Pain Isn't a Weakness

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Bubbles

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Submitted: August 11, 2011



I looked up from my hands as my bag next to me started to vibrate. I picked it up but threw it back onto my bag when I saw Taylor’s name and picture on the front screen. I rubbed my face before falling back on the bed and sighing. I put my hand on my baby bump as the door knocked. “Bailey?” came from the door. I turned my head to look at the door as my 16 year old Gabriel stuck his head into the room.

“Yeah Gabe?” He looked me before cocking his head to the side.

“Mom wants to know if you want some dinner because we are about to order in some pizza.” I looked up at his navy eyes.

“No I’m not hungry.” I shook my head sighing.

“You sure? Mom says she can order you whatever you want?” I shook my head.

“Good try Gabe. But no. I think I’m just going to make a call before going to bed.” He nodded.

“Alright. Don’t blame me if Mom comes charging in here though.” He smiled.

“I won’t.” I laughed at him running a hand through my hair. He closed the door as I picked up my phone. I dialed Dr. Johnson. I waited till someone picked up the phone on the 3rd ring.

“Dr. Johnson’s office. How may I help you?”

“Yes I would like to change my appointment.” I said moving closer to the pillows on the bed.

“Sure. Name?”

“Bailey Williams.” I listened to the typing of her computer.

“I can make you an appointment for August 31th. Does that work?” I shook my head putting my hand on my stomach.

“Uh no, that’s next month. I was wandering if I could get one sooner?” I could hear her laugh.

“Nice try kid. That’s the best you could get.” I closed my eyes and sighed.

“Can I please talk to another nurse please?” She sighed.

“Look there is-”

“Can I please talk to another nurse please?” She sighed frustrated.

“Please hold.” I turned over on the bed curling up on the bed looking out of the window.

“Hello how can I help you sweetheart?”

“Said I was wondering if I could move up my appointment?”

“Name please?”

“Bailey Williams.” I heard a gasp.

“Little Bailey Williams? Oh I’m so glad to hear from you! How are you Sweetheart?” I smiled rubbing my eyes.

“I’m alright. I’m just in a lot of pain right now.” I took a deep breath trying not to start crying. “I was wondering if I could talk to Dr. Johnson please.”

“Oh of course Bailey hold on.” I listened to the elevator music that was playing.

“Hello?” Dr. Johnson said picking up the phone.

“Hi Dr. Johnson.”

“Everything alright Bailey?”

“No. I was wondering if I could change my appointment to tomorrow. I just. I’m just in pain. It hurts.”

“Let me see what I can do but I’ll squeeze you in even if it’s during my lunch hour. Alright?”

“Yeah.” I said taking a deep breath. I listened to him typing on the computer.

“I can squeeze you in tomorrow at 9:30. Is that alright sweetheart? I can see you know but my son has a baseball game in an hour…”

“No 9:30 is fine. Thank you.” I nodded rubbing my forehead.

“No problem. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“See you tomorrow.” I hung up the phone and plopped it on the nightstand before pulling the covers over my whole body curling up on the pillow. I just wanted to sleep right now…..

I woke up to the sound of my ring tone playing. I picked it up and flipped it open without looking at the caller ID. “Hello?” I mumbled tiredly.

“Bailey?” Taylor’s voice sighed in relief and a crying in the background.

“What do you want Taylor? It’s 11 o’clock at night.” I sighed snuggling closer into the warm blankets.

“Fin has been crying for you for three hours. Bailey he needs you. He wants his Mommy.” I closed my eyes.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked quietly.

“Please just let me bring him to you please. Please just let me bring him to you. It’s all I ask.” I closed my eyes.

“Alright. Can you bring him here?”

“Yeah I’ll bring him now. Thank you. Bailey I’m really sorry about-” I closed my phone cutting him off and putting my cellphone on the pillow next to me. I rolled over and texted him the address before sitting up and rubbing my eyes. I got out of bed and walked into the kitchen.

“Did you have a good sleep Bailey?” Aunt Audrey asked looking up from cutting her weekly coupons.

“It was good. Is than any cold pizza?” I asked rubbing my eyes. She smiled.

“Of course. It’s in the frig.” I opened the frig and grabbed a piece of pizza taking a bite.

“Have you talked to Taylor?” I stop chewing and looked at her. I swallowed.

“Yeah.” She raised her eyes at me. “He told me Fin wanted me. I gave him the address and he is going to bring him over if that’s alright.” She nodded.

“Of course it is. Do you know when he is going to be here?” I shrugged as the front door knocked. “You want me to get it?” She asked. I shook my head walking to the door. I opened it to see Fin crying on his father’s shoulder hold Gator in his arms. When he saw me he reached for me and I took him into my arms kissing his head. Taylor watched me as I rubbed Fin’s back kissing his head. Taylor sighed.

“Bailey I’m so sorry about before. You have to believe me please.” He sighed closing his eyes. “But if you need anything just call. I’m staying with an old friend on base. I’m a call away.” He leaned in to kiss my forehead. I looked up at his face as a tear rolled down his cheek. “I love you so much Bailey.” He closed his eyes before turning around and walking down the steps and into the darkness. Fin clutched onto my neck his crying stopping as he calmed down. I looked at him as he looked up at me.

“How about we go get you in a nice warm bubble bath?” He nodded laying his head on my shoulder. I made my way towards the bathroom. I sat Fin on the closed toilet seat before turning the water on and pulling out bubbles out from under the sink and pouring it into the water. Fin watched me as I pulled a towel out of the closet and put it on the sink before turning to him. He watched me wiping his wet cheeks. I kissed his head before pulling off his t-shirt and pants. I pulled off his pull-up and threw it out before taking Gator out of his hands and lifting him up and into the bubble bath making him giggle. He smiled at me as I took some bubbles and put them on his nose. I smiled at him as he mess with the bubbles and splashed in the water. After I washed his hair I let him play even played with him splashing him and forming his dirty blonde hair into a cute Mohawk. He was just so cute with bubble all over him as he smiled having fun. I picked up my cell phone from next to the towel and flipped it open to the camera. “Smile for Mommy Finley.” He gave me one of his favorite smiles as I snapped a picture of him.

“Mommy.” He giggled at me as I put it down help him wash himself before picking up the towel and wrapping him in the towel before draining the water. I dried him off bring him into Sawyer’s room, the room I’m staying in, and laying him on the bed. I pulled on a pull-up from my bag and dressed him in pajamas. I got him Gator before laying him down next to me. We both fell back asleep easily….

I jolted up in bed looking around me scared. I looked for Taylor before remembering he wasn’t here. I picked up my cell phone and quickly called him as the tears poured out of my eyes. I waited till the phone was picked up on the 3rd ring. “Hello?” a sleepy Taylor said into the phone.

“Taylor?” I sniffled as I cried.

“Bailey? What’s wrong baby?”

“I had a bad dream.” I sobbed quietly as not to wake up Fin. I got out of bed and walked into the bathroom closing the door behind me.

“Hey it’s okay baby.” He said trying to sooth me. I shook my head.

“I want you here.” I sobbed. “Please come here.” I heard ruffling.

“Alright I’ll be there in 5 minutes alright.” I nodded sniffling.

“I love you Taylor.” I could hear him put his shoes on and a door closing. I wiped my eyes.

“I love you too Baby. I’ll be there soon. I promise.” I nodded closing my eyes. I opened my eyes making my way towards the front door wrapping my arms around myself. I turned the front light on and watched as Taylor came jogging up to the house. He walked up to me as I wrapped my arms around him and started to cry again. He stroked my hair whispering in my ear. I clutched onto him as he closed the door and pulled me onto the couch. “I love you so much.” He whispered.

“Why didn’t you stand up for me?” He watched me.

“I was shocked. I never heard my mom talk like that to Maria or anyone. Then when she started to talk like that to you I just could move. I was so angry with her. By the time I screamed at her you were gone. I feel terrible for it. I screamed at her that she has no right to judge you. I wasn’t looking in life for Mom. I was looking for the love of my life. I found you and you were mine and I wasn’t going to give you up. We were going to start a family and she better deal with it. I got our things that you left and I left with Fin. An old friend of mine from boot camp picked me up let me stay with him and his wife. Fin cried for you over and over and over. I felt worse and worse that I made this happen. Then I called you.” He sighed I looked up at him from where I was curled up on him.

“It’s okay Taylor. It’s in the past.” I smiled kissing his jaw. He held me close.

“I love you so much.” He whispered.

“I love you too.” I sighed closing my eyes breathing in his scent….

I sat in the waiting room of Dr. Johnson’s office with Taylor next to me with Fin on his lap. It was about 9:20 and I was shaking my leg up and down as I waited. “Bailey Williams?” I stood up and looked at the nurse. “Come with me.” She smiled as Taylor stood grabbing my hand as we walked towards the back of the office.


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