Pain Isn't a Weakness

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Mommy and Daddy

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Submitted: August 02, 2011



 I woke up a little later to Taylor crawling into bed next to me. I opened my tired eyes as he pulled me up to the pillows and onto his chest. I rubbed my eyes looking up at him.  He looked down at me rubbing my cheek gently. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to wake you up.” I shook my head.

“Did I fall asleep down there?” He nodded looking at the bottom of the bed. My phone was still open next to Tom’s business card. I looked back up at his face. “What’s wrong?” He shook his head. I rubbed my eyes sitting up. “Taylor?”

“Who is he?” He picked up the card.

“He’s the guy I sat next to on the plane.” He flipped the card over in his hand.

“Why do you have it?” He looked up at me. He shook his head at me.

“He offered me a job. A good one.” He looked up at me before pulling off his t-shirt.

“A good one?” I nodded.

“Well paying Taylor.” He closed his eyes getting under the covers. “Are you mad at me?” He shook his head. “Do you want me to go sleep somewhere else? I can go to my Uncle’s. He saw its fine and he said Aunt Audrey cleaned up Sawyer’s room since he went into Boot Camp.” Taylor grabbed my hand as I went to get off the bed.

“Please don’t go. I didn’t mean it. Just come back to bed.” He whispered pulling me back to him. I moved my head to the crook of his neck. “Don’t leave I’m sorry.” I looked up at him

“I’m not going to unless you’re coming with me.” He leaned down to kiss me.

“I’m sorry Baby. I just have a lot on my mind right now.” I lifted my hand to his face.

“I know and I love you.” I kissed his bare chest.

“I love you too Bailey.” I got out of bed making my way over to my bag.

“What are you…?” He trailed off watching me as I unzipped my jeans and pulled them down and off. Taylor sat watching me as pulled a pair of pajama shorts and putting them on the bed. I pulled out a new t-shirt as Taylor moved on the bed pulling me to him. “Don’t put those on yet.” He whispered pulling me under him kissing me.

“Oh why wouldn’t I?” I giggled at him as he moved his hand over my shoulder and down my stomach going over my little baby bump and onto my panties.

“Because I want you so bad.” He whispered into my ear biting at my ear lope gently. I felt Taylor’s hand pull at my panties pulling them down my legs. He trailed kisses down my jaw moving down my throat and moving onto my collar bone before going down my stomach pulling the blanket over us as I gasped clutching the sheets in my hand……

I woke up to the far off sound of Fin crying. I sat up pulling the top sheet up to my naked chest. I blinked my eyes looking around the dark room. “Baby come and lay back down your letting the warmth out.” Taylor groaned from next to me.

“Taylor where’s Fin?” He pulled his head from under the pillow and looked at me.

“I think my mom was going to put him in one of the rooms.” I looked back at him as I heard little footsteps in hall way in the distance.

“Taylor he’s scared and wants to sleep with us. Please go find him. I can hear him crying.” I looked over at Taylor again biting my lip looking at the clock on the nightstand. 3:30. “Please Taylor.” He groaned sitting up rubbing his eyes.

“Alright I’ll go get him.” He looked at me. “Baby it’s alright just get on some clothes. I’ll go find him.” I nodded as he got out of bed and pulled on some shorts. He kissed my head as I watched him leave the room listening to his footsteps as he went. I got out of bed silently pulling on some clean underwear and my discarded pajama shorts and shirt from before. I sat on the bed listening as I heard Fin’s quiet footsteps and cries get a little louder as Taylor’s feet stopped. “Oh Buddy come to Daddy.” I watched the door turning on the lamp on the night stand. “It’s alright Buddy.”

“Daddy.” I heard him cry as I got off the bed waiting for Taylor to come back.

“Aw Buddy did you wet yourself Buddy?”


“Shhh Buddy it’s alright Daddy’s here.” I watched as Taylor came through the door holding a crying Fin to chest.  “Mommy my Buddy here had a little accident.” Fin cried reaching for me his bottom lip sticking out.

“Mommy.” He cried reaching for me. I took him into my arms holding him tightly. He held me close to him as he cried. I kissed his head moving his hair whispering to him.

“Taylor grab my bag I have some wipes and pull-ups in it.” Taylor grabbed my bag putting it next to Fin as I laid him down.

“Gator.” He cried at me and Taylor. “Gator.” I gasped remembering I never gave him it back after the flight.

“Oh baby I’m so sorry. So sorry.” I said unzipping my bag pulling out his alligator and handing it to him. I leaned down to kiss his wet cheeks before pulling back to change him. I pulled off the underwear Taylor’s mom must have changed him into and put him into one of his pull-ups after I wiped him down so he was nice and clean and dry. I pulled out a new pair of pajamas dressing him in them putting his wet ones in the sink in the bathroom connected to the room. I walked back to him holding me close rocking him gently back to sleep whispering to him as he fell asleep again cuddling me and Gator. I laid him on the bed before wrapping my arms around myself watching him.

“Baby?” I look at Taylor as he put his arms around me pulling me to him. “What’s wrong?” I watched Fin not answering him. “Bailey?” I shook my head. “Tell me what’s wrong?”

“We were too busy having sex to care for our Son.” I whispered looking up at him.

“Don’t think of it that way Bailey. My mom was supposed to lay him to bed.” I shook my head.

“I was too busy to give him Gator. Gator fights away all the bad dreams.”

“Since when?” Taylor asked turning me around to look at him.

“It has been since you last left. He missed you and wanted you to make the bad dreams go away so I said Gator made them go away. I know I’m a terrible person for telling him that but he just held it tighter and cuddled me. I’m sorry.” I started to cry as Taylor held me tighter.

“Shhh baby don’t think that way. You’re a great person. You were just comforting him. It’s okay baby you did nothing wrong.” I closed my eyes and nodded.

“Mommy.” Fin cried his eyes still closed but his arms reaching for me. I moved out of Taylor’s arms and onto the bed holding Fin to me. He snuggled into my chest as Taylor got on his other side pulling both of us to him before turning off the night stand lamp.

“You are the best Mommy I could ever ask for for my Babies. Both of them. Fin and my little baby here.” He ran his hand over my baby bump. “I love you Bailey and I always will. You are giving me more than you will ever know.” He kissed me.

“Do you really mean that?” He nodded.

“Of course I really mean it. If I didn’t mean it I wouldn’t have said it.” I closed my eyes as silence come over us.


“Yeah Baby?”

“What would you do if you found out something was wrong with the baby?”

“I don’t know what I would do. What I can do know is to try not to think about it. Let fate take its course. All we can do is hope. Hope our baby will be alright.” I could feel tears forming in my eyes. “Come on try to get some sleep. We are still going to Disneyland tomorrow bright and early.” I nodded.

“I love you Taylor.” Taylor kissed my head.

“I love you too Baby.” He pulled the blankets closer to us as well as Fin and me. “I love you too.”

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