Pain Isn't a Weakness

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Chapter 26 (v.1) - Who Is He?

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Submitted: October 07, 2011



“Ba ba.” I heard opening my eyes.

“Shhh little guy your mommy is sleeping.” Another voice whispered. I couldn’t really remember the voice but I opened my eyes to see Conrad staring at me with a Pooh Bear bottle in his hands.

“Ma ma?” He patted my belly before pointing his little finger at me. “Ma ma.”

“Hush little guy you’re going to wake-” I looked at her making her sigh. “I’m sorry I tried to be quiet…I just.”

“It’s fine. Why don’t you have a seat?” I smiled at her lifting the little bottle up for Conrad who started to guzzle on the bottle right away.

“Sure. My feet are killing me.” She sighed sitting down and putting her hand on her pregnant belly. “I haven’t sat down all today.” She gave a sigh of relief as she put her feet up on the bed.

“I used to stand all the time and it killed my feet.” I sighed rubbing Conrad’s head as he started to close his eyes tiredly leaning back into me yawning.

“Ugh. I’m not even that far along and it kills me.” She sighed looking at me. “You look much better now.” I nodded running a hand through my newly clean hair.

“I feel better. Thank you. All of you.” She smiled at me.

“It’s nothing. We want you to be comfortable. It’s how we were all raised and it’s how this town is. All those things that I got for and Conrad? They weren’t all mine. A lot of it was from around town after they heard what happened to you. They offered up a lot more but we didn’t want to overwhelm you.” She put her hand over mine.

“Thank you.” I smiled weakly at her as my eyes started to water.

“Bailey I have something to tell you….” Her eyes searched my face.

“What’s wrong?”

“I….I’m…” A knock came at the door making both of us turn to look at the door.

“Baby I was just-” The man’s jaw dropped as he stared at me. “Bailey…..Al.” Jayden’s eyes searched my face in horror.

“Jayden…I…”I looked at Mika again before looking back at him.

“Bailey meet Mika. My fiancée. Mika, my childhood friend. My best friend Bailey.” I stared at her before closing my eyes. I opened them to look to Conrad who turned over snuggling closer to me. Like Finley. Like my baby boy.

“I’m happy you’re happy Jayden. It took long enough.” I smiled at him pulling Conrad closer to me. Jayden nodded walking over to put his hand on Mika’s shoulder. “Congratulations.” I smiled at him.

“It’s going to be a boy.” She smiled up at him. “A little boy just like his Daddy.” I nodded.

“I know the feeling.” Jayden smiled weakly at me.

“I know. Three kids now? Getting old?” I laughed at him shaking my head.

“Still younger than you.” He nodded.

“I got one to your two.” I leaned down to kiss Conrad’s head.

“Always was going to be this way wasn’t it.” I smiled at him, like old times.

“You were always going to be an amazing Mom Bailey.” I smiled weakly at him putting a hand on my baby as I felt a kick hit my hand.

“If you don’t mind, I think I’m going to try to get some sleep.” I turned on my side hold Conrad close to me as I felt the tears threatening to fall down my face.

“What did I say?” Jayden whispered to Mika making her sigh.

“Come on Jay, let her be.” He helped her to her feet before she pulled me out of the room closing the door and turning off the lights……

….Taylor pulled up to the small parking lot of the equally small hospital. His hands were shaking as he pulled off his seatbelt shutting down the truck. Staff Sgt. Abel but his hand on Taylor’s shoulder. “Come on. Let’s go see her.”

“Mommy! I want Mommy!” Fin cried in the back of the truck pulling at his car seat straps. “I want my mommy.” Taylor got out of the car shoving the keys in his pocket before opening the side door to Fin as he kicked in his car seat angrily. “I want my Mommy.” He said as he started to cry holding onto Gator as he started at the hospital in front of him. “Where Mommy, Daddy?” He stared at his father. “I want her Daddy.”

“Come on buddy. We are almost there.” Fin clung to his father, still in his little dinosaur pajamas holding the raggedy alligator in his arms. Staff Sargent Abel walked with Taylor to the door as he put Fin down on the cool floor of the hospital entrance.  

“Mommy!” He cried running to the desk making Jayden and Mika jump. “Where’s my Mommy? I want her.” He stared at them before turning to look around him. Gladie walked over to him getting down smiling at him.

“What’s your name little guy?” His bottom lip popped out as he pouted at her.

“Finley.” His eyes started to water again as he stared at her. “I want my Mommy. I miss her.” She put her hand out.

“I’ll bring you to your Mommy.” He looked at Taylor as if asking permission like he always does. Taylor nodded at him making Fin put his little hand in Gladie’s hand.

“Your Mommy is right through here Finley.” I turned over in my bed just as Fin’s face broke into tears as he to the bed.

“Mommy.” He cried at me trying to climb up the hospital bed. “Mommy!” I tried to move over to him to help him up but it pulled on the IV giving me the Magnesium Sulfate. Gladie picked him up, sitting him next to me on the bed. He intently crawled up next to me moving over the blankets throwing his arms around my neck holding me close to him as he started to cry. I wrapped my arms around him kissing his head. “Mommy.” He cried into my skin as the little sobs racked his body. This wasn’t a cry of fear like when he would cry for me when he had a nightmare. This was a cry of pain, the pain of losing a parent and not knowing if you would ever see them again. I kissed his head again closing my eyes as tears started at fall down my cheeks.

“I missed you so much.” I whispered to him clutching him to me like only a mother could. I opened my eyes to look at his precious face. “I thought I was never going to see you again Baby.” He held me tight.

“I love you Mommy.” He sighed relaxing his body in my arms.

“I love you too my little finny.” I looked up at the door to look at Taylor as he stared at me.  “Hey.” I whispered at him.

“Hey.” He whispered back. I could see his red eyes. He looked skinny. He looked tired. He looked scared. But most of all. He looked relieved. He walked over just looking at Fin and me. “I…” I shook my head.

“Don’t say you’re sorry Taylor. Don’t. Please.” His eyes watched my face slowly. He looked at Fin who was watching my every move.

“I love you Bailey.” I lifted my free hand to pull his t-shirt in my hands so he was level with me. I put my hand to his face, leaving it on his left cheek.

“I missed you so much Taylor.” I shook my head as tears started to fall again. “I thought I was never going to see you again.”

“I know. I was…I was so scared I was going to lose you Bailey. I thought I was never going to get to see your beautiful face.” He put his hand to my cheek, over my purple bruises that marked my skin. “I thought I was never going to get to tell you I love you anymore. I thought I wasn’t even going to see your amazing blue eyes, or the way your nose curls up with you pout, or even the way you smile at Fin when he does something cute. I thought I was going to raise my son without his mother. His right full mother.”

“I love you Taylor. I don’t ever want to leave again.” I cried at him. He moved his hands so he could wipe away the tears that fell with his thumb.

“I never want you to leave either.” He kissed me for the first time since I saw him. It was one full of passion, of want, full of the fear I knew was there. He pulled back running his hands through my bright blonde hair. “I’m sorry Bailey. I, I should have done something different. I should have kept running. I should have saved you.” I shook my head.

“No. You couldn’t have changed anything. You couldn’t have changed what would have happened. If you were there he would have killed you Taylor.” I shook my head. “I could never live with myself if he killed you.”

“Bailey I-” He stopped talking as Conrad started to move around on the other side of me blocked from his view. Conrad rubbed his tired eyes sitting up.

“Bailey…” Taylor stared at the little boy as Conrad stared at him in wonder. “Bailey who is that?”

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