My Real G.I. Joe

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Chapter Ten

Submitted: December 21, 2012

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Submitted: December 21, 2012



Chapter Ten

“Hey, hey, hey.” Fin said sliding into bed wrapping his arms around me. “Don’t cry.” He whispered rubbed at my arm. “Why are you crying?” He pulled me closer to him. I pulled the blanket around us tighter not being able to stop myself. “Hush, hush I got you, Beautiful.”

“I’m sorry.” I hiccupped to him burring my face in his chest.

“Don’t be sorry, Ana. It’s okay to cry.” He pulled my face up so I was looking at him. “Never be ashamed in tears.” He whipped them off my cheeks. “They are there for those tears and that reason is usually a good one.” I could feel the tears starting to slow down. “I’m here it’s okay.” I snuggled into him closer. I could feel Finn rubbing at my back gently.

“I don’t normally cry like this.” I sniffled taking the tissue that he handed me.

“Everyone needs a good cry sometimes.” He smiled at me stroking my hair. There was a knock on the door. I looked over as Danny leaned on the door frame.

“Hey Kid, I have to get going.” He cleared his throat. I sat up wiping my eyes.

“You’re leaving now? I didn’t think you’d be leaving so soon.” I frowned at him. He sighed.

“I have to go. I’ll be back soon though I promise.” He walked into the room and kissed my head. “Take care of yourself. I love you.”

“I love you too, Danny.” I hugged him. He stroked my hair.

“I’ll be back soon. Stay here. Taylor and Bailey are going to make up the other room for Matty. Just stay safe. I’m the one going into a warzone and I’m telling you to be safe.” He gave a humorless laugh as his tears splashed onto my head. “I don’t know what I do if I lost you now.”

“I’ll protect her, Danny.” Finn said gently. Danny nodded kissing my head again.

“You’ll be able to pick up Matty from his friends and bring him to school today?” I nodded. “Alright. I better get going before I’m late. I’ll call you soon.” I smiled at him giving him one last squeeze before letting go.

“I’ll miss you.” He smiled at me wiping his eyes.

“I’ll miss you too.” He walked out of the room. Fin wrapped his arm around me.

“He’ll be okay.” I nodded holding onto him tightly.

“I know. I’m still going to miss him.” I whispered snuggling my head into his shoulder.

“I know you are.” He kissed my head. “I know. Come lay down with me.” We laid down on the bed quietly, him just stroking my back. I closed my eyes and feeling myself relax in Finn’s arms. “Ana time to wake up.” I rubbed at my eyes.


“You have to go pick up Matty to get him ready for school.” I groaned hiding my face.

“Already?” I felt him chuckle.

“Yes, already. Come on. I’ll drive.” He pulled me off of the bed.

“Do you know where he is?” I yawned running my fingers through my hair.

“Yeah Danny told me before. Come on.” I pulled on my jeans walking after him.

“Do you want me to get you one of AJ’s shirts to wear?” He asked looking at the one he gave me before.

“No I’ll change when we get back to mine.” I smiled frowning when I felt the tug of the bandage on my cheeks. I got into the truck waving at Bailey as she stood in the window watching us. “I’m sorry I brought this onto you guys.” Finn looked over to me.

“You didn’t do anything. You were put in a tough situation and I’ll tell you one thing. Ones don’t back down from those.” He winked at me. I smiled at him.

“Thank you.” He pulled up to one of Matty’s friend’s house. Matty was sitting on the door step and came running to the car.

“Hi Annie. Hi Finny.” He smiled buckling himself in. We pulled out and made our way towards the house.

“Did you have fun with your friend?” I asked smiling at him in the mirror. He nodded at me. “Did you get to see Dad before he left?”

“Yeah he came by last night.” I watched as we pulled up to the house.

“Come on let’s get ready for school.” I smiled taking his hand as he stared up at me.

“You have owies.” He frowned. I stroked his hair gently.

“Don’t worry about me Bub. Come get dressed.” I opened the door and thanked Danny for cleaning up the glass. “Did you choose your outfit already?” I asked picking Matty up and walking him into his room.

“Me and Daddy picked it. Look!” He pointed to it smiling. I sat him on his bed and got his shorts and shirt.

“You are going to be one handsome man!” I giggled as I helped him change out of his pajamas. I brushed his hair after he finished. “Look at you. Almost ready!” I slipped on a pair of his sunglasses. “Perfect.” I helped him put on his shoes. “Go get some breakfast from Finn while I get dressed.” I smiled slipping on his backpack.

“Okay, Annie.” He ran off. I walked into my bedroom pulling off my shirt switching bras. I have to get a new phone today somehow. I’ll have to figure that out. I pulled a shirt out of my draw only for it to drop onto the floor. I leaned down to get it finding a cardboard box under my bed. I pulled it out pulling back the flap up putting my hand to my mouth. I put the flap back down covering my eyes.

“Ana?” I heard Finn call from the hallway. “Ana you okay?” I pushed the box back under my bed.

“Yeah.” I took a deep breath and pulled on my shirt. “I’ll be out in a minute.” I pulled on a fresh pair of jeans and a new pair of sneakers. I braided my hair and walked out into the kitchen. “Ready to go, Guys?” I smiled at them.

“Yeah.” Matty smiled at me shoving more toast into his mouth.

“Do you have your naptime kit?” He nodded at me. “Alright let’s go. Before we’re late.” I lifted him up walking toward the car. “Lock the door for me.” I called the Finn as I put Matty in the car.

“Excited for your first day?” Finn asked as I helped him into the back.

“Yeah.” He smiled taking another bite of his toast.

“Come on, or we’ll be late.” I laughed getting into the passenger seat. We got to the school right on time as all the other parents dropped off their kids.

“I’m scared, Annie.” Matty said clutching my hand tighter. I leaned down.

“There is nothing to be afraid of. Everyone goes through this. Where’s my brave man?” He hugged me.

“What if no one likes me?” I rubbed his back.

“They are going to love you. But if you never try, you’ll never know. You have to be my brave Matty to put on that brave face. Can you do that for me?” He nodded.

“I love you, Annie.” I stroked his hair.

“I love you too, Kid. Go have fun.” I smiled watching as he ran off to get in line with the other kids from his class. “You’ll do great.” I whispered to myself.

Sorry it's been taking so long. I really don't know what's been happening. I've been trying to write it, but I've been sick for awhile. I have surgery on thursday. I'm sorry again :( Happy Holidays though!

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