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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Chapter Eight

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Chapter Eight

I was curled up in bed extra pillows around me. I was snuggled up in my old comforter and my quilt on top. Sarah made me all soft and comfy. She is one amazing person and I was so happy my father married her. I was had a fever and it was making me sweat. I kicked my feet out of the covers and just laid on top of the covers looking through movies to watch on Netflix. I was in just tank top and short shorts as I was sweating. I sat up coughing making my chest hurt and my bladder pulse. I sat up and slipped on my ducky slippers walking into the bathroom. I finished and washed my hands. I rubbed my eyes tiredly as I walked back into the room. I raised my eyebrows at Tucker as he flicked through the movies lying on my bed. “Since when have you been here?” I asked getting back into bed curling up into Tucker’s side. Tucker smiled at me moving the wet hair from his eyes.

“I just got here but your bed was so inviting.” He kissed my head pulling the quilt over us.

“Where have you been?” I asked sighing in the comfort of his arms.

“I had practice. I forgot about it.” He snuggled his head into my neck. “I’m sorry.” I shook my head.

“It’s okay.” I yawned quietly. “I just get a fresh clean Tucker now.” I coughed weakly into my hand as Tucker rubbed my back soothingly. “Did you bring me some chicken noddle soup?” I said as I stopped coughing. He smiled at me.

“Of course I did. Sarah is warming it up for you.” I looked at the TV as he flicked through the movies for us to watch. I took the remote and clicked on the Harry Potter movie.

“You remember this?” I smiled looking up at him as it started to play.

“Of course. This was the movie we saw on our first date.” He watched me as I took his hand in mine messing with a friendship bracelet I had got for him in Texas. “I still remember the first time I told you I love you too.” He smiled happily at the memory.

“That was special.” I nodded remembering it too. “I still didn’t think it would fit.” He looked down at me.

“I was gentle. I made sure you were ready for me. You did take charge though.” His eyes glazed over as he thought about it. “I remember that.” I looked up at him as a grin spread across his face. I still meant what I said Carson. You look even sexier on top of me then you do under me.” I rolled my eyes as he kissed me.

“Yeah, yeah.” Tucker put his hand under my shirt and rubbed the bare skin.

“You are Baby.” He made little circles on my skin making me close my eyes. My moment of pleasure was short lived as I started to cough, chocking on my own spit making me sit up in bed gasping for breath. Tucker sat up quickly rubbing my back as a gasped painfully for air. Sarah came into the room with the chicken noodle soup, a glass of orange juice, and a bag.

“Oh sweetheart. You sound terrible.” I nodded at her wiping the tears from my eyes. “Here, here.” She put the glass of juice down and picked up my lap desk and put it down on my lap. She put the bowel down and put the bag on Tucker’s lap shaking her head at the hardness of it. She put the glass in my hand as I guzzled it. “I’m going to get you a cup of tea, sweetheart.” She said stroking my head. I put the cup down and slowly took a bite of the soup.

“My mom made it.” He smiled as I looked at him as he tried to calm down. “I shouldn’t think of times like that when you’re sick.” He laughed. “I have no one to help me bring it down.” I smiled at him taking another bite. He opened the bag on his lap and pulled out the Tylenol. Sarah walked back in with a travel cup full of tea.

“Take two of those to try to break your fever.” She handed me the cup as I pushed away the soup shaking my head. Sarah put it on the night hand taking my temperature again. “Still 102 Lightening.” She gave me a sympathetic look. “Have your tea. I got you some medicine to numb your throat.” I coughed putting the cup on the side of the bed. “Drink some juice to get some Vitamin C in you.” I guzzled the rest and handed it to her. “I’ll be back later. Try to finish the soup. Have your tea.” I nodded as I heard JJ start to cry for his bottle. I put the tea on the side of the bed before falling back.

“Car, come here and open your mouth.” I raised my eye brow at me.

“Last time you told me that I had a sticky mouthful.” He started to smile at me.

“Miss Dirty mind come here so I can spray the medication in your mouth.” I opened my mouth for him. He took my chin gently and sprayed making me cough. “Better?” I nodded weakly. I laid back down as Tucker pulled the blanket over me. He kissed my head. “Feel better Baby.” I looked at him as he smiled at me. “Go to sleep, I’ll call tomorrow.” I nodded.

“I love you.” I mumbled pulling a pillow closer to me as I started to cough again.

“I love you too.” He smiled turning the TV off before the lights closing the door as he left…..

I woke up every 20 minutes coughing. My chest is on fire. My phone rang as I rubbed my aching chest. “Hello?” I said answering it. I could hear the sound of rain pouring in the background. This woke me up from my half-asleep fog.

“Carson?” I could tell he’s been crying. I looked at the clock. It’s been a couple days since Mason’s birthday.

“Mason what’s wrong? Where are you?”

“They kicked me out Car. They gave me 50 bucks and kicked me out.” He cried into the phone. I gasped loudly. He thought it was going to happen. I just was hoping it wouldn’t. He just turned 18!

“Where are you? I’ll kill them if you’re hurt!” I could hear him crying into the phone.

“I’m at the bus station in the town you said you are in.” He sniffled as I heard thunder in the background.

“I’m coming to pick you up. You’re at the bus station? I’ll be there in 10 minutes.” I got out of bed throwing on sweat pants and a sweat shirt. I ran down the stairs grabbing the keys to the explorer and getting into the truck. I zoomed off pulling up in front of the bus station as the rain started to pour harder. I parked getting out of the car walking over to the hunched up figure on a bench. “Mason?” He looked up at me. His blue eyes are blood shot. He was soaked to the bone. His white shirt clung to his chest. I sat down next to him.

“They kicked me out Car. They didn’t care. No son of theirs is gay. They thought it was a phase.” He looked at me. He didn’t look like he was crying because of the rain, but I know he was. I wrapped my arms around him. “Why can’t they just accept me? Why can’t they accept who I love?” He cried onto my shoulder. “Why ain’t I good enough? Am I not good enough?”

“Of course you’re good enough. Screw them! They aren’t good enough for you. I love you for who you are May-may. You’re my gay-bear.” He laughed at me weakly. “They are craps for not realizing what an amazing person you are. You are my best friend.” I pulled out of the hug to cover my mouth to cough roughly, painfully hard. Mason rubbed my wet back. “They don’t deserve you Mason.” I said in a hoarse voice. He put his hand to my forehead.

“Carson you are burning up.” He said as I tried to catch my breath. I looked up at the sky rubbing my hand to my chest as the pain got worse. “Come on let’s get you out of the rain.” I nodded standing up.

“Grab your bag. You’re coming to live with me Mace.” I gasped to him. He picked up his bag keeping his arm wrapped around my waist as he noticed my knees shake.

“I’ll drive. Get in.” I handed him the keys as I got into the car on shaky legs. Mason threw his bag in the back. I mumbled painfully rubbing my chest before pressing on it as I coughed. I directed Mason to house. He got out quickly, his pain from before forgotten over his concern for me. I took short breathes trying to get out of the car as I started to cough again. He helped me out of the car watching as I walked slowly but my knees gave out on me and I started to fall but Mason caught me. He picked me up bridal style and walked to the door as it opened.

“Get her in. I have a towel.” Sarah said rushing Mason in the house. She closed the door as Mason wrapped me in the towel. She took my temperature and shook her head.

“What is it?” He asked looking up at her.

“104.9.” She looked at me as I started to cough again painfully whimpering. “I’ll get her some dry clothes. Can you stay here and watch JJ, Mason?” He nodded kissing my head.

“Where are you taking her?” He asked her as she went to go upstairs. Sarah looked at him.

“The hospital."


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