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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Chapter Five

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Submitted: February 04, 2012



Chapter Five

“You should get to class.” He sighed not letting go.

“I know.” I closed my eyes before opening them again. We got up together and threw out my half of a sandwich and my now soggy salad. “Are you coming to mine after school?” I asked him as he took my hand. Ben and Nic talked quietly behind us.

“I missed you these last days. I need to make it up to you.” He winked at me pulling me closer as we got into the crowd hallways.

“You don’t have to…” He looked down at me as we got closer to my English classroom.

“I do. I don’t want us to split because we got to school. I love you, now let me show it.” He kissed me gently handing me my backpack he was carrying. “I’ll meet you here after class alright?” I nodded going to walk away. I felt a tug on my hand. I looked back at Tucker as he pouted at me. No matter how crappy I felt, that pout made me smile.

“What?” I smiled at him as he tugged again.

“No kiss goodbye?” He gave me puppy dog eyes.

“It’s only for 50 minutes Tucker.” He bit his pouting lip to fight a smile.

“49 minutes too long.” I sighed dramatically.

“If I must.” He pulled me back giving me a proper kiss. “I love you.” I whispered onto his skin. Nic pushed us playfully as she walked into the room. I pulled back falling her as Tucker speeded walked to his next class, which he might be late for. Oops.

“Nice to see you could join us Miss Collins.” Mrs. Harley smiled at me. I looked around expecting to see a bunch of people. No one but Nic, Mrs. Harley, and me. I sat next to Nic as she Mrs. Harley sighed. “My feet are killing me. I cannot believe how much I have been standing on them lately.”

“Sit down, we don’t mind.” She plopped herself in the chair and sighed with satisfaction.

“Much better.” She smiled.

“So…this is it?” Nic asked the question which was on both of our minds.

“For the next week yes. Apparently another student is going to be in here as well. But until then just us three girls.” She shook her head. “People these days.”

“Ma’am what are we going to do then?” Nic asked her wrinkling her nose.

“Well we can’t start anything really till next week. It’s a shame. But I guess we can do as we please till this student comes.” She huffed picking up the book she was reading.

“You’re reading the hunger games?” Nic asked surprised. Mrs. Harley looked down at her book, the gold bird on the front being a dead giveaway. “You don’t seem like the person to read teen books.”

“What you calling me old?” She smirked at Nic as she went red.

“I mean- what I meant was- I- I’m sorry.” I burst out laughing as she sunk to the table her face bright red, like my hair.

“I know what you mean. Lighten up Nicole.” The look on Nic’s face if she wanted a black hole to open under her and swallow her up. “My sister-in-law wanted me to read them. Said they were amazing.” Nic leaned her head up. “She’s 17, so you don’t have to ask.” She winked.

“I always wanted to read them. My Aunt Marie said they are addicting and amazing to read.” I said folding my arms and leaning them on the table.

“I didn’t know if I wanted to read them or not. But if you read it I will.” Nic shrugged her face wasn’t as red but you could still see it in her cheeks. Mrs. Harley’s face brightened.

“I have the best idea! Can you girls get the books?” I looked at Nic before nodding.

“I could borrow my Aunts. She has a signed copy of it.” Mrs. Harley looked at Nic.

“I’d just buy it. Why?”

“Our first assignment. We are going to read the books.” I beamed at her.

“Really? Can you do that?” She shrugged.

“If I put it in my plans and make you take a couple quizzes and tests on it, you bet I can.” She giggled. “Oh this is going to be great! Even better than I hoped!” She clapped her hands together. The rest of the period we had we were just chilling, talking about ourselves and what we liked to read. Mrs. Harley also rejoiced when she found out we both liked to read. The bell rang making us all jump. “That scared me. Have a good day girls. I’ll see you tomorrow. Don’t forget the books!” She called as we left. Tucker was leaning against the lockers across from the room laughing with Ben.

“Why good afternoon lovely ladies, may us fine gentleman escort you to your next class?” Tucker said putting out his arms for us to take. I smiled at him linking mine through his as he took my bag with his. “Damn Ben I must be doing something right to have these beautiful ladies on my arms.” He winked at him. Ben huffed wrapping his arms around Nic as she squealed and took her away from Tucker. “Well I got the most beautiful one of them all.” He kissed my head making me blush. “I still have the power!” He yelled making all the kids around us look at us weirdly. I put my head down smacking him as he led me to class. I looked at him as he walked in with me. “I can do math, it’s my good subject.” He shrugged. “It’s the one subject I’m semi-good at.” I shook my head.

“I’m sure your great at everything.” He sighed.

“You’re my girlfriend you have to say that.” He pulled out my chair to sit down. I sighed taking his hand in mine.

“It’s the truth.” He kissed my hand as the teacher came in huffing and puffing about math the whole time. Tucker had the look of how he knew everything he was talking about. I was blanking. Tucker’s eyes flickered to mine as I stared at the board as the bell rang. This is going to be a long year.

“Baby?” I looked at him. “The bell rang.” I closed the textbook I was given and shook my head. I got up shoving the books into my bag. Tucker stopped me. “I’ll help don’t worry.” He said taking me hands in his. “I promise. This is easy.” I frowned.

“Not to me.” I huffed walking out of the room. I found my way to the room where I had AP Psychology and sat down in front of the desk and put my head on my folded arms. The class went by fast and had me wanting out. I should apologize to Tucker. The bell rang as I shoved my stuff into my bag. I walked out of the room as I was pulled onto a hard body and pushed against the lockers.

“I’m sorry.” Tucker sighed kissing my neck. I lifted my head up as he pressed kisses up to my jaw.

“Stop it.” I moaned slapping at him. I leaned against him holding on to him. “I’m sorry.” I mumbled into his hoodie shivering slightly. He pressed kisses down my neck again moving my shirt to kiss my shoulder. “Tucker I have to get to class.” I said quietly. “You’re going to make me late.” I ran my fingers through his hair. “Don’t start something we can’t finish.”

“Yet.” He smiled pulling back to wink at me. “Just wait till I get you back home. Then the fun begins.” He chuckled. He pulled back as I shuddered from the cold of the air conditioner. “You cold?” I nodded rubbing my arms, it was freezing in here. He unzipped his hoodie and slipped my arms into his zipping it closed. He kissed me one last time. “You’re going to be late.” He winked. I smacked him.

“I told you that. I don’t where I’m going. I lost Nic.” He turned me around and pushed my shoulders gently towards the room next to the one I just came out of.

“Not too far.” He laughed as I took my bag and went in. The warning bell rang as Tucker went to his class. I sat down at the desk as the teacher fussed over his notes.

“Well for this time only, while I get everything set and ready, you all have a free period. Just be quiet.” He said sitting down at his desk. I took my iPhone out to send a text to Tucker when I saw hands come down on the table. I finished my message before looking at the fake nails on the hand in front of me. I need to look up at the face to know who it was.

“Can I help you with something?” I asked Vanessa putting my phone down looking up at her.

“Who do you think you are?” She asked me as if I was stupid.

“Last time I checked I was myself.” I said looking at her pulling my hands into the hoodie sleeves. “Why do you ask?” She glared at me.

“You think your something don’t you?” She almost growled at me.

“I’m sorry; I have no idea what you are getting at. I don’t know you. You don’t know me. What are you trying to do? Are you trying to intimidate me....are you?” Her jaw tightened. “’Cause sweetheart if you were, bless your heart.” She huffed.

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” Lindsey said crossing her arms staring at me. Nic started to laugh making me turn to her.

“They ain’t anything but two bricks short of a load.” I looked at the two of them. “A sandwich short of a picnic?” They looked at each other. The teacher looked up from his desk.

“Miss Collins.” He snapped at me.

“What is she even saying Mr. Fletcher?” Vanessa snapped at him. Nic rolled her eyes.

“She’s calling you stupid, even stupider, then stupid again.” Nic huffed sitting down next to me and leaning back. I shrugged. The teacher’s phone rang making him get up and leave the class.

“Mine sounded nicer though.” I smiled pushing my phone into the pocket of the hoodie smelling the hood. I loved the smell of it. A little axe with a side of old spice. In my books, heaven. This only made Vanessa angrier.

“You listen to me here you southern idiot. Tucker is mine. You can’t have him. I will make your life a living hell. Do not underestimate me. I will end you. You are nothing but dirt under my heels.” She growled at me. “Do not test me. You will pay. He. Is. Mine.” She put her hand s flat on the table leaning in to get in my face. The whole class had stopped to watch and listen to what was happening. “You will not have him. You will dump him because he is my man you stupid whore.” My jaw clenched. “Do you understand what you have to do you skank?” I didn’t answer her, I stared her down. Not backing down. “Answer me you idiot.” I stood up my hands clenched.

“Kiss. My. Country. Ass.” The whole room gasped around us.

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