My Real G.I. Joe

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Chapter Twenty-Three

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Submitted: March 30, 2013




Chapter Twenty-Three

I don’t remember falling asleep but I woke up much later. I rubbed my eyes looking over to the alarm clock on the nightstand.  It’s after 11. I sat up untangling myself from my quilt. How did I get on the pillow? I rubbed my head before I got off the bed and made my way downstairs. “Hey, you’re up.” I looked over at my Grandfather.

“I’m sorry.” I sighed rubbing my neck. He shook his head.

“Don’t worry about it. When I went up you were dead asleep. I hope you don’t mind I moved you. You didn’t look too comfortable.” He put the last dish into the cabinet.

“Thank you.” I smiled looking at the fridge.

“There is a plate for you in there. All you need to do is heat it up.” I could feel my stomach growl. A home cooked meal. “I’m off to bed, Kid. Just clean up when you’re done. Schools tomorrow so don’t stay up too late.” He kissed my head before going to his bedroom down the hall. I pulled out the plate of homemade fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, and string beans.

“Yum, yum, yum.” I smiled putting it into the microwave. “Yum, yum, yum.” I looked over to the door as it knocked. I walked into the front room and pulled the door open to be able to see who was there.

“Ana?” Finn asked surprised looking at me.

“Yeah.” My eyes scanned over his face. “What the hell happened?” I gasped throwing the door open. I put my hand gently to his face running it over the bruised skin. His face was red and broken. The blood was dried to the 5 o’clock shadow on his jaw.

“I got into a fight. Don’t worry about it.” He smiled at me, but his smile dropped. “What happened?” His voice was hard as he looked at my face. He touched the cut under my eye making me wince. “Who?”

“Don’t.” I walked back into the house to get my food. I could hear the sound of Finn closing the door as he walked into the kitchen.

“Tell me who hurt you?” He said as I shoved a mouthful of potatoes into my mouth. “Anastasia.” His voice was like being hit with a rock. He pulled the mirror off the wall. “Look at yourself!” There was a dark purple bruise on my cheek going to my jaw. “That’s not nothing.”

“It was her.” I sighed rubbing my forehead. “Alright. Just drop it.” I looked up at him. His eyes were closed and his jaw was tight. He is pissed. “I’m sorry.” I muttered moving the room around on my plate.

“What are you sorry for?” He sighed opening his eyes to look at me.

“I’m a screw up.” I put my fork down and went into the fridge to get a drink. “You shouldn’t be here.” He walked towards me pulling my face into his hands. “I’m not good for you.”

“Let me make that decision, Ana. I’m a big boy.” I leaned my head into his hands.

“I’m nothing but bad news, Finn. I can’t let you get roped into it.” He kissed me.

“I love you. I’ve fallen in love with the girl that was sleeping in my bed. Don’t take that away from me.” I started to cry at his confession.

“No one has ever told me they loved me other than Z.” I wrapped my arms around him as he pulled me into his arms. “No one else made me feel as special as you.”

“Let me be here for you. Let me love you. Let me in.” He kissed me. I could taste the saltiness of his tears on his lips.

“I love you too. I do.” I sniffled putting my head on his shoulder closing my eyes. “It’s just hard letting someone in after so many years of being alone. I never really even let Z in. I’m a selfish person. I don’t want anyone to get close to my heart. I don’t want it to be broken.” He stroked my back gently. “I didn’t want it to be broken when everyone hurt me.”

“I don’t want to break your heart.” He whispered into my hair. I pulled back to look at the clock.

“I better get to bed. I have school tomorrow.” He nodded taking a deep breath letting me go.

“Are you excited?” I snorted at him.

“Oh yeah.” He bumped my hip with his as he made his way to the fridge to get a drink. “I’m not looking forward to it at all. Civilian school without knowing anyone. Not fun.” I put my plate in the sink. “I’ll be all alone.”  

“Do you want me to go with you?” I looked over at him as he put the cup in the sink as well.

“No, it’ll be okay.” I hugged him.  “Be here when I get back?” I mumbled into his shirt.

“Of course.” He smiled and kissed my head. I sighed.

“I’m off. You going to sleep down here?” I turned the light off and walked to the Living room.

“I guess.” He gave a dramatic sigh as he sat down on the couch. I threw a blanket off the couch and threw it at his face.

“I’m going off to bed. Night.” He smiled up at me as he got comfortable.

“Night.” I turned the light out as I went back to my bedroom….

I walked into the house to see Matty playing on his Leappad on his back.  “Afternoon, Buddy.” I said walking into the kitchen.

“How was school, Ana?” I put my bag down on the table.

“It was alright. I’m not a big fan of school.” I sighed picking a pear out of the bowl on the counter.

“Well, Finnley is up in your room.” She smiled going back to her cooking.

“Thank you.” I smiled at her heading upstairs. I smiled as I walked into the room to see Finn fast asleep, snoring, on my bed. I put my bag on my desk and kissed his head. He opened his eyes slowly.

“Hey.” He yawned opening his arms for me to lay with him.

“Tired?” I snuggled up to his chest.

“Just a little.” He kissed my head. “How was school?”

“Terrible. Everyone kept staring at me.” I snuggled my head into his warm chest.

“They just wanted to see your beautiful face.” I smacked his chest making him laugh. I ran my fingers over the cool metal of his dog tags. “Did you learn anything?” I shook my head.

“I don’t want to go there anymore, Finn. I want to go on base. They talk so much trash about us, about you. I don’t want to go back.” I pulled at the cross that now lay with his dog tags.

“Did your Grandmother tell you?” I shook my head.

“I came right up here.” He pulled the blanket around us.

“Danny is being sent home early. Your agent friend got him sent home saying he needs to be here.” I sat up.

“When will he be home?” I can’t believe it! Danny’s coming home!

“Tomorrow I believe.  Your Grandfather has his details.” He smiled as I clapped my hands happily. I kissed him.

“How are you feeling?” I asked running my fingers over his black eye.

“I don’t feel it at all.” I frowned at him not believing him at all. “I’ve had worse, Baby.” He smiled running a hand down my cheek.

“You didn’t have to do that, Finn. He’s right.” His fingers gripped my face making me look at him.

“None of it is true. Nothing he said could ever be true.” I shook my head.

“I’m not good for you. I’m just going to bring you down.” I looked away from him again.

“What did I tell you, Ana?” He sighed. “Let me make that decision for myself. I love you; whether you’re as broken as I am, or as perfect as the angels themselves. I love you, please, let me show you it.”

“You aren’t broken. You’re perfect. Beyond it. I’m the forbidden fruit that will get you kicked out of the Garden of Eden. You can turn back now, Fin. You can stay in the perfect garden; you can live your life in Paradise.” Finn cut me off by kissing me.

“I don’t want to be anywhere without you. It wouldn’t be Paradise with you by my side, my Eve.” He rested his forehead against mine. “It would be hell, not heaven.” Finn wiped the tears I didn’t know I cried. “I love you, Ana. I love you more than I loved anything, anyone in my life. It kills me when you tell me you aren’t good enough for me. The truth is, I’m not good enough for you. I probably never will be, but I will spend my whole life to show you how important you are to me.” I stared at him as he closed his eyes to try to block the onslaught of tears that wanted to get out.

“Finnley…” I whispered.

“I opened my heart to you. Please don’t ripe it out. Please.” I held his face in my hands and kissed him.

“I don’t want to hurt you. I’m just not used to this feeling. The feeling of love. I’ve never been in love with someone. It’s such a weird feeling. I don’t want to hurt you. It will kill me to hurt you.” I kissed his closed eye lids as the tears escaped from them.

“It’s new to me too you know. I’ve never been in love with anyone. It’s all so new to me; I’m finding my way as I go. Let me help you too. Let’s find our way together.”

“I’m scared Finnley, I’m scared.” I cried as he moved his hands to my face.

“What are you scared of?” He whispered rubbing my wet cheeks.

“I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want to hurt myself. I don’t want to go into the unknown. It’s so scary.” I whimpered. He smiled at me.

“But that fear, that’s what keeps you alive. Not knowing what is going to happen. It’s the thrill of life. But if you’re scared, I’ll hold your hand. We can do this all together.” I pressed my lips to his again pushing him back on the bed. He is just too amazing of a guy, way too amazing.

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