My Real G.I. Joe

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Chapter Six

Submitted: September 16, 2012

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Submitted: September 16, 2012



Chapter Six

“So do you have your license, Ana?” Fin asked as he closed the door behind him.

“Yeah, I’ve had it for a year now.” I moved my bag on my shoulder as he closed the door behind him.

“And you still walked here?” He asked taking my bag off my shoulder looking at me.

“I enjoy walking.” I shrugged. Fin took my hand pulling me close to him. “It clears my head.”

“Are you enjoying living in Hawaii?” I shrugged.

“It’s nice and all but…” He looked at me his eye brows coming together. “I’m tired of moving.” I pulled at the sleeves of my hoodie so they covered my hands in the early morning air.

“You move a lot?” I frowned at him.

“Yeah, something like that.” I put my hands in my pockets. I could feel his eyes on me as I continued to walk to the house, a blanket of silence falling on us.

“So I was thinking. I know I woke you up in the middle of the night. Let me make it up to you.”

“You don’t have to.” I smiled at him. “I’m used to getting woken up randomly in the middle of the night. Let it be by some random hot guy or someone I’ve known for a while.”

“We don’t need to be strangers.” I intertwined our fingers smiling weakly at him.

“I barely know you.” He stopped putting his free hand to my cheek.

“Get to know me then.” He ran his thumb back and forth over my cheek. “I want to get to know you.”

“I’m not good for you.” I shook my head. He gave me a smile that made my knees weak.

“Let me figure that out for myself.” He whispered making me close my eyes leaning into him. “Let me take you out.” I nodded feeling the warm trail Fin’s fingers are leaving on my cheeks.

“Okay.” Fin kissed my head “Tomorrow?” He nodded.

“I’ll pick you up. I’ll call you.” I smiled at him as he handed me my bag.

“Bye Fin.” He winked at me.

“I’ll call you soon.” I walked into the house to see Danny sitting in the kitchen.

“Morning, Danny.” I smiled at him making him put down the newspaper and look at me.

“Someone’s happy this morning.” I opened the fridge and pulled out the orange juice. “Did you have a good time?”

“Yeah it was night to just spend a night laughing.” I poured myself a glass taking a sip.

“I’m glad you had a good night.” He smiled at me as Matty came running in with a toy.

“Hey Bud.” I smiled messing his hair as he made a circle around the kitchen table making a ‘zoom’ sound as he went.

“We need to go shopping so do what you got to do, and be prepared.” I raised my eye brow at him putting my glass in the sink.

“Oh?” He nodded taking a sip of his coffee picking up his newspaper again.

“School’s coming up for the both of you. You both will need school supplies and clothes.” I nodded.

“Let me shower and I’ll be ready.” I went quick changing into a long sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans. I pulled my hair into a braid as I walked out of my bedroom. “I’m ready.” I smiled putting on my sunglasses.

“Alright brat, drop the toy we’re going out.” Danny smiled sweeping Matty up into his arms. “Come Matt.” He put on his sunglasses and smiled at me. “You’re going to help me with this right?” Danny asked as he pulled out of the drive way handing me the list.

“You don’t know what he’ll need?” I pushed my glasses on my head.

“I’ve never done this before.” He rolled his eyes at me. “Even when I was in school, my mom did my shopping. She was going to come up but she was dealing with my brother at the moment.” I raised my eye brows at him. “You’ll meet them soon.”

“Well he’s only going into Pre-K, Danny. He’s not going to need all that much.” He sighed.

“My baby’s growing up.” I smiled at him as we pulled up to the local mall.

“What are we getting Daddy?” Matty said taking his hand as we got to a school supplies store. Danny picked him up as I picked up a basket.

“We’re getting things for school Buddy. What do we need?” I scanned down the list quickly.

“We need a box of tissues, a box of crayons, washable markers, craft paper, and a child’s notebook. He’s going to need a napping pillow and blanket.”

“I was thinking of buying the napping thing online.” I nodded as Matty watched the people go by.

“Come on Matty lets go get you your things and some clothes.” He smiled at me as his father put him down and he took the bottom of my shirt and pulled. “Matty, this way.” I pulled his hand as we got to the school supplies. I pushed his glasses up on his head as we went through everything he needed. I called Danny when we were done.

“I’ll meet you by the Starbucks; I got him all new clothes. Did you get what you needed?”

“I think I’m good. I can come back if I missed anything though.” I pulled Matty close as he chatted away at me smiling.

“Alright, see you soon.” I hung up as I pulled at my necklace.

“Annie, it’s pretty.” Matty smiled at me pointing to the locket that hung around my neck.

“Thanks Bud.” He smiled at me as he saw his Dad and ran to him. “Do you mind if I make a phone call?” He shook his head pulling Matty to him making him giggle. I pulled out my phone dialing as I sat on a bench outside the mall in the warm sun.

“Hey Brat.”

“Hey Z.”

“How’s Hawaii?” I sighed leaning back.

“It’s great, if my mother wasn’t here.” I sighed running my fingers over the locket. “I found that locket you gave me.” I listened to the sound of the couch as he sat down on it.

“I remember when I gave you that necklace. A useless piece of metal.” I could hear the smile in his voice.

“Nothing from you is useless, Z.” I closed my eyes. “I miss you Zander.”

“I miss you too, Pretty Lady.” I fought back the tears.

“I met this guy. He makes my knees weak.” I wiped away the tears that fell.

“Oh? And what’s this guy’s name? I’ll have to make sure he’s clean if he’s dating my baby girl.”

“Zander.” I groaned laughing.

“I’m serious Anastasia. No one dates my baby girl without getting the okay from me.”

“You’re not my father Zander.”

“But I love you like you are family Baby. You will understand that. I don’t treat every brown hair beauty like I treat you. Hell they do get in my bed and we enjoy a roll around in the sack.”

“Zander.” I rolled my eyes. That boy thinks more with his lower head then the one on his shoulders.

“Sorry. You’re my baby. There just women I have sex with. You’ll always be more than them. Hell I haven’t even rolled in the hay stack with you. But I’m wrapped around your finger. And sweetheart, he fucks up. I’ll kill him. No questions asked.” The serious tone in his voice made me shudder at just the talk.

“Zander, you know I hate that talk.” He sighed.

“I know you do, you understand me. I’ll do anything to protect you. You’ve seen it.” I hate when Z talks business with me. Ever since I first met him I regret getting into his business. I would never tell him to do something else, but I wish he did something safer. I worry about him.

“I know. Be careful Zander. For me. Please.” I closed my eyes.

“You made me careful. I’ll be out to visit you soon. I miss you. Take care of yourself.” He took a deep breath as he fought to hide his emotions. “How you liking your new Step-Daddy?”

“He’s not like the other ones, Z. Oh Baby he’s great. I don’t know what changed her mind to get one with a baby of his own. But it’s so different. I like it. He isn’t mean to me, Z. He’s being a Daddy to me.” I pulled at my sleeves. I looked over as Danny walked out of the store.

“That’s great A. I’m happy. I just wish it was closer.” I bit my lip.

“I’ll call you later. They just walked out. I love you, Z.”

“Alright, don’t forget. I love you too Annie.” I ended the phone call shoving the phone into my pocket as they walked over to me.

“You ready to go?” Danny asked smiling.

“Yeah. Let’s go to lunch. I’m hungry.” I smiled taking Matty’s hand in mine as we walked to the truck.

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