Pain Isn't a Weakness

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - First Flight

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Submitted: July 18, 2011



I looked around the airport gripping onto the handle of the stroller I was pushing around.  Fin was lying in the bed of it strapped in holding his stuffed alligator. Taylor has to pick something up before coming so Mom dropped me off with a hug and a kiss for Fin and me. I had an old duffle bag of Dad’s, government issued, over my shoulder with our last named sew in so they knew it was ours. It was ratty but I loved it and used it for everything I needed it for. It was big enough to hold a lot but small enough so I could carry it on the plane with me. I had our tickets in hand and Fin’s birth certificate in my bag in case I need it. I looked around nervously before walking to security pulling out our tickets. He smiled at me. “Hello Ma’am How can I help you?” I zipped the bag back up handing him the two tickets.

“I need to get to gate 5B to go to California with my son.” I said looking down at Fin as he looked up at me sucking his thumb.

“If you don’t mind me asking for what?” He asked looking at the tickets as I pulled my ID out for him to see.

“I have to see my doctor to see what I should do with my cancer and my baby.” I shrugged putting my hand on my little bump. He looked down at my stomach than at me.

“Alright. Here’s your tickets back and your ID Miss Williams. You’re going to have to sign the stroller in to put in the storage in the plane.” I looked at it before sighing. He looked at me. “Here sign your name here and plane flight and I will have someone bring it over there for you.” I filled out the paper work when another security guard walked over. I picked Fin out of the stroller as he held onto his alligator and his blanket.

“Do you need anything this?” He asked me as I held Fin. I shook my head.

“Thank you for everything.” He smiled at me.

“No worries. Have a good flight.” Fin held onto me as I walked to the metal detector.

“Alright buddy we need to take our shoes off now.” He looked at me as I slipped off my sneakers and put them into the grey bucket. He put his alligator into the bucket smiling at me and the female security guard making her smiled too. “Now your shoes too.” He still had his thumb in his mouth put I know he only does that when he’s sick. He sat down and lifted his foot up and tried to pull his shoe off. I leaned down slipping it off for him and put it the bucket.

“Does he have any more metal on him?” I shook my head.

“Just his shoes.” She nodded at me. “Okay baby I want you to walk through this big arch okay?” He nodded walking through the metal detector getting a green light. He smiled at the security guard then at me. “Good job Finny.” I smiled at him standing up.

“You’re next Ma’am.” The security guard smiled at me. I opened my bag and pulled out a piece of paper and put the bag on the table so it could go through the metal detector.  The red light went off like every time I went through one.  “Ma’am?” She asked looking at me like she was going to regret this.

“Happens every time.” I sighed handing her my letter. She read the letter before sighing.

“Thank god I didn’t want to have to pat you done and everything.” I looked at her confused. “Not in front of the baby.” I nodded. “Can you stand hands spread wide and legs spread apart please?” I smiled standing as Dillon would call ‘standing like a starfish’. “So how’d it happen?”

“I took a really nasty fall off my horse when I was 11. I have 4 screws and a pin.” She ran here hand detector and ran it over my body skipping my left arm.

“Sounds terrible.” She said stepping back. “You’re clean.” I smiled picking up Fin. “Is this his first time?” I nodded.

“Yup first time on a plane and in an airport.” Fin looked at me picking up his alligator.

“Here.” She handed Fin a sticker making him smile. I looked at it ‘My first Air Ride’.

“What do you say?” I asked him kissing his head.

“Thank you.” He said pulling his thumb out before putting it back laying his head on my shoulder.

“Thank you.” I smiled at her putting Fin’s shoes on and mine before slipping my bag over my shoulder. The security guard smiled at us as I walked away with Fin.

“Mommy?” Fin asked pulling his thumb out of his mouth again.

“Yeah Baby? You hungry?” He nodded at me pouting. “Alright let me call Daddy and see where he is.” I sat down on a seat by our gate. I dialed Taylor and waited for him to pick up.

“Hey Baby.” I heard when he picked up the phone.

“Hey I was just wondering where you were. Fin’s hungry.”

“Oh I just got to the airport. I should be in there soon. Why don’t you two get something while I go through security?”

“Sure. The plane doesn’t take off for two hours so take your time. We’re here.”

“Alright. I love you.” I smiled.

“I love you too.” I hung up the phone and smiled…..

I walked onto the plane with Fin in my arms with Taylor close behind me. I looked at ticket and quickly found my seat and looked for Fin’s. They split the three of us up. No this can’t be. I’m not sitting my 2 and a half year old next to some stranger. I looked at my seat. A business man was sitting next to it. “Excuse me sir but if you wouldn’t mind switching seats with me so I could sit next to my son?” He looked up at me.

“No.” He said with an emotionless face before looking back at his newspaper.

“Sir please he is only 2 years old.” I asked as Fin looked around the plane.

“I don’t care. I have had a terrible day and I will not be moving.” I looked at Taylor as he looked at the man.

“Please?” He huffed and started to ignore me.

“Excuse me Ma’am?” I looked over at a caring looking older woman.

“Yes?” I asked her smiling weakly not knowing what to do for Fin.

“Me and My son will take your seats. You take ours. A baby his age shouldn’t be alone.” She put her hand on my arm. “Please people will be rude. I want you to take my seats.” She smiled at me.

“Thank you.” I smiled at her as she led me to her seat next to an older looking man who smiled at me. “This is my husband.” I smiled at him.

“Baby give me your bag I’ll put it up for you.” Taylor said walking up behind me after giving the kind our tickets.

“I’m going to keep it under the seat. Just in case he gets bored and fussy.” He nodded kissing me.

“Alright. I love you.” He smiled at me then the man.

“I love you too.” I said before he went to go find his seat. I stuck my bag under the seat in front of me and sat Fin in the seat near the aisle and buckled him in. He held onto his alligator as I sat down. I buckled myself in as the last call to went. I held Fin’s hand as the plane went up and he started to cry as his ears popped. “Oh it’s okay Baby. It’s over now.” He held onto his alligator tighter pouting at me as tears still rolled down his face. I pulled out his pacifier and handed it to him. He put it in his mouth and stared at me before trying to get closer to me which means he was tired. I lifted up the arm west and loosed his seat belt so he can curl up on his alligator like he always does. I smiled at him happily.

“He’s a cutie.” The guy smiled at me. I turned to look at him.

“I’m sorry if he disturbed you.” He shook his head.

“No don’t worry. When my son was his age he did the same. It doesn’t bother me.”

“Thanks so much to you and your wife for giving us the seats.”

“It was nothing. Anyway our kind sticks together.” I looked at him confused.

“Our kind?” He smiled at me picking up my wrist gently and turning it to show the inside of it. Over it said the simple words of ‘Semper Fi’ in a fancy script. I blushed.

“Just your boyfriend?” I shook my head.

“Pretty much my whole family. 4th generation. My brothers one too.” He smiled.

“2nd and my son is the 3rd. My son followed in my yellow footsteps.” He smiled at me rubbing his leg.  I smiled at him before looking at Fin as he laid on me watching me. By the time we were half way through the flight Fin was fast asleep and I was sketching a picture for Mom of the whole family for her birthday. “That’s amazing.” I turned to look at him.

“Thank you.” I smiled before turning back to look at my almost done picture. It had everyone including Fin and Taylor.

“You drew this?” He asked making me nod. “Wow.” He said to himself. “Do you mind if I look at some other of your pictures?” I shook my head.

“No, no of course you can here.” I handed him my sketch book. He flipped through all of my pictures. “A lot of them are tattoos I drew for work. Others are just pictures I drew as gifts or just for fun.” He was silent as he flipped through all my 100 plus pictures.

“These are amazing.” He said looking up at me. He opened his mouth but closed it moving his hand to pull out his wallet. He pulled out a business card and handed it to me.

“I would love for you to work for me.” He smiled at me as I stared at his business card my mouth dropped open….

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