?” He said trying to pull her hands off of him. Lindsey was doing the same to Ben. I looked around as Uncle Caleb watched the scene unfolded in front of us. I clenched my hand as he met my eyes.

“But Tucky I thought you wanted this. You always do.” She said trying to be seductive. Tucker looked at me as I bit my lip harder.

“Enough of this.” Uncle Caleb’s voice boomed making Vanessa jump letting Tucker slip her hands off of him and back up from her. “Outside, all of you. Now.” He said looking around at all the faces in the Gym class. Everyone made their way outside to the track the school had. The sun was beaming on us as we got there. “You are all running laps around the track. A lap around the track is ½ a mile. I want you to run around the track 6 times. Can anyone tell me how many miles that would be?” His voice was loud and hard. He was big and serious and no one was used to this. I opened my mouth to answer him after I realized no one was going to themselves. Uncle Caleb looked at me before shaking his head saying to stay quiet. “I’ll let you all in on a secret about my class. You answer me when I speak to you. If you don’t answer I will tack on more as a punishment.” A guy raised his hand looking at Uncle Caleb. “Yes?” I looked over and my face dropped as I realized Brock was in my gym class.

“Is that a threat or a promise Mr. James?” He said cockily. Uncle Caleb’s eyes narrowed.

“Do not test me because I will do worse. I do not make threats here. I make promises.” He looked around at the kids. “And thanks to you Mr. McCarter. I’ve just added two more miles onto the three you already had to run. Now all of you get going. Now.” His face was hard as everyone started to jog away from him. “Carson.” I walked over to him looking back as people looked at me.

“Yes Sir?” I asked looking up at him.

“I want you to run the miles. After I want you to either go to the library or the office till lunch. Alright?” I gave him a short nod.

“Yes Sir.” I turned to go to the track.

“Carson.” He said quietly. I turned to look at him. “Don’t worry about her. He loves you.” I nodded turned back to the track to catch up with Nic who was only jogging.

“Want to talk about it?” Nic asked me. I shook my head.

“I just want to run.” I sighed shaking my head. I pumped my legs hard as I felt the knot in my stomach forming again. Nic caught up with me as I started to keep the speed I was going at, faster than everyone else.

“Carson!” I looked at Tucker as he ran to catch up with me. I sighed slowing only a little bit as both him and Ben caught up behind us. “Car.” I looked at him silently as my pony tail swung back and forth as I moved. “Baby please listen to me.” I sighed slowing to a jog. Nic looked at me before running off with Ben as Tucker jogged next to me. “I’m sorry.” I shook my head.

“You didn’t do anything.” I sighed looking at him. His eyebrows came together as he looked at me. “I just didn’t expect it.” He took my hand into his.

“I don’t care for her. I love you. You’re my everything Carson. Don’t let some girl who thinks she is everything change that. She isn’t anything. You are. You’re everything.” I smiled at him. I was being a little overdramatic. “You do love me right?” He smirked at me. I shrugged.

“Maybe.” I giggled. He gave me a toothy grin.

“Oh really?” he tried to grab me as I dodged him. “What’s that supposed to mean?” I took off away from him turning my head slightly towards him as I ran.

“Race ya’!” I laughed as he shook his head chasing after me. I breezed past Nic and Ben as Tucker ran swiftly after me. I lapped over again and again Tucker behind me trying to catch me but failing. I was on my last lap, Nic right behind me, Tucker behind her, and Ben trailing us slowly. I crossed the last line slowing down as I felt someone come behind me and tackle me to the ground. I braced for landing but only felt a chest as we landed on the grass by the track. I looked up at Tucker giggling. “I won.” He rolled his eyes.

“You had a head start.” He huffed teasingly. I folded my arms on his chest leaning up to kiss him.

“You wish.” I whispered on his skin as I kissed his jaw. I could feel him laugh as his chest moved with the vibrations making me move with it. I pulled back to look at him. “I love you.” He smiled at me moving a piece of hair that fell out of my pony tail.

“I love you too.” He leaned in to kiss me again. I turned my head to look as someone cleared their throat. Uncle Caleb’s face was hard, pissed even, but in his eyes I could see the softness. He was happy, but he made himself look pissed.

“Enough. Miss Collins you finished your miles, now go inside. Now.” He said in a hard tone. I gave him a nod.

“Yes Sir.” I pecked Tucker standing up. Uncle Caleb turned as went to walk back into the school through the gym and into the girl’s locker room. I changed back into my jeans and shirts grabbing my book bag. I was walking down the hall to the office when someone pushed past me before knocking into one of the teachers. He laughed as everything in her arms fell as he walked away. I shook my head at him walking over to help her pick up her things. “People these days have no decency.” I sighed picking up the books taking them into my arms as she pushed her papers back into her folders. She looked up at me. She shook her head.

“These kids don’t really care.” She sighed. Her eyes went wide as she looked at me. “I mean you know-” I smiled at her.

“I know what you mean don’t worry. People throw around their pain, no matter if it hurts people around them.” She nodded.

“Do you have a class right now?” I shook my head. “Would you like to help me with something?” I nodded.

“I would like that.” I smiled standing up following her.

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