Pain Isn't a Weakness

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Don't Let Me Die

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Submitted: July 04, 2011



*****Rhia’s Birthday Present Chapter*****

I woke up to the sound of my name and a gentle pressing on my leg. I opened my eyes rubbing them looking up from Taylor chest. “Uncle Rodger what do you want?” I whined putting my head back on Taylor’s chest rubbing the familiar fabric.

“I called Dr. Johnson. He agreed that I was right. He agrees that you shouldn’t have to kill the baby. He said if you could he would see you tomorrow if you could get there but we you can’t even if you left now. But we made an appointment for next week. But you can’t get to it he said he would fit you in whenever.” I nodded moving face to move my face into Taylor’s uniform.

“Do you think I can get off to take her to California?” I looked up at Taylor as he stared at Uncle Rodger. He sighed.

“Maybe. But I’m sure Tanner will do anything he can to get you off.” Taylor wrapped his arms around me and kissed my head.

“How you feeling baby?” I looked up at him.

“I feel better.”  I smiled stretching over him. He rubbed my baby bump before kissing me.

“I’m happy.” I looked over at Uncle Rodger as he looked at my IV bag.

“You needed the fluid in you. That’s why you didn’t feel the best even pregnant. But you need to really eat high fat, high crab, and high calorie foods. But I’m sure Dr. Johnson will set a diet for you and for the baby so you both stay as healthy as possible.” I nodded gently at him curling up on Taylor as he turned on his side so I could curl up on his chest. “Now give me your arm.” I rolled onto back and handed Uncle Rodger my hand so he could pull out my IV. I looked to his white coat pocket as it beeped.

“Your phone beeped.” He nodded putting a camo Band-Aid on where the needle was. He pulled his phone out of his pocket opening it to look at the message.

“It’s your mother Bailey.” I looked up at him sitting up.

“Is Fin okay?”  He nodded.

“Fin is fine. Your mom bought you three tickets to California.”

“And what about work though?” Taylor asked sitting up looking at him.

“Tanner got you a week of Rest and Relaxation. He pulled some strings with Jesse taking some of your shifts and Asher will take some too. She also said that your Uncle TJ is living on Pendleton and is more than happy to put you and Taylor up while you are there.” He looked up from his phone. I looked at Taylor as he nodded.

“Well Sir I was going to call my parents to see if we could stay there.” I nodded at Uncle Rodger. He nodded.

“I’m sure you can. Just call your Uncle incase anything changes. Might as well stop by to say hello and give him a hug.” I nodded.

“Oh I will.”

“You can go now Bailey. But I really do want you to see Dr. Johnson as soon as possible.” I nodded.

“I know Uncle Rodger. For the baby.” He nodded.

“For the baby.” I leaned into Taylor as he took his cell phone off the nightstand opening it. “Your Aunt brought you clothes to change into. I have it here why don’t you go change into it.” I nodded getting off the bed taking the bag off the chair he must have put there. I opened the bathroom door and changed into it. I pulled up my t-shirt and stared at the bump in the mirror. I smiled rubbing my finger over my tattoo on my hip that was on the side that moved with my skin. I rubbed my hand over the bump smiling at the thought of a piece of Taylor growing inside of me. I brushed my teeth and opened the door going back into the hospital room.

“I called my parents and they are more than happy to have us stay over at their house for the week.” I nodded moving over to hug him.

“I love you.” He kissed me.

“I love you too.” He put his hand on my bump which I was just looking at. “I love you too my baby.” Taylor took my bag from me as I signed the released papers.

“You ready to go pick Fin?” He nodded.

“Then we can pack for California.” I smiled at him. Uncle Rodger smiled at us.

“Your Aunt Kelsey will drive you two back to the pediatrician to get your car so you can go get Fin.”

“Don’t worry Sir I have my truck with me.” Uncle Rodger nodded.

“Alright I’ll talk to you two soon. Feel better Bailey.” He kissed my forehead.

“I’ll talk to you soon Uncle Rodger.” I nodded before walking out of the room with him going to the elevator as Taylor held my hand and my bag in the other hand. We got to his car and got in before making our way to my parent’s house to pick up Fin. I looked at Taylor as we got into the car. He smiled at me weakly taking my hand into his as he pulled out of the parking lot. I turned on the radio and looked out the window as the music played in the background.

“Bailey.” I turned to look at him. “I promise. We’ll get through this. Together. As a family.” I nodded smiling at him.

“I know.” I smiled to comfort him but my voice cracked. He rubbed my knuckles with his thumb.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” I turned to look at Taylor as he listened to the music playing.

“It’s our song.” He smiled at me. I nodded listening to the music.

“There's something about you now,” I closed my eyes. “I can't quite figure out. Everything she does is beautiful. Everything she does is right. 'Cause it's you and me and all of the people with nothing to do, nothing to lose. And it's you and me and all other people. And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you. And me and all other people with nothing to do, nothing to prove. And it's you and me and all other people and I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you.” I opened my eyes and looked at my parent’s house in front of me. Taylor looked at me.

“It will always be you and me. And Fin.” He smiled leaning over to kiss me.

“And the baby too. Don’t forget the baby.” He smiled at me nodding.

“And the baby. Our baby. Our perfect baby no matter what.” I nodded opening the car door and walking up the stairs to the front door. The door opened before I could knock. I looked at my 11 year old brother.

“Hey Dill.” I smiled at him but his face was blank.

“Mom says you’re sick again. Are you?” I nodded sadly at him. His face scrunched up before tears rolled down his face.  “I don’t want you to be sick again.” He said trying to hold his tears in.

“I know but I can’t control it. You want a hug?” He shook his head before running away from the door. I took a deep breath and walked through the door.

“Don’t feel bad he just is scared.” I nodded at Mom as she walked over to hug me. “He will come around soon.” I nodded hugging her back. “How’s the baby?” She asked wiping away the tears I didn’t see her cry. I pulled out a picture from my pocket and handed it to her.

“There it is. A perfect healthy 12 week old baby.” She put her hand over her mouth looking at the picture.

“That’s great Bailey.” She pulled me to her again hugging me.

“Where’s Dad?” I looked around. “Where’s Fin and Bentley?”

“Fin and Bentley are watching a movie in the TV room.” She sighed. “Your father is in his office. Harley won’t leave him.”

“He’s been there all night hasn’t he?” She nodded. I looked at Taylor as he closed the front door. “I’ll be right back.” I sighed kissing him. He nodded as I walked to the office and knocked on the half closed door to Dad’s office. I opened the door to see Dad sitting in his office chair staring at a photo in the dark. The only light was coming from a small lamp on the desk. “Dad?” Harley lifted his head and looked at me before putting his head back on his legs. When Dad didn’t answer I walked over to him and sat on his lap. “Daddy?” He didn’t answer again but he wrapped his arms around me and held me to him moving in his seat. I looked at where he was looking at and felt the tears prickling my eyes. It was an old picture of me and him from when I had cancer from when I was younger. It was me and him in a hospital bed while I had a purple bandanna on a smile my Dad said would light up the room with. I remember him and Uncle Hunter where making me laughing about something while Grandpa took the picture. We had another one in the hallway with Wyatt in it. But this one Dad framed and kept in here. I leaned my forehead on his jaw staring at the picture with him.

“I wish it was different you know.” He whispered his voice hoarse from not talking all night or day. “I wish I could take all your pain and take it on myself. I wish you didn’t have to feel anything. I wish you had a healthy life. I just wish. But that’s all it is. A wish.” He pressed his lips to my head.

“Dad it’s not your fault.” He shook his head.

“I always feel like I let you down. I couldn’t protect you from it. I couldn’t make it go away. I can’t make your pain, your suffering, go away. I feel terrible. Like I’m not good father.” He put his chin on my head.

“No don’t say that Dad. You’re a great Dad. The best ever. I could never ask for a better Dad. You’re my hero. I need you to be strong. Because if, if, if you’re not I don’t think I could get through this alone Dad.” He held me closer as I started to cry. I put my hands on his cheeks making him look at me. “Daddy?” I watched the tears roll down his cheeks hitting my fingers.

“Yeah Baby?” He sniffled running his eyes over my face.

“Daddy I don’t want to die.” I looked at him as I felt the tears roll down my face once again today. He pulled me to him holding me tightly as we both closed our eyes crying, together.

“I don’t want you to either Baby. I don’t know what I would do if you did.” His voice broke as I felt the tears hit my forehead as he held me tightly to him.

“Don’t let me die Daddy. Don’t let me die.”

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