My Real G.I. Joe

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Chapter Five

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Submitted: August 28, 2012



Chapter Five

“Crap I’m sorry.” I clutched my chest as the light flickered on. “I didn’t meet to scare you.” I blinked and looked at the hot guy standing by the light switch. He stood in his Marine uniform holding a pair of short in his hands. He bit his lip. “Are you okay?” He asked pulling a face as I tried to control my heartbeat. “Let me get you a cup of water.” I took a deep breath as he jogged out of the room. I don’t know why I’m acting like this. I never really sleep through the night, ever. I was always woken up by my Mother to either do something for her or to take a beating. “Here drink this. I’m sorry. I was just grabbing something to change into and banged my foot.” He gave me a glass of ice water. I took a big gulp.

“I’m sorry I freaked out.” He smiled at me showing me his white teeth.

“I’m Finley, but everyone calls me Fin and you are…” He held out his hand.

“Anastasia, but everyone calls me Ana.” I took his hand only for him to gently turn my wrists to show the dark bruises on them.

“What happened here?” He asked moving on the bed to get a better look.

“Uh, nothing.” I pulled them out of his lose grip shoving them under the blanket. “I thought you were still deployed…I would have stayed in the living room if I knew you were coming back.” He shook his head.

“Don’t worry about it. We just finished early and I came home. Mom warning me that you were sleeping in here. I didn’t mean to wake you up. You seemed peaceful. I really need to get rid of that stool.” I giggled at him. He leaned down to rub him leg. “That hurt.” I took another long gulp of my water.

“Sorry, your bed is really comfortable.” I smiled biting my lip. He winked.

“I enjoy it too. It’s why I picked it.” I smiled at him pulling the comforter closer to myself.

“You made one mighty fine choice.” I looked down at my hands almost watching as the darkness on my wrists got worse. I take another gulp of water sighing as my eyes started to burn from exhaustion.

“I’ll let you go back to sleep.” He said patting my knee. I lay back on the pillows and snuggled back in. “Good night Ana.” He smiled closing the door.

“Night Fin.” I said falling asleep back asleep into a dream of these bright green eyes…..

“Wake up!” I groaned pulling the pillow over my head. “I need to talk to you.” AJ said shaking me pulling at the comforter. “Please!”

“What?” I groaned rubbing my eyes.

“I’m scared.” She sighed sitting down. I sat up.

“Of what?” I ran a hand through my hair. “What’d I miss?” I blinked at her.

“Well Tyler was talking to me last night. He was telling me all about this girl he liked and he was asking advice on how he should ask her out. He loves someone else.” My face dropped as I watched the tears formed in her eyes. “He doesn’t love me.” She cried. I pulled her into my arms. “I love him and he doesn’t love me!”

“Oh Sweetheart.” I rubbed her back as she cried hugging me.

“He doesn’t love me.” I rocked her back and forth.

“Shhh it’s going to be okay.” She pulled back and wiped her eyes.

“You think I’m crazy, don’t you?” She sniffed looking at me wiping her eyes. I pulled her back to me patting the back of her head soothingly.

“No, I don’t think you’re crazy for that reason.” She pulled back and laughed at me her eyes still red from crying. We looked over at the door as it knocked.

“Everything okay in here?” Tyler said opening the door slightly. I looked at AJ. She rubbed away any tears that were on her face.

“Yeah, come on in.” He walked in with a bag and sat on the bed.

“I bought bagels.” He opened the bag pulling out a wrapped bagel and handing it to AJ. “I just got you a plain with cream cheese. Is that good?” I nodded taking it from him as he took another out of the bag and opened it for himself.

“Yes, thank you. This is my favorite.” I smiled taking a bite.

“How did you sleep, Ana?” AJ asked clearing her throat leaning back on the head board coping me while Tyler sat across from us.

“Good thank you.” I smiled at her as she stared at Tyler as he picked at the seeds on his bagel.

“Really? So my brother didn’t come in and wake you up at 3 in the morning?” I shrugged trying to play it off but I could feel the blush on my face creeping up.

“I offered to sleep somewhere else so he could have his bed.” She shook her head giggling.

“You frazzled him. He’s almost been waiting for you to wake up.” She nudged me with her elbow. I shrugged taking another gooey bite from my food.

“Not many guys wake me up at that hour.” AJ smiled at me nudging me as I pulled the comforter closer around my lower body. I cleared my throat. “So what’d you guys do after I fell asleep?” I looked between the two of them.

“Nothing we just talked.” I frowned looking at them. They both were looking down neither looking at the other. They hadn’t talked about the whole in love thing. I took another bite of my bagel. We finished our breakfast with me bagging half of mine.

“I’m getting dressed.” I said getting up and picking up my bag.

“We should do the same.” AJ smiled walked out of the room. I punched Tyler making him curse.

“What was that for?” I punched him again. “Ow Ana.”

“Why didn’t you tell her last night?” I said folding my arms. He shrugged.

“I chickened out half way through. I couldn’t tell.” He sighed. I punched him once again. “Holy crap you have to stop that.” He said rubbing his arm.

“I woke up to her crying at me saying you love someone else!” His face dropped. “Grow a pair and tell her.” He sighed.

“It’s complicated.” I shook my head.

“No it isn’t. Everyone always says ‘oh it’s complicated’, no it really isn’t. If you love her, you love her. You don’t, you don’t. There is nothing complicated about it.” He looked at me.

“You don’t understand. I’ve known AJ my whole life. We grew up together. Her Mom and my Dad were, are best friends since they were our age, even younger. They loved each other, but my Dad fucked up and he lost her to Taylor.” He gave me a laugh. “I don’t want that to happen to me and AJ. I don’t want to lose my best friend like my Dad did. I love my mom and I love Bailey. I don’t want things to change.” I put my hand on his leg.

“Are you willing to let AJ go, like your Dad did, and let her go to another guy?” I watched him close his eyes tightly. He shook his head.

“I’m not that strong. I love her too much.” I patted his leg.

“Sweetheart, you have to tell her. You can’t let this fear of you two turning into your parents haunt you.” I watched as he wiped his eyes. “If you just watch, hoping that you get a chance. You have to take it. Don’t let her slip away like Bailey did to your Dad.” He took a deep breath. “Answer me this. Do you really love her?” He nodded.

“I love her so much.” I stood up pulling him with me.

“Then go tell her. Go. I’ll find my way home. Call me when you get your balls in order.” He smiled at me. “Stop smiling and go. I want the play by play, but please if this ends in you two getting freaky I don’t want to know the details.” He got up walking to the door.

“Thank you, Ana.” I smiled at him,

“Go!” I got dressed quickly wanting to give them their space and not have them worried. There was a knock on the door as I was pulling my shirt on. “Come in.” I smiled as Fin put is head in and looked around.

“Hey.” He beamed at me as I zipped up my bag putting it on my shoulders as I pulled my hair into a pony tail. I watched his face drop. “You’re leaving already?”

“Yeah, I’m giving them their space for now.” I gave him a half smile.

“Oh.” I watched him frown. “Are you walking back?” I nodded.

“Nothing like some fresh air. I don’t live too far off.” He walked into the room looking down at my wrists. My hoodie covered them and up to the bottom of my thumb. I bit my cheek.

“Mind if I come? I need the walk. I could use the exercise.” He patted his flat stomach. I blushed. I knew he didn’t need it. He just came home from a tour. He’s probably bone tired.

“Sure.” I watched as he beamed at me making his eyes shine making my knees weak as I swooned……

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