Pain Isn't a Weakness

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Chapter 20 (v.1) - A Ring At Disneyland

Submitted: August 21, 2011

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Submitted: August 21, 2011



I woke up to Fin as he crawled onto my belly. I opened my eyes to see him smiling at me through his pacifier. I lifted my hand to stroke his hair. “Where did you get this?” I smiled at him tapping the pacifier on its head. He gave me a cheeky look before sitting up on me holding it in his mouth. I lifted him up as I sat up and sat him on my lap. I looked over at the empty bed before looking back at Fin as he pulled the pacifier out of his mouth staring at it before putting it back in. “Where’s Daddy?” Fin looked up at me before pointing to the door. I got out of bed holding Fin making my way towards the door opening it. Taylor was on the phone as I walked into the kitchen.

“Yeah if you could just bring them there so I can-” He stopped mid-sentence as he saw me. “I’ll call you back. Thanks man.” He closed his phone and looked at me as I raised my eyebrow at him.

“Who were you talking to?” I asked him sitting Fin down at the table in a chair.

“Just an old friend.” He kissed me putting a plate down in front of Fin of eggs and sausage. I shook my head at him before sitting down to Fin to cut up his sausage and eggs for him. He handed me his pacifier before picking up his fork. I got up to go put the pacifier back in my bag.

“Did you give him his pacifier? Because if you didn’t than he went into it and got it.” Taylor looked up from the stove.

“No I gave it to him before. We were up and I didn’t want to wake you so I gave it to him. Is that alright?” I nodded.

“Yeah it just would be a problem if he got it himself.” I walked back over to him wrapping my arms around his waist. He turned around wrapping his arms around me too. “I love you Taylor.” He smiled at me kissing me.

“I love you too Baby.” He moved one of his arms to move around the scrambled eggs he was making.

“So what are we doing today?” I asked him as he put a plate in front of me and another plate in front of the chair next to me.

“Well I was hoping you would want to go to Disneyland with Fin. You know as a family.” I nodded happily.

“I would love to.” He smiled as Uncle TJ came into the kitchen dressed in full uniform.

“Morning Bailey. Morning Taylor.” He smiled at Taylor before kissing my head. “Morning Buddy.” He fussed Fin’s hair as he ate.

“You off to work?” I asked him as I started to eat.

“That I am.” He smiled stealing a piece of sausage from my plate. “So I hear you’re going to Disneyland today?”

“That’s the plan.” He nodded walking over to the counter near the phone.

“Take these. These should get you in.” He handed me some booklets.

“What are they?” I asked opening one to read it.

“Year passes. We go all the time.” He smiled. Taylor’s smile seemed to get bigger as Uncle TJ winked at him. They were up to something. I know they are. I finished off my eggs, and the rest of Fin’s as he only ate about 3/4ths of his.

“Are you going to call your sister?” He looked up at me his fork half way to his mouth.

“Remember you promised her if we went we would bring her?” I shook my head at him. “Go call your sister we have an hour before it opens.” I picked Fin up making my way back towards the bedroom as Taylor picked back up his cellphone. I sat Fin down on the bed as he picked up Gator. I pulled out some clothes from my bag for Fin. He put his arms up as I pulled his t-shirt off and helped him into a light grey one with buttons up the front. I helped him into his underwear and a pair of clean jeans before running my fingers through his hair making him giggle. “Perfect.” He picked up Gator before running off to Taylor. I took the chance to pull down my pajama pants and pulled on some jeans. I pulled off my pajama shirt and pulled on an undershirt and a shirt over it. I pulled on my hoodie before slipping my shoes on and grabbed Fin’s little sneakers. I walked out of the room as Fin sat on the floor next to his father’s feet. Taylor was on the phone again before hanging up.

“Hey baby.” He smiled at me kissing me as I picked up Fin and put his shoes on.

“Hey, you going to get dressed now?” He nodded standing up.

“I’ll go now. You just stay here. I won’t be long.” He kissed me before walking into the bedroom. I sat Fin on my lap as he fussed Gator and leaned back into me. He held it to him as Uncle TJ drank some coffee across the table.

“Well I’m off. Have a good time sweetheart.” He smiled putting his cup in the sink before coming over to kiss my head.

“Alright. The stroller is in the back of the Jeep. Do we need anything else?” Taylor asked walking out of the bedroom.

“Yeah I just have to pack my bag. It won’t take long. Go put Fin in the car.” Taylor nodded walking out as I got the bag ready with everything we would need as well as packing Gator and slipping in the Disney passes from Uncle TJ. I walked out as Taylor finished strapping Fin in. I got into the car as Taylor got in next to me pulling out of the driveway. “Is Maria coming with us?” He nodded.

“Yeah we are going to pick her up before going.” He smiled at me taking my hand in his. I smiled at him before looking out of the window. We pulled up to Taylor’s parent’s house and stopped. Maria ran out and got in and Taylor pulled away before anything could happen.

“Ready to have fun?” Taylor smiled at her in the mirror. She nodded before looking out the window like me. When we got there we parked the car in the Disneyland parking lot before getting out. Taylor got the stroller and started to unfold it. I got Fin out of the car seat. I put my bag in the bottom and helped Taylor strap in Fin. We started to make our way to the park with Maria next to us telling us all about how her school year was last year. I smiled at her as I pulled the passes out of my bag and we got into the park. By then I was almost jumping up and down with excitement. Taylor laughed at me as we started our journey into the happiest place on earth…..

We were sitting at a table eating lunch. We had been to so many places with Fin running next to the stroller I was pushing giggling before going to where he wanted to, having Taylor and me follow him. Maria had a couple of friends here so she went to find them as we explored the park. I finished off my food as Taylor smiled at me before rubbing the back of his head nervously. “Taylor are you okay? You have been doing that for the last hour. Is something wrong?” He shook his head.

“No, no, no. Nothing’s wrong.” He said shaking his head. I sighed.

“You’re not acting like nothing’s wrong.” Taylor looked at me.

“I’m sorry Baby.” He kissed my head. “Why don’t you go to that shop and look around with Fin?” I looked at Fin curled up fast asleep on Gator in the stroller with my hoodie over him. The hood of the stroller kept the sun off him.

“Alright.” I sat up before kissing Taylor. “Call me when you’re done.” I rolled the stroller over to the big store. A nice 10 year old boy opened the door for me. I smiled at him and thanked him as he ran off back to his parents. I rolled the stroller into the store looking around the walls covered in Disney things. Heaven is what I call it. I grabbed what I knew were Fin’s favorite characters, and some he might like, and put it on top of the stroller before rolling it over to pay for what I got. It was all stuffed animals right now. Taylor would help with the rest when we came back from whatever he was doing that go him so nervous. He hasn’t been like this in…a long time. The cashier smiled at me before peaking at Fin who was still fast asleep. He had been running around all morning and it was nap time so I near he was going to crash sooner or later. It was a good thing because I was getting tired from chasing him all morning. He would be out for a while. I had 7 stuffed animals a plastic tool box from Handy Manny. She gave a little laugh before starting to ring me up. I had a Nemo, Mater, a Simba pillow, a Rex doll, a Captain America, a Rafiki, and stuffed cheetah from the animal kingdom. I know Fin will love the tool box too because he likes the show. I gave her the money before putting the bag in the bottom of the stroller. I started to look around again to pass time when my phone got a text message.

***New Message*** 3:43***Taylor*** Come outside. I have a surprise. ***

I rolled the stroller out of the store and stopped in my tracks. Taylor stood in full dress blues smiling at me. A small crowd was watching him in wonder. “Bailey come here.” He smiled at me. I rolled the stroller over to him and stopped, walked around the stroller and stood in front of him.

“What..?” I trailed off staring at him. He smiled at me, still having that nervous edge to it.

“I have been planning this for months now. I wanted it to be special. As special as I could make it.”

“Taylor….” He rubbed his neck again with his white gloved hands.

“I asked your father some time ago. He said yes. He said when you were a kid you asked wanted to be here when the moment happened. I wanted to make your dreams come true.”

“Taylor…are you…?” I trailed off again feeling tears come to my eyes.

“Bailey I love more than anything. I wanted to ask you this, here.” He took a deep breath before putting his hat on my head and dropping down to one knee. “Bailey Kelsey Williams, will you marry me?” I put my hand over my mouth as he pulled out a blue box and opened it to reveal a beautiful silver diamond ring. “Will you?” His eyes searched my face as I nodded, tears rolling down my face. He took the ring out of the box and slipped it onto my left hand on my ring finger before standing up. I looked around as people started to clap loudly.

“I love you.” I whispered looking down at the ring. I took his face into my hands and kissed him. He pulled back and smiled.

“Do you like the ring?” He asked taking his hat back and putting it on his head again.

“I love it.” I looked down at it again. “Where did you get it? I haven’t seen anything like it.” He shrugged smiling at me.

“I need something perfect for you. A platoon brother gave me the card of a woman who designs jeweler for a living on base. She’s a Marine Girl. Alyssa Tanner.” He ran his finger over the ring. “She thought you would love it.” I kissed him again.

“I do.” I smiled happily, more happy than I have been in a while.

The Ring

Fin's and Bailey's Outfit

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