My Real G.I. Joe

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Chapter Nine

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Submitted: November 01, 2012




Chapter Nine

“Hi Z.” I said sitting up in bed to rub my eyes.

“I’ll repeat my question. What the fuck is wrong with you?” Zander’s voice was deadly quiet. I hate when his voice is this quiet. It means that he’s pissed, killing pissed.

“I’m sorry.”

“Do you understand how afraid I was? Don’t you ever think about doing that to me again.” He was furious. I could hear him rubbing his face. “I was so scared that you were actually going to go through with it this time. I wasn’t there to stop you.”

“I know. I’m sorry. Everything just came crashing down on me and I couldn’t take it. I regret it now. So much.” I listened to Z take a deep breath.

“It’s a permanent fix to a temporary problem.” I pulled the blanket up around me.

“I know Z. I’m sorry. Why did you call Danny? How did you even explain what was happening?”

“I have my ways, my little Annie. You do understand that I will do anything to protect you. If I have to class your stepfather and find where the fuck you are. You are my everything, Ana. He listened when I said I was going to find you even if it killed me.”

“I love you Zander.” I could hear his smile.

“I love you too Kid. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I blinked.

“You’re coming here?”

“You really think I’m not coming to see you after that?” I groaned. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Bye Zander.”

“Bye, Sweetheart.” I ended the call and peeked out from under that blanket. Danny was looking at me. He walked over to sit down on the corner of the bed.

“I’m sorry I worried you.” Danny took a deep breath.

“I was terrified. Then I get a call from a mysterious man asking me when the last time I’d seen you, if your mother was hostel towards you. I was so scared. More scared than I’d ever been, even in Iraq.” I moved out of my cozy spot and curled up to his side.

“Did he scary you?” He smiled at me.

“He was the one that wanted to help. He promised he’d find you even if it killed him. It gave me a sense of peace that someone believed me and cared about you.” He kissed my head.

“Z was always there for me. Mom hates him and it. I don’t know where I’d be without him.” I sighed. “He’s my best friend. He knows everything about me.”

“He loves you. He was freaking out. You called him?” I nodded.

“I regret all of it. It just got so over whelming so quickly I couldn’t handle it.” Danny rubbed my shoulders.

“What happened?” I shook my head.

“I don’t even want to re-live it and it just happened hours ago.” He gently rocked me. I felt the tears hit my hair before I heard the sound of him sniffling.  “Danny, you okay?” He nodded but the tears still fell from his eyes. “I was told if you keep it in it is like poison.” He put his face in my hair and cried.

“I thought she killed you.” He sobbed out. I hugged Danny tighter to me. “It was my first thought. That she really did it.” His grip got almost painfully tight but I didn’t want to pull out. He needed the comfort. “It’s my job to protect you now. You’re my little girl now.” He sniffled loudly his eyes becoming puffy.

“It’s okay Danny.” I whispered to him. He shook his head.

“I adopted you, Dammit! I need to protect you now!” He cried. I put my hands on his face.

“Danny, you have done more for me than anyone of my Step-Fathers. You mean so much more than they do. You’re my Dad.” I smiled at him. “None of them have ever been that to me. I love you Danny.” I smiled at him. “You are my Dad and I don’t want that to change.”

“I promise it’s not going to.” He whispered kissing my head again. “You don’t know what it means to me for you to say that.” I wiped my eyes flinching as I caught the bandages on my face and hands.

“You’re my Daddy. You’ve proved it more than my real one did.” He pulled back and looked at me.

“You know your biological father? Then why did your mother let me adopt you after we got married?” I pulled back pulling a tissue out of the box on the nightstand.

“My Mom knows him. She’s been fucking him my whole life. He doesn’t want me what so ever.” I spaced out the last words almost laughing at them. “He never wanted children. My mom got pregnant. My Grandma wouldn’t let her abort me or put me up for adoption. He dumped her and that’s where it all started. He still refuses I’m his or if he feels in the mood to say I am, I’ m just a…” I didn’t finish the sentence as I shook my head.

“My mother was looking for the man who walked out on her. She never found the right one. The marriages still fell through and then I was up rooted again.” I shrugged standing up. “It’s how I grew up. My Grandmother was nothing to me. Just there when my mom was almost out of money to make sure she didn’t starve me to death. She never once took me in. Not even in my darkest hour.” Danny looked at me.

“That sounds terrible.” I shrugged again smiling as I saw a pair of AJ’s sweatpants sitting on top of the dresser nicely folded. I picked them up smiling. Fin thinks of everything.

“It’s all I knew. I never knew love. It wasn’t in vocabulary till school.” I pulled them on before turning around. “I had a job when I could start working.  I needed all the money I could get.” I smiled weakly remember why.

“Why?” I swallowed.

“A situation happened so I have an amount of money in an account but I can’t use it. I can’t bring myself to use it. Z has it. I think he invest it or something. I don’t and I don’t care. I wish it would all burn.” I gave a humorless laugh. “Then I have my other account that I live on. My mother gives me nothing.” I shook my head.

“I’ve given you money. What did you do with it?” Danny asked me crossing his arms. I smiled.

“I put it back in your wallet. I’m not going to take your money.” I smiled as we walked out of the room the smell of French toast and eggs making my stomach growl. “Z monitors my spending.”

“So you don’t spend too much?” He asked shocked. I through my head back and laughed as we got to the kitchen regretting it as it made my head pound.

“No, to make sure I’m spending money. If I don’t normally buy food, I don’t eat.” I sat down as a shirtless Fin put the food on the table. “So Z, or someone who works for him, makes sure that I’m buying food at least once or something of that nature. He’s a worrywart.” I smiled taking a bite of my food.

“So how did you meet this guy?” Mr. Andrews asked sitting next to Danny as Fin pulled his seat close to mine. “If you don’t mind me asking.” I cleared my throat.

“I’ve known him since I was about 13. He’s been caring for me ever since. He’s my big brother. Every time we moved me make sure he’d get a couple flights out to see me. My mother hates him.” I giggled. “That’s why I hung out with him. She never did anything if Z was around.”

“He seems like a powerful man.” Mr. Andrews smiled. I nodded.

“He’s my rock. He’s been there for everything that’s happened. Knows all of my family secrets. I think it’s another reason why my mother hates him. Ryder loved him.” I put my fork down. I could feel the tears in my eyes. Oh Ryder. I shook my head as the memories started to give me a headache. My secret. The secret that I need to tell but can’t. I never can.

“Are you okay?” Fin whispers as I had my hand pressed firmly into my forehead. Having a hangover and now having a migraine is not helping.

“I think I need to go lay down. I’m sorry.” I felt myself being lifted as Fin took me gently into his arms. I had to tell him my secret. The one that haunted me more than anything my mother has done to me. But when?

“Here. I just need to clean up then I’m going to be right back to lay with you.” He pulled the covers over me and kissed my head lightly. “Just give me a couple of minutes.” I nodded burring my head into the pillow as I cried remembering all of the times with the one man who haunts my every thought….

A/N: I'm so sorry it took so long for an update. I just been on Wattpad so much lately that's been taking all my time. I update pretty much every other day on that one and this one I just I don't know. I feel bad because I love this story but it's so hard working on the two websites. It's so tiring. :( I'm sorry again. Forgive me? 

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