My Real G.I. Joe

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Chapter Three

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Chapter Three

When we got to the beach Matty instantly clutched my leg as my mother got out of the car. Danny grabbed our stuff silently. I held my bag taking Matty’s hand as he watched my mother walk ahead of us. “Danny!” A voice called as we hit the beach. Mr. Andrews came jogging over smiling at us. “Right on time.” He laughed.

“Good to see you again.” Danny smiled at him as a beautiful woman came walking over. “Hello Bailey.” He smiled hugging her. “How have you been?” I watched as my mother folded her arms glaring at Bailey.

“I’ve been great. Who’s this?” Danny turned to look at us.

“My new wife Diana and my new step-daughter Anastasia.” He smiled at her as I pulled my glasses off and put them on top of my head. She put her hand out to shake my mother’s hand. My mother huffed and walked towards the area she wanted to sit in. “Ana, this is Bailey, Taylor’s wife.” I shook her hand.

“Nice to meet you, Mrs. Andrews.” Matty tugged at my dress.

“Come on, cut the talk. I want to go swimming.” He said pouting at me.

“Alright, alright. Let me go put my stuff down and I’ll take you.” He sighed crossing his arms glaring at his father.

“Will you calm down you little brat.” Danny laughed messing with Matty’s hair. I put my bag down by where the Andrews had set up their chairs.

“Annie hurry!” He said as his father put on his goggles. “I want to go in!” He huffed at me.

“I’m coming you butthead.”

“Sunscreen, Matthew.” Danny said as I rubbed my sunscreen on my tattoos. I laughed as Matty smacked at Danny.

“No more, no more.” He pouted glaring at him. “I want to swim.”

“Come on, Bub.” He took my hand running off making me stumble after him. He picked up a seashell running around the shore playing in the little waves that smacked at his feet. I sat on the wet sand and watched him as I splashed the water before sitting down and digging into the sand with his shell.

“You’re Gunny Miller’s new daughter, right?” I looked up as a girl smiled at me. She’s beautiful. Dark sandy hair and green eyes. She grinned at me sitting down as I nodded. “Avery Jamie Andrews, but everyone calls me AJ. You?” I shook her out stretched hand.

“Anastasia Miller, but everyone calls me Ana.” I smiled waving at Matty as he waved at me happily.

“Nice to meet you.” I looked over at her. “So…” She looked back grimacing. I followed her eyes to see my mother watching us with a scowl. “Is she always like this?” She asked frowning. I sighed.

“Sadly.” I frowned. “I’m sorry if she said anything mean to you.” She shook her head.

“Not your fault.” She looked back at me as I rubbed the sand off my skin. “So, how do you like Hawaii so far?” AJ asked smiling at me.

“It’s good. I mean I just moved her yesterday, but it’s nice.” I laughed as Matty came running over to me.

“Annie, hold this.” He said shoving shells at me before running back to the water giggling.

“AJ!” I looked over as a damn hot man came jogging over. “Hey girl.” He smiled sitting next to her. He pulled ran a hand through his hair before putting his arm over her shoulders. He is tale dark and handsome. He has dark eyes, dark hair, and tanned skin with a 6 pack to match.

“Ana this is Tyler, my best friend. Ty, Ana is Gunny Miller’s new daughter.” Tyler moved to look at me giving me his free hand to shake.

“Nice to meet you.” I nodded at him rubbing the sand off of Matty’s shells. AJ frowned looking at me.

“How’d you get that nasty bump on your head?” She asked scrunching up her nose pulling her hair into a ponytail.

“I fell and hit my nightstand this morning.” Matty came running over only to frown.

“No you didn’t. She pulled you and smacked your head.” His bottom lip popped out as he stared at me.

“Drop it Matty.” AJ and Tyler watched me as Matty held his hands out for his shells.

“I’ll go show Daddy.” He said running off screaming, ‘Daddy look!’

“I could do with something to eat.” Tyler said breaking the ice.

“You could always go for something to eat.” AJ said rolling her eyes as I laughed.

“I could go for Chinese.” I said shrugging. AJ looked at me.

“I could too. Yum, fried wontons.” I smiled at her. “There is that great place just off base.”

“Awesome, I’ll drive. Come you two, lunch a waits.” Tyler smiled putting his arms around our shoulders. I smiled at he pulled us along.

“Let me grab my bag.” I said pulling out of Tyler’s grasp going for my bag. Danny smiled up at me from where he was sitting next to Mr. Andrews with a beer.

“Where you kids off to?” He asked taking a sip as I pulled on my sundress.

“We’re going to get some food. You want me to bring you something back? We’re getting Chinese.” He smiled at me.

“I’m good. Thanks Kid.” I nodded rubbing Matty’s hair making my way over to Tyler and AJ. I felt a hand gripping my wrist tightly. I looked down to see my mother tighten her hold making my hand go numb.

“You listen to me right now. You and I are going to have a really, really, long talk when we are along. You know what that means you brat. You don’t be able to walk for a week, do you hear me?” She clutched tighter making me pull out of her grasp. “No one will ever save you.” She growled at me. I held my wrist as she pushed me away from her. I walked away from her to Tyler and AJ as everyone stared at me.

“Let’s go, I’m hungry.” I mumbled getting into Tyler’s car. I sent a text message quickly putting my phone away. I watched Danny drink the rest of his beer before getting another rubbing his face. I bit my lip taking a deep breath.

“So how long have you had your belly button pierced?” AJ asked turning to look at me trying to lighten the mood. I smiled at her.

“I got it when I was 15.” I smiled remembering it.

“I was thinking of getting mine pierced.” She gave me a thoughtful look. “Did it hurt?” I shrugged.

“Yeah, but not that much.” I shrugged. “The most pain is when the needle goes in, and then it’s just sore.” She nodded. “I’ll come with you if you want.” She grinned at me.

“That’ll be awesome.” She started to giggle. “We can have a girl’s day!” I nodded smiling as I checked my phone for a message.

“We’re here.” Tyler smiled at us as we pulled up. “Come my girls.” He winked as we got out of the car. I looked out around the building. “You okay Ana?” I shook my head.

“Yeah, sorry.” We sat down and ate our food not being quiet at all. I was having the time of my life laughing along with AJ as Tyler tried to make her snort soda from her nose. I was laughing so hard that my sides were hurting and my stomach burned. I had one of the best times in a while. I picked up my leftovers as we made our way back to the car. I looked at my phone as it pinged to show a message. “Hey, I’ll be right back.” AJ nodded as I made my way to the back of the building.

“So you’re the famous Anastasia.” The guy leaning on the build said raising his eyebrow. I swallowed. Act tough, Ana, I bitched at myself. You can do this. I nodded.

“Z talks about me a lot?” He gave a snort.

“You have no idea. What can I help you with? Z said I should give you anything you want, or I’m dead.” I nodded. Sounds like Z alright.

“I just want a pack of cigarettes please.” I pulled out a ten dollar bill.

“Sure beautiful.” He pulled out a box of my favorites and handed them to me. He put his lips out for a kiss. “A little Sugar for me?” I shoved the ten dollars into his mouth putting the cigarettes in my bag.

“Good-Bye.” I rolled my eyes walking back to the car.

“Hey Ana, I was thinking.” AJ said as I got into the car. “Do you maybe want to sleep over tonight?” She looked like she was bouncing in her seat. “We’ll have so much fun! We can watch movies and we can have popcorn! Oh it will be so much fun!” I laughed.

“Sure, I’ll just have to ask Danny. But I’m sure he’ll be okay with it.” She beamed at me.

“Awesome!” I smiled out the window, happy for once. I could get used to this….

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