My Real G.I. Joe

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Chapter 23 (v.1) - Chapter Twenty-Two

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Submitted: March 23, 2013




Chapter Twenty-Two

I blinked staring at my mother on the bed. “What are you doing?” I asked looking at the two bodies tangled in each other. 

“Ana, what are you doing here?” She asked pulling the blanket up to cover her bare chest.

“I live here. I just dropped Matty off at school. What are you doing?” I asked in shock. I thought she’d wait a little longer before she cheated on Danny.

“That is none of your business.” She snapped at me. I looked at the man next to her. Warner smirked at me as he put his arms behind his head. I shivered unpleasantly under his gaze.  “Why are you just standing there?” She growled at me getting out of the bed. I backed up from the room.

“I’m telling Danny. You have no right to hurt him.” She backed me into the wall.

“You will tell him nothing. Do I make myself clear?”

“Danny deserves better than you.” I snapped at her. She backhanded me making my eyes water as my legs shook with the force.

“You shut your mouth.” She pushed me towards my bedroom. “You are going to get out of this house. You will stay silent or I will hurt you.” I grabbed my workout bag and walked out of the room. “Get going.” She huffed walking back into her bedroom.  I walked out of the house getting into Danny’s truck. I sped away from the house pulling up to the base gym. I pulled out my wallet and took a business card out of it. I dialed the number pressing it to my ear.

“Donohue.” I wiped my eyes for the tears I didn’t realize I cried.

“It’s Ana Miller.” I waited a minute not knowing what to say.

“What’s wrong, Ana? Did something happen? Where are you?” I moved my cheek to feel the skin burning.

“Did you find Warner? I knew you were looking for him.” I wiped the blood off my cheek from where my mom’s ring got me.

“Ana, do you know where he is? Is he near you?” His voice seemed urgent.

“He’s at my house. He’s with my mother. They’re having sex.” I got out of the car grabbing my bag.

“Are you okay? Ana, you need to stay away from that man.” I heard the sound of a car door opening on the other end.

“I’m at the gym on base. I didn’t know where to go.” I ran a hand through my hair.

“Stay there. Go in. Don’t leave. You’re safest surrounded by marines.” I nodded putting my I.D. through the scanner. I walked quickly into the women’s locker room and into an unused shower. I curled myself into a ball and cried.

“Ana.” Violet’s voice broke through the sound of showers. I looked up as she pulled the curtain back. “Oh, Sweetheart.” She pulled me into her arms rocking me. “What happened?” I shook my head leaning into her. “I have you.”

“Miss Miller?” A rough voice said. I looked up clutching Violet. “Miss Miller, Special Agent Donohue sent me in here for you.” I swallowed nervously. “It’s okay Miss Miller, I’m with the Military Police. I’m here to protect you.” Violet helped me stand.

“Come on, it’s okay.” We walked out to see the uniformed cop standing in the middle of the room.

“What about my brother?” She nodded.

“An officer went to go get him as well. He’s safe.” I nodded holding onto Violet’s hand.

“Everything is going to be okay.” She squeezed it. “I called your grandparents. They are going to take care of you two.” I looked at Violet. “They’re going to take you off base till Danny gets back.” The guard had her gun out as we walked out of the gym and to the armored Humvee.

“Where are we going?” I asked her as she put me into the truck with another armed guard.

“Your grandparent’s house. They are waiting for the two of you.” I looked at Violet.

“I’ll bring the car to their house. You’ll be okay.” I nodded at her as the guard shut the door. I watched as we drove off base. I looked down at my phone and sent a message to Z.

“We’re here, Ma’am.” I looked at the house that we were in front of. I looked to see an older women standing outside staring at us. I got out of the truck as the guard helped me. She ran up to us as we walked towards the house.

“Oh thank god.” She cried pulling me into a hug. “You’re okay.” She kissed my head and rubbed the back of my head. “Thank god you’re okay.” I looked to see Matty standing in the door way holding the hand of an older man, an older version of Danny. An older version of himself.

“Sissy.” He smiled running towards us. I wrapped my arms around him, holding him tight.

“Hey Bud.” I smiled at him.

“Nana and Poppy made lunch. It’s yummy.” He smiled at me.

“Come on, we have so much to talk about.” Danny’s mother pulled us into the house as the guard nodded at us and walked back to the Humvee. “Matty said you’d like Macaroni and cheese. Is that okay?” I nodded as she closed the door behind us.

“I want juice, Nana.” He smiled running off to the kitchen. I walked slowly after him to see a smiling face.

“I just made you a bowl, Ana.” I smiled at the gooey goodness of the mac and cheese. He put a cup of soda down in front of me as I sat down at the island.

“Thank you.” I said taking a mouth full of the food. “Have you spoken to Danny?” I asked looking at them.  He nodded.

“I spoke to him the other night. He loves to talk about you. You make him proud.” I smiled moving the food around in my bowl.

“He’s a great guy.” He nodded.

“I raised my boy well.” He smiled the laugh lines obvious at the corner of his eyes. “You are a great kid. I’m proud to call you my grandchild.”

“Thank you.” I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.

“I can show you to your room while you stay with us. It’s just upstairs.” I handed Matty my food, which he happily accepted. He wiped his hands on a dish towel before nodding towards the stairs. “Come on.” I walked after him looking around the house as I went. It was covered in photos of people they obviously care about. Danny and other people. These people were my family. These people are my family. “Right in here. Marie wanted it to be perfect for you and had Danny help design it.” I looked into the room in amazement.

“It’s perfect.” The walls were a dark blue with light blue swirls on them. There was a desk and a bookshelf full of books.  There was a bed in the corner with a lovely homemade quilt on it. I wanted to go curl up on it and roll around like a dog.

“Go head.”  He smiled. I walked in and threw my self onto the bed giggling. I’ve never had a nice room before. I mean this was the nicest room I’ve have had and it’s mine. I looked over at my grandfather to see him smiling at me. “I’m glad you’re happy. I’ll leave you alone to get accustom to it.” I smiled at him as he turned around. They bed was amazing. All comfortable and soft. Heaven to me. My phone started to buzz again making me pull it out of my pocket.

“Ana? Are you okay? Where are you?” Zander’s panicked voice said into the phone.

“I’m okay. I’m at my grandparents. It’s really nice here.”  I smiled wrapping myself in the quilt.

“You had me scared. What happened?” I sighed pressing the soft fabric to my sore cheek.

“I got that scum over to NCIS. He’s going to hurt Danny. She doesn’t deserve him.” I could hear the venom in my own voice.

“I know, Kid. I know.” He sighed. “Do you want me to come to you? I can.”

“No, I know you have some business to do.” He sighed.

“About that. I, uh, I’m going to be gone for a couple days. I need to deal with some business in another state. I’ll be back soon though. Alright?”

“Yeah. I’ll be here.” I smiled to myself. “Waiting. Be safe. Okay?” He cleared his throat to hide his emotions.

“Okay, I will. I love you, Ana.”

“I love you too, Z.” I snuggled my head into the coolness of the bed as the phone went dead. I looked at the door way to see my grandmother standing looking at me.

“Comfortable?” She smiled at my quilt covered state. I nodded sitting up. “I made this. Daniel said you like quilts.” She came and sat down on the bed.

“I love it.” I giggled wrapping it closer around me. She smiled rubbing my arm.

“School starts tomorrow.” I frowned at her. “I know. We are going to put you in the civilian school for now, the one off base. We think it’d be better for you. Just for now.” I nodded at her.

“Okay. You’re not going to change Matty’s school are you?” I looked at her rubbing a finger over the flower on the quilt.

“No, he’s just going to stay out till Danny gets back. I know you want to go.” I nodded. She kissed my head as she got up. “I’ll just be downstairs if you need anything. Dinner will be ready at 6.” She smiled at me as she walked out of the room.

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