Pain Isn't a Weakness

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Picture Perfect Moment

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Submitted: August 05, 2011



Taylor woke up to a light knocking on the door. He looked over at me and Fin curled up next to him before getting up and opening the door to look at the person on the other side. “Ria? What are you doing here?” He rubbed his eyes. “What time is it?” Maria looked at her phone in her hand.

“About 9. I thought you were taking Bailey and Finley to Disneyland today. I just wanted to see you were up. It gets crowd as it gets later.”

“Shit its 9?” He rubbed his face. “Crap.” He turned to look at me still fast asleep on the bed. Maria put her hand on her brother’s shoulder.

“It’s alright Tay. For some reason Mom said I shouldn’t wake you up or I’m grounded. Can you not tell her I did?” He rubbed his head.

“I won’t. Thanks for waking me up.” She nodded looking down. Taylor looked at her. “What’s wrong?”

“If you go to Disneyland will you take me?”

“I’ll talk to Bailey but I’m sure she’ll say yes.” Maria looked behind her. “Hey everything alright?” She nodded.

“Yeah. You want to do out for breakfast? You know like Dad, Eli, you all, and me?” Taylor narrowed his eyes.

“What about Mom?” She shrugged.

“I think she’s doing something with someone.” He looked at her narrowing his eyes again.

“You sure you’re alright Maria? You can tell me anything.” She nodded.

“I know.  So you up for it?” Taylor looked behind him.

“Yeah.” He turned to smile at her. “Yeah I’m up for it.” Maria beamed at him.

“Cool! I’ll go call wake up Eli and tell Dad.” Taylor nodded smiling at her as she ran off. He closed the door quietly crawling back into bed next to me. He closed his eyes rolling on his side pulling me and Fin to him kissing my head. He opened his eyes as I looked up at him.

“Hey Beautiful did I wake you up?” I shook my head laying my head on his bare chest. “Did you sleep well?”

“I did. I had two of my favorite men curled up with me.” He smiled looking at Fin in my arms.

“Baby I’m really sorry about last night. You’re a great Mom for Fin and I can’t wait till our baby comes into this world.” He put his hand on my bare belly since my t-shirt came up when I was sleeping.

“Our other baby.” I smiled putting my hand over his. It looked so small compared to his.

“Hmm?” He asked looking up at me.

“Our bother baby.” He looked at me confused. “Fin’s our first baby. This is our second.” I kissed Fin’s head as he started to squirm between the two of us.

“I love you so much Baby.” He whispered kissing me. Fin opened his eyes rubbing them before looking at me.

“Mommy?” He lifted his hands up at him making me pull him to my chest.

“Good morning Baby.” He whined smiled at He laid him on my chest. He looked at Taylor and smiled.

“Daddy.” He smiled handing him Gator. Taylor smiled at him sitting up.

“Come on aren’t we going to breakfast with your family?” I asked him. Taylor nodded.

“Yeah we should get ready.” I got off the bed and laid Fin down. I unzipped my bag and pulled out a pair of jeans and a simple blue t-shirt out as well as a bra and clean underwear. I pulled out a pair of jeans and a Spiderman t-shirt for Fin and some big boy undies as well. “Taylor can you dress yourself? Or do you need my help?” He smiled at me.

“I think I’m good Bailey. Thanks for the offer though.” He picked Fin up making him laugh and sat him on his lap. “You going to take a shower?” I nodded picking up my clothes and kissing Fin’s head.

“Just dress Fin for me.”  He nodded as I walking into the bathroom. Fin looked up at his father and smiled.

“Hi Buddy.” He smiled at Fin giggled at him.

“Daddy.” He pointed to the clothes before lifting the top of his pajama shirt. Taylor smiled at him pulling off his t-shirt for him. Fin smiled clapping his hands together.  Taylor laughed at him. Fin pointed at himself and looked up at Taylor. “Me Daddy.” He giggled putting his arms out like a muscle man. Taylor smiled at him.

“Just like Daddy.” He moved into the same position making a ‘grrr’ sound like the weight lifters do. Fin quickly copied him. They both looked up as they heard the snap of my camera. I shook my head at them.

“You boys are crazy.” I laughed pulling the towel from my wet hair letting it fall down my back. Taylor shrugged at me as I zipped up my jeans.

“Me Daddy!” Fin laughed crawling off his father’s lap.

“You are just like Daddy. But you have to get dressed mister. Daddy was supposed to…” Taylor rolled his eyes getting off the bed. “But I’ll do it while Daddy gets his butt into the shower.” I giggled at him pulling off his pajama pants as Taylor kissed me. “Daddy get in the shower.” I giggled at him slapping his ass. He shook his head walking off into the bathroom grabbing my towel to use. I know he wasn’t mad at me because I could see his smile.

“Mommy.” He pulled at his pull-up wanting it off. I helped him take it off praising him since it was dry and not wet again like when he first started to wear them. When though he did wet it last night. I helped him put on his underwear before helping slip on his jeans and letting him put his shirt on himself since he loved to do that himself.

“Better Baby?” He nodded lifting his hand up as I lifted him up. I turned around and smiled at Taylor. He leaned down to kiss me and then kissed Fin.

“Ready?” He asked picking up my hoodie and my bag from the bed. I nodded as he put his hand on the small of my back as we got to the living room.  Everyone from Taylor’s family other than his Mom and his sister Lily who still hasn’t shown up yet. We went to a local dinner for breakfast. I sat Fin next to me on a buster seat as Taylor pulled me close to him in the booth we were all sitting in. He kissed my head as we all looked at the menu.

“I’m starving.” I sighed looking over the breakfast items. Taylor smiled at me rubbing my shoulder.

“Get whatever you want Baby. Anything.” I nodded looking over everything.

“Are you all ready to order?” The waitress smiled at us. Michael nodded at her looking at all of us.

“Yes. Can I have scrambled eggs and bacon with a side of pancakes?” The waitress nodded at him. She looked at Maria.

“And for you sweetheart?”

“A stack of Blue Berry please.” My stomach growled making Taylor laugh as I rubbed it.

“Same as him please.” Eli nodded closing his menu.

“For you little sweetheart?” Fin looked up at her before looking at me.

“Naners Mommy?” He pouted at me. “Nancake and naners Mommy?”

“Can I have a kid’s size banana pancakes?” She nodded.

“And for you?”

“Can I have an order of French toast with a side of bacon? Can I also have a plate of scrambled eggs and strawberry pancakes?” I bit my lip looking at her. She gave me a surprised look but wrote it down. Everyone looked at me funny as I blushed. “Sorry I’m starving.” Taylor pulled me to him and kissed my head.

“No it’s fine baby. Eat whatever you want.” He smiled.

“I’ll just have French toast too.” She nodded before walking away. I helped Fin get his sippy cup to his mouth that had chocolate milk in it. I looked down at my place mat as everyone stared at me. “So what are we going to do today?”

“I’m up for going to the beach. It’s been awhile since I swam in the Pacific.” Taylor smiled at them.

“I could go for a swim. Sit in the sun.” Maria nodded at us. Taylor looked at me.

“I’m good for it.” I nodded as Fin plopped his sippy cup on the table. He smiled at me as I went back to waiting for my food as my stomach growled hungry…..

I sat under the umbrella smiling as Taylor played with Fin in the small waves. I rubbed my baby bump happily.  Taylor came running over with a giggling Fin in his arms. “Come on Baby. Come in the water. You’ll love it.” I nodded. Putting my hand up for him to lift me up easily and pull me closer to him before running into the water with me in his arms. A couple hours later Taylor stood by umbrella with Eli right next to him.

“I’m go to sound stupid but that’s just plain adorable.” Eli said to his brother. Taylor nodded smiling at him.

“It is.” He pulled my cellphone out of my bag and took a picture of me and Fin curled up in the shade of the umbrella.

“It’s a picture perfect moment.” He nodded watching the two of us snoozing away.

“Picture perfect.”

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