My Real G.I. Joe

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Preface

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I tugged at the bottom of my dress looking out into the crowd. I’ve gotten used to the whole wedding thing. Not that I’ve been shoved to all my relatives weddings-I don’t have any really- but this is my Mother’s 6th wedding. I might be only 17 but I’ve had 4 step fathers, 5 now. I sighed as I watched my Mother laugh with her new husband Daniel, who makes everyone call him Danny. Danny is different from all the other ones. My mom met him about 6 months ago. They dated for about 5 months before my mom came home saying she was getting married.

“Annie, will you dance with me?” A cute voice said tugging at my dress. I blinked to look down to those big blue eyes.

“Sure Matty.” I put my napkin on the table taking his little hand. “Come on.” He beamed at me moving his shaggy blonde hair out of his eyes. I took his other hand as he stared to dance in front of me. He is just too cute. Matty is Danny’s 4 year old son. A new one for my mother; she’s not a big fan of children. I still wonder why she deals with me sometimes. I laugh as he smiles at the DJ as ‘Sexy and I Know It’ comes on. Everyone starts to laugh around us as Matty does some dance moves. He’s a doll at this as you can tell he’s having a blast.

“Come on dance.” He huffed at me seeing as I wasn’t dancing like him.

“I am dancing, Bubba.” I laughed shaking my butt to show him. He giggled at me. I gave him a serious face. “I’m sexy and I know it.” I took two pairs of glasses the person helping the DJ handed out. I put a pair on Matty’s face as he giggled uncontrollably. I moved his arms to the song as he danced around. He looked beyond adorable as the glasses were too big for his face.

“Anastasia!” My mother called from where she stood at the head of the dance floor. I sighed as Matty looked out through the people at her. “Now.” I made my way over to her silently.

“Yes Mother?” I could see Danny in the corner of my eye excusing himself to who he was talking to. The amount of dress blues in this room. All the dark blue coats and white belts are making my head spin. Damn these men are making me quiver.

“You are making a fool of me.” She huffed at me crossing her arms over her pure white dress. I sighed knowing not to argue with her. I wasn’t doing anything wrong but my mother loves her image. I always am ruining her image. Even if I’m just having fun.

“If everything okay here?” Danny asks putting his arm on the small of my Mother’s back smiling at the two of us.

“Of course, Honey. I was just talking to Anastasia.” She gave him a smile kissing him. “Enjoying the wedding?” She asked him running her fingers down his chest.

“Very much.” I looked down at my nails as she giggled at him. “Why don’t you come dance with me, Sweetheart?” He smiled at her. She instantly swooned at him nodding. I watched as he winked at me pulling her onto the dance floor. I smiled walking over to the table I was put at. My Grandmother smiled at me.

“I like that man.” She patted my hand as I sat next to her. “He can control her.” I smiled looking into the crowd as Matty ran around with his friends.

“You think they’ll stay together Grandma?” She looked at them as they danced around. Matty came running over to smile at his new Grandmother.

“I hope so sweetheart. I really hope so.” Matty sat next to me in his seat as the food was brought over for us to eat. My Grandmother is a beautiful old woman with a heart of gold. I wonder all the time how my mother came from her. I know she loves my mother but she looks like she ages 10 years after every wedding my mother has. Matty started to tell us a story from his Pre-K class making us laugh as Danny came over to see how we’re doing as my mother talked to her friends. He kissed Matty’s head.

“Don’t forget to eat your vegetables Matthew.” He said messing with his hair. He smiled at me. “Enjoying?” He asked stealing a string bean from my plate.

“Surprisingly yes.” I smacked his hand as we went for another. I looked over at my mother as she smiled at her fake friends. At least this time, her husband isn’t an ass.

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