Pain Isn't a Weakness

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Chapter 31 (v.1) - Marry Me?

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Submitted: October 29, 2011



 “Bailey you have to choose.” Uncle Wyatt said looking into pond. I followed his eyes as the scene in front of me.

“What’s going on?” I asked him as I stared at the reflection of what was going on. All I could hear was Taylor yelling at the nurses.

“Please save her! I’m begging you please! She’s my everything! Bailey please! Please don’t leave me! Baby please!”  He sobbed the tears rolling down his face, his eyes beyond blood shot.

“What’s going on?” Uncle Wyatt looked at me before putting his hand over mine. It wasn’t a feathery touch anymore. It was getting stronger.

“Bailey you’re dying. Before, you were here like a ghost on earth. Right now your body can’t hold its form while you’re away for much longer. You have to choose. Now.” He put his hand to my cheek. I could feel the tears forming in my eyes. “You have to choose now Bailey.”

“I don’t know.” I shook my head. “I’m scared.” I cried at him.

“Bailey please no!” He screamed as you could hear the paddles of life staring up.

“You have to choose right now Bailey. If you don’t choose the choice will be made for you.” He said pulling my eyes back to his face as his hand got more lifelike with only a little ounce of lifelessness to it.

“I’m scared of going back.” I cried. “I don’t want to feel pain anymore.” A tear ran down my cheek landing on his fingers. “I’m tired of my pain. I just want it to go away.”

“Are you choosing to stay here with me? Stay here with no pain, no worries?” I looked back at the pool an image of my little boys curled up on the carpet watching TV. Fin still had a sad look on his face as he looked up as if he knew I was looking at him. I looked back at Uncle Wyatt shaking my head.

“I can’t.” He looked at me glancing at the pond again.

“Are you choosing life?” I nodded the tears coming down on controllably now.

“I would go to the ends of the earth of them. There my babies, my family. They need a Mom.” He smiled at me his touch slipping back to the feathery touch. “I need Taylor in my life too. He’s everything to me.”

“You are the girl I thought you were. You are a strong girl who does care for her family. I knew you would choose the right thing my selfless niece.” My chest felt suddenly hot and painful.

“What’s going on?” I asked Uncle Wyatt holding my chest painfully. Uncle Wyatt took my hand in his holding my fist tightly.

“I’m going to always be with you Bailey. Through it all. Alright?” He said I could see the tears in his eyes. “We’ll meet again I promise. We’ll be together. One day. Don’t let it be good. Your babies need a mom.” I hold my fist against the metal in it. “Good luck Bailey.” I felt a zap making my knees buckle under me.

“I’m scared Uncle Wyatt.” I yelled my chest exploding in pain.

“You’re almost there. Just hold in Bailey. Don’t give up yet.” His voice started to fade as the blackness started to take over the light. “Think of the kids.” His voice was nothing but a whisper as everything got blurry. “I’ll always be there.” His voice said as I slipped into the darkness making my chest no longer feel like someone had a knife in my heart……

“Gunny this is a miracle. She was dead. We called it.” A voice said from outside the room. “But her heart just started on its own. It’s not medical. Someone up there is looking out for her. It’s the only excuse we have for how she is even alive. You are one lucky guy.” I looked around the room my vision blurry and weak. I could feel my chest burning in pain. I looked over to my left to see a shining figure. Uncle Wyatt leaned down and picked up something off the floor slipping it back into my hand closing my fist gently in his feather like touch.

“Always.” He whispered. I tried to talk but I couldn’t. My voice wouldn’t work. It was gone. “Be safe Bailey.” He stroked my hair gently. “I’ll be watching.” He turned to leave his figure glowing a bright gold color as he walked through the blue wall leaving a blank gold spot in his wake. As I watching him leave, he took all the energy I had left.  Leaving me stuck in the blackness again…

I woke up opening my tired eyes to look around the dim room. My chest was sore but I knew I was alive. I moved my hand but stopped as I felt coldness in my hand. I turned my hand around opening it to look at it. It was a pair of dog tags. They looked worn and old. I lifted it up to run my fingers over the letters. I knew they were Uncle Wyatt’s. Wyatt’s tags were different, newer. These look like they have been through hell and back. I turned them around not really expecting anything on it. But I was wrong. Craved into the metal was a pair of angel wings. They were perfect as if they were carved by an angel. I smiled to myself. My angel. I turned my head to look around me. I was weak, my body hurt like no other. My throat hurt. I know about the tube. It always feels like this. Hate to say I got used to it. I clenched my hand around the dog tags before slipping them under me. I turned my head to the side to look next to me. Taylor was curled up painfully on a chair next to my head a blanket thrown over his body. I turned to look at the clock on the wall. It was about 7 in the morning. I closed my eyes again falling back into my comfortable darkness….

I woke up again to the sound of talking. “I don’t know if this is a good idea…” Taylor sighed to the person he was talking to.

“Taylor they want to see their mother. You know Fin is just going to curl up with her.” I knew it was Uncle Hunter. I would know that voice anywhere.

“But she still isn’t awake. Maybe it’s better if the boys aren’t here. It could send her heart haywire again. She was lucky to survive the other one. I don’t want that to happen again.”

“Taylor just let him be with his mom. The poor boy just wants her. Let him have some time with her.” I heard Taylor sigh.

“Only for a little while okay?” I heard the sound of footsteps and little footsteps come into my room.

“Mommy?” the little voice called to me. I tried to open my eyes but it was as if they were glued shut.

“Hush Fin. Mommy’s sleeping.” Taylor whispered to his son.

“Me want to lay with Mommy. Me tired too.” Fin said looking up at his father. Taylor sighed lifting Fin up onto the bed laying him on the bed next to me. Fin turned holding my arm to him sighing.

“Taylor come help with something quickly.” I heard the retreating sound of feet as Fin held onto me. I forced my eyes open to turn to look at him. He had a sad smile on his face as he squeezed my arm in his arms. He looked up at me sadly before his face changed.

“Mommy?” He asked his eyes searching my face. I lifted my hand to gently his hair. “I missed you Mommy.” He pouted at me sadly holding on tighter.  I couldn’t answer but I smiled at him weakly through the tube. “My mommy.” He sighed happily. I leaned my head on his head holding him to me. He was worth it all. He always will be. I closed my eyes as he sighed again a smile on his face for the first time in a while. Fin looked up as he heard footsteps coming into the room.

“Finley Andrews what did you do?” Taylor said looking at the two of us.

“No Daddy.” He said as Taylor walked towards him. “My mommy.” He looked at me. “My mommy.” He held on to me.

“No Finley. Mommy’s sleeping. Leave her alone.” He went to take Fin out of my arms. I wrapped my hand around his wrist as he got his hands on Fin. He looked at the weak hand having his eyes travel up my arm over my shoulder to my open eyes. “Bailey?” I blinked at him my chest rising and falling as I took deep long breathes.  “You’re awake.” He whispered putting his hand on my face. “You’re alive.” He smiled weakly at me. I nodded at him moving my hand to hold his. “I love you.” He whispered. I smiled at him weakly. “I’ll….I’ll get the doctor.” I nodded as Fin moved to lay his head on my neck burying his face in my warm skin. I rubbed his back holding him as he clutched on to me.

“Bailey lovely to see you awake.” The doctor smiled at me. I stared at him not able to say a word. “Let’s get you out of this tube eh?” I nodded at him pulling at the tape on my face. “Now you wait a minute there. I have to take it out not you.” Taylor took Fin out of my arms quickly making him start to whine like he always did when he didn’t want to do something important to him.

“Daddy no!” He whined at him. The doctor pulled at the tape on my lips before looking at Taylor before back at me.

“Alright Bailey I want you to take a deep breath okay?” I nodded taking in a lung full of air. “Now breathe out.” He said. I let out the breath as the doctor pulled the tube out of my throat quickly. I coughed in response to it. I looked at the three of them as they stared at me. “Well Bailey?”

“It’s going to be alright Baby.” Taylor smiled at me stroking my hair. “Do you want anything?” I nodded at him. “What do you want?” He asked smiled at me as Fin curled up in my side.

“I want you to marry me. Here. Right now.” I said quietly and raspy looking up at him….

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