Pain Isn't a Weakness

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - A Family

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Submitted: May 29, 2011



I woke up to the sound of the phone ringing. I opened my eyes seeing Fin still asleep curled up on my pillow. He was sleeping on my pillow because when Taylor’s away I sleep on his. It makes me feel that much closer to him. I got out of bed quietly picking up the phone before it woke Fin up. “Hello?” I said into the phone as I moved over in the kitchen to make some coffee.

“Hey Baby, I thought you weren’t going to pick up.” I smiled turning to lean on the counter while I waited for the coffee to be done.

“Well I was sleeping with his amazing guy who just loves to cuddle.” I giggled at him.

“Oh really? Would you like to get back to him?”

“Nah, he’s sleeping and I would rather talk to you.”

“How is he doing?” I heard Taylor sigh on the other end of the phone.

“He’s struggling at understanding why Daddy’s away, why Daddy isn’t here. It’s hard explaining it to him. He’s so young.” I sighed turning around to get a cup from the cabinet.

“I know Baby. I wish I was there to help you out. But I can’t.” I sighed pouring a cup of coffee.

“I know, if you were I wouldn’t have to explain it.” I put the cup done and rubbed my hand over my face. “You have been gone for so long.”

“I know baby. I wish it was done.” I took a sip of my coffee and moved to sit down at the table.

“He wants a puppy you know. I said I would talk to you before I gave him an answer.” I heard Taylor sigh.

“I wish this was different baby. I wish I was home with you and him.”

“I know I wish so too but it’s your job and I don’t want you to change that. We are fine here, waiting for you to come home.” I closed my eyes as I felt the tears forming in my eyes.

“I love you Bailey.” I took another sip of my coffee.

“I love you too Taylor. So much.”  I heard mumbling and shouting in the background making my heart almost stop.

“Taylor? Taylor what’s going on?” I was frantic. “Taylor?” more yelling and shouting happened in the background. “Taylor Andrews answer me, please!”

“Baby? You will never believe this!” I could hear the smile in his voice.

“Taylor what the hell is going on? You’re scaring me.” I whispered trying to fight the tears that wanted to escape.

“I’m sorry Baby. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“What is going on Taylor?”

“Baby I got my date. Baby I’m coming home. The guys just came in and told us.” I started to cry fighting to keep silent. It was hard but I didn’t want to wake up Fin.


“3 weeks.”

“Oh I can’t wait.” I said quietly.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” I sniffled trying to stop my tears. “What should I tell Fin?”

“Tell him I’m coming home. Tell him we can pick out that puppy as a family. The three of us.” I could hear Taylor’s voice crack as he said it.

“I will, I promise.” I nodded.

“I got to go Baby. The other guys want to call home now.”

“Okay. Stay safe Hollywood.”

“Yes Ma’am.” I waited till I heard the click as Taylor hung up the phone. He is coming home. 3 weeks. Only 3 weeks till I get to see him again, in the flesh. 6 months is just too long. I closed my eyes finishing off my coffee. I looked at the clock on the microwave. I got up putting it into the sink and made my way back into my bedroom. Fin was curled up in the top sheet. I got dressed pulling on a t-shirt and a hoodie as well as a pair of jeans before I sat on the edge of the bed and started rubbed his back.

“Come on Baby it’s time to wake up.” He made a whining noise and went back to sleep. “No come on Finny it’s time to wake up.” I lifted him up from the blankets and brought him into the kitchen.

“Mommy.” He whined again.

“Come on Buddy time to wake up.” He brought his hands up to his eyes and rubbed them. I made him breakfast as I got my sketch book and continued drawing in it.

“Mommy can I have a juicy?” He asked looking up at me from his plate of eggs.

“Sure Baby let me get you some.” I got up and poured some apple juice into a sippy cup for him and put the top back on. I handed it to him as he guzzled it down. “What do you say baby?” I smiled at him.

“Thank you.” He said getting back to his breakfast.

“Did you ask Daddy if we get puppy?” He looked up. I nodded.

“I talked to Daddy this morning before I woke you up Fin. He’s says that we could get a puppy when he gets back.” His face turned into a sad face.

“But when he get back?” He said disappointed.

“In 3 weeks Baby. Then Daddy will be home and we will be a family again.” His face was a picture as he looked at me. “Daddy’s coming home.”

“Daddy’s coming home!” He said. “Daddy, Daddy!” I got the calendar off the wall and marked the day Taylor was coming home.

“Now what I want to you to do Baby is every day you get to cross out the day so we can see how many days till Daddy comes home. Alright?” He nodded happily. “But only at bed time alright.” He looked down at the calendar then back at me.

“Daddy?” He said pointing to the day I marked and circled repeatedly.  I nodded happily.

“Daddy.” I smiled at his kissing his head.

“Puppy?” His eyes lighting up. I started to laugh.

“Puppy.” I nodded making him smile again. Harley came walking into the kitchen walking over to me. I picked out a piece of bacon from my plate and giving it to him.

“Come on Baby it’s Monday. Time to get dressed and ready for day care.” Fin climbed off his chair putting his feet on the ground and looking up at me.

“Okay Mommy.” I got up after him walking into his bedroom. I opened his draw and pulled out a t-shirt for him and a pair of jeans that matched.

“Let me get you new Pull-up okay Baby.” He sat down on his bed as I went to go get him a pull-up. I know he is young being only 2 and a half years old but he really hated wearing diapers and he is a really smart kid. He takes after his Daddy. I come back in and start to laugh. Fin had his body mangled up in his t-shirt with only his eyes poking out of the shirt. I put down the pull up and walked over to him to help. I helped him back into it so it was on right. I helped him into his pants before taking him to the bathroom to brush his teeth. “You ready to go now?” He nodded looking at Harley as I clipped his leash on and grabbed my bag. I lifted him up and made my way to the front door. I locked the door and went to the car as Harley trotted alongside me. I put Fin in his car seat and put Harley next to him on the empty seat. I got in, started the car and made my way to the day care that Fin stays at a couple hours a week. I knew this place was good because Mom used to bring Wyatt and me here when we were little as well as Dillon. Bentley still goes here when Mom is at work. I picked Fin out of his seat and closed the door making my way into the day care.

“Morning Bailey. Good morning Finley.” The secretary smiled at us.

“Morning Sherry.” I smiled signing down my name as well as Fin’s on the sign in sheet. “How is everything today?”

“Everything is good. How are you?”

“I’m great. Alright Fin I promise I will be here to pick you up in a couple of hours.” I hugged him. “I love you.”

“I love you too Mommy.” He clung onto me as I put him down.

“I will be back soon. I promise. Alright?” He nodded. One of the care takers came out of the back and smiled at Fin.

“Hey Buddy. Come on we are going to have fun today.” She said happily reaching her hand out for him to take. I kissed his head as he looked at me before taking her hand. I watched as he walked off with her into the back.

“He’s getting better you know.” Sherry smiled at me. I nodded.

“Yeah he didn’t cry this time.” I nodded sadly.

“It will be alright. I’m sure of it. Now go off. He is in good hands here. Go to work. I’ll see you in a couple of hours.” I nodded turning around to walk out. I looked back at her.

“Thank you.” She smiled at me.

“No problem.”  I walked out of the day care and into my truck. I looked at Harley as he looked up at me. I patted his head.

“It will get easier one day. Hopefully soon. I don’t how much more heart break I can take.” I rubbed his ear. He whined as I rubbed his head from between the seats. I shook my head putting on my seatbelt and turning on the truck. “Hopefully soon.” I said pulling out of my spot and making my way towards the board walk to work…

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