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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Chapter Seven

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Submitted: February 18, 2012



Chapter Seven

I lay on my stomach under the covers. I was comfortable and warm. I was dozing off as I felt a hand doing up and down my back. I mumbled at it before trying to doze off back into my blissful sleep. The hands moved to move around my body to loop around on my stomach. “Wakey, wakey baby.” Tucker whispered running his hands up to my ribs running his fingers over each of the bones. He pressed his lips to my shoulder. “Time to wake up, it’s almost dinner.” I turned my head to look at him opening one of my eyes. He smiled at me moving his hands up till they hit the edge of my breasts.

“Stop it busy bee I’m tired.” I muttered before snuggling back into my pillows. He chuckled at me nipping gently on the skin of my shoulder.

“I know I’m that good but I know you’re hungry.” He moved his hands from under me and moved my hair from my neck. He kissed up the length of my shoulder up my neck and to the hollow where my jaw and ear connected. I moaned quietly as his fingers made circles on my skin. “I love you.” He sighed snuggling close to me his body molding to mine.

“I love you too.” I mumbled into my comfortable position. Tucker laughed at my mumbled answer pulling the blankets up to cover both of our naked bodies.

“I love your bed.” He smiled at me turn on his back pulling me with him making me whine at him. He ran his fingers through my hair fixing it from its mess. “It’s so comfortable and warm.” He kissed me. “And you’re in it.” I smiled at him.

“Lightening, Tucker, dinner’s ready.” I groaned rubbing my eyes. Tucker sat up getting out of bed and pulled on his jeans. I yawned pulling out pajamas and slipping them on before throwing my hair into a pony tail. I walked down stairs looking around as Sarah put the spaghetti and meatballs on the table. Harold smiled at me as I picked up a small meatball and plopped it into my mouth.

“How’d you like your gifts sweetheart?” Harold asked me. I shook my head and hugged him tightly.

“You spoil me.” He smiled rubbing my back.

“I need someone to spoil. You and JJ are my first choice.” I pulled back to look at him. “Sarah said you might need a computer for when you do your school work so I got you one.” I looked at Sarah as she got Harold a glass of water.

“Lightening you want a coke? Tucker?” Tucker shook his head.

“I don’t drink coke.” I looked at him wrinkling my nose.

“Yes you do. All the time.” Harold started to laugh at my face. “What?” I asked him folding my arms. “I too tired for logic at the moment!” I huffed only to yawn seconds later.

“Have a coke then sweetheart it’ll wake you up.” I nodded at her. “Dr. Pepper?”

“Yeah, it’s fine.” Tucker looked around confused at the rest of us. “Can you get Tucker a sprite?” Tucker looked at me.

“But she asked if I wanted a coke….” Harold laughed at him once again.

“A coke is a soda Tucker. It’s what they’ll call it in the south.” He blinked as Sarah put down the glasses full of soda. I took a sip before coughing putting it down.

“Sweetheart are you getting sick?” Sarah asked putting the back of her hand on my forehead. She looked down at me. “You’re a little warm.” She said moving my face up to fell under my neck.

“I’m alright, just tired.” Tucker put his hand on my leg as I got us both some pasta and meatballs. Sarah stroked my hair comfortingly.

“I’ll give you some vitamin C before you go to sleep.” I was about to eat about half of my small plate before laying my head on Tucker’s shoulder as he ate. “You should eat more Carson.” Sarah said taking the leftovers to the counter to put them away. My stomach churned uncomfortably.

“My stomach hurts.” I sighed as Tucker rubbed his hand down my thigh in comfort. Sarah pulled out a pill container and opened it. She came over handing me the pill.

“Take this and try to get some sleep.” I nodded taking a mouthful of soda before taking the pill. I rubbed my eyes. “Go to sleep, sweetheart. I’ll clean up for you.” I nodded as Tucker took me up stairs. He kissed my head.

“You are warm.” He whispered rubbing his hand down my back. I nodded laying my head on his chest.

“I don’t feel too good Tucky.” I muttered. He pulled back pulling back the blankets on my bed before pulling my hair band. I laid down on my stomach forming into the mattress. Tucker pulled the blankets up to my shoulders before kissing the back of my head.

“Call me tomorrow alright?” I nodded weakly fighting sleep. “I love you, feel better baby.” I drifted into sleep quickly not able to stay away any longer…….

I woke up to my alarm blaring at me. I opened my eyes to glare at the clock. I coughed weakly before sitting up. I ran a hand through my hair before I started to cough roughly my chest aching with the force on my chest. I heard a knock on the door to my bedroom. Sarah pushed her head through the doorway. “Hey Sweetheart, how you feeling?” She said softly. I coughed again falling back on the bed groaning. “That bad?” I nodded. I looked back at the clock. 10:30? But I was late for school? Sarah came back to sit on the bed next to me.

“What’s going on?” I asked rubbing my tired eyes. She smiled weakly.

“I tried to get you up a couple of hours ago but you felt pretty warm again so I let you go back to sleep. Do you remember baby?” I shook my head at her.

“What about that meeting thing with the principal?” She stroked my hair.

“I called we are going to go in soon. You need to get ready soon, alright? But take your time, you’re sick lightening.” I nodded slowly getting out of bed before coughing roughly once again. I pulled on a bra and new underwear before some comfy sweatpants. I pulled on a nice cotton long sleeve sweatshirt. I pulled the closes sweatshirt to me on happy to feel the comfort of its sleeves. I pulled on a knit hat Nic got me for my birthday. I slipped on a pair of slippers with soles on them. I walked out of the room to see Sarah holding JJ’s car seat. I coughed into my elbow as Sarah and I left.

“Where’s Harold?” I asked her buckling into the car as she put the car seat into the back.

“He how a couple meetings to attend in the city. He’ll be back later. He also told me to tell you to feel better, and he left you his Netflix code so you can watch some movies when you get home.” I nodded coughing before shaking away the pain it caused. We took off to make our way to the school. I looked over at her.

“I don’t feel good.” She gave me a look of sympathy as she pulled over into the drive thru of a Starbucks. I looked over at her as she ordered a green tea Frappuccino and a coffee. I looked at her as she pulled up to the window to pay. She got her drinks and handed me the green tea Frappuccino.

“It will sooth your throat a little bit.” I took a sip nodding before putting my head back. “It’ll get better soon.” I nodded slowly as I sent a text message to Tucker to tell him I was coming to school for the meeting but I’m not sure if I was staying. Sarah parked the truck and putted out the keys. “Ready?” I looked at her.

“You sure you want to come?” I asked her taking another sip before swallowing and coughing again.

“Yes I’m making sure you’re good and safe here. Come on.” I got out and followed as Sarah got JJ from the back. The Principal was waiting for us as we got into the school. He took us into his office having us sit down.

“Mrs. Collins such a pleasure.” He smiled at her before turning to me. “You too Carson.” He sat down at his desk. “Sorry to hear about the cold.” I nodded.

“What do you need to talk about Sir?” Sarah asked him rocking JJ in his car seat.

“It’s about yesterday. I asked around the students who were in that class. Most agreed with you, you didn’t do anything, just defending yourself.” I nodded as I started to cough painfully. I took a sip from the frozen tea I had in my hands. I looked at the principal.

“I don’t want my daughter to have to deal with this girl. I mean on the first day! She is a prize student!” Sarah huffed at him. I looked at the principal again silently.

“I understand your concern Mrs. Collins. Carson will be taken out of the class.” My eye brows shot up. “You will have enough credits to graduate and there will be no record you were ever in the class. It will be a free period.” I looked at Sarah not sure.

“No record what so ever?” He nodded.

“None.” She nodded as I closed my eyes. Sarah looked at me as a bead of seat rolling down my face. She put the back of her hand on my forehead.

“Lightening you are burning up!” She said as I started to cough. “Do you have a thermometer around here?” He nodded picking up his dialing it before talking into it. Sarah helped me take off my sweatshirt as the door opened to revel the school nurse. She smiled at me.

“Just sit still.” She moved the thermometer over my forehead. It beeped making me look at her. She gave me a sympathetic look. “102.3.” Sarah looked at me.

“Alright I’m getting you home and into bed.” I nodded at her in no shape to fight at this moment.

“I just want to go home and back into bed.” I stood up as Sarah said goodbye to the Principal and the nurse. Tucker was leaning against the wall. He smiled at me as I tossed the rest of my drink, which wasn’t much, into the trash can.

“Hey, How you feeling?” I pouted and shook my head.

“I have a 102 degree fever.” He copied my pout. He pulled me into his arms kissing my head.

“You are warm.” He whispered moving my hat back the littlest bit.

“Are you coming to make me feel better?” I looked up at him. He nodded.

“I’ll come right over. I’ll bring the chicken noddle soup.” He held me closer. I sighed.

“I love you.” I pulled out of his arms as the bell rang. He smiled running his hand down my face.

“I love you too.” Sarah jerked her head towards the car. I nodded looking up at Tucker before walking back to her as we made our way out of school. “See you later Baby.” He asked out to me as I walked out of the school and into the truck.


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